Chapter One:

"Naruto! You're late!" Iruka said angrily.

The boy outside caught Hinata's attention immediately. His shoulders were a little slouched, as if he was disappointed, but he had on a huge foxy grin that made her blush.

He was short and tanned, and dressed in a large orange jumpsuit. He had spiky sun-kissed blond hair and light blue eyes sparkling with mischief. But what was most different about him was that he had three long whisker-marks on each cheek.

"Class, this is Uzumaki Naruto." Iruka was scowling.

The boy waved, "Ohayo, mina."

Whispers broke out. Almost everyone knew of the boy; everyone was forbidden to communicate with him in anyway.

Naruto stuffed his hands in his pocket, grinning as if he couldn't see the hateful and fearful glares and scandalizing remarks he received.

As he walked up the stairs, he was the target of glares, spiteful whispers, spitballs and crumpled up balls of paper. Hinata was quite surprised when Iruka-sensei didn't point out and scold the offenders.

The boy looked around, drooping a little when he found nowhere he could sit.

Hinata raised her hand a fraction, nodding to the boy with a reluctant and shy smile.

He gave her a charming smile in return before dropping down beside her.

"Ohayo." He whispered.

"Ohayo, N-N-N-Naruto-kun. I'm H-H-H-Hyuuga H-H-Hinata."

"Hyuuga, huh? Should have recognized you, I guess." He grinned.

"Naruto! Pay attention and stop distracting Hyuuga-sama!" Iruka called loudly.

Naruto smiled sheepishly, "Hai, sensei."


"W-W-Would y-y-you l-l-l-like t-t-to s-s-sit w-w-with m-m-me d-d-during l-l-lunch, N-N-Naruto-kun? K-K-Ko-san w-w-would b-b-be b-bringing m-m-my l-l-lunch s-s-soon." She offered when the bell rang for lunch.

Naruto hesitated, a huge smile on his face when he shook his head.

"I don't want you to get in trouble." He waved before walking off, "Jane!"

He scarpered just when Ko, Hinata's branch family bodyguard, arrived.

"Stay away from that boy, Hinata-sama. Your father would be furious if he heard you were fraternizing with him." Ko said warningly, glowering in Naruto's direction.

"Hai, Ko-san."

Hinata sat down under a tree's shade and looked around.

On a nearby tree, Naruto was sitting on a swing and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I wonder why he's so happy? She wondered.

"Ne, Hinata-chan, can I sit with you every day?" Naruto asked when the bell rang for the end of the day.


"Does that mean we can be friends?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"I-I-If y-y-you w-w-would l-l-like t-that."

"I would love that, Hinata-chan!" Naruto said happily, "I have to go now! Ja, Hinata-chan!"

Hinata simply waved.

It was the best day in Naruto's life, because he had made his first bond. Hyuuga Hinata may never know the impact she had on him, but Naruto would always remain grateful to her for ending his solitude.