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Basket One: Captain


Two boys walked along the sidewalk, one talking happily, and the other silently ignoring his companion.

The latter was staring up into the endless blue sky, watching the aloof clouds float by without a care in the World.

"So, 'Taru. What do you think?" His thoughts were interrupted as he looked down to glare at his friend.

"About?" He muttered, looking at the ground instead of the sky. He ignored the pain in his neck from keeping it skyward, and rolled his shoulder to help sooth the pain. "Oh, and don't call me 'Taru'." He said as an after thought.

His friend pouted as his shoulder's dropped, "Bu- But Hotaru, I was asking you if I should join the Soccer team..." He groaned out.

Hotaru froze, staring at the ground. "Jun, you said you'd join the basketball team with me." Hotaru mumbled, emerald green eyes meeting his friends golden brown orbs.

Jun paused, turning to face Hotaru. "Oh yeah, that's right! Well, forget what I said then!" He grinned cheekily as he waited for Hotaru to catch up with him.

Hotaru stared at his shoes as he walked, "Well, if you really want to join the soccer team, then that's fine." Hotaru murmured, walking a tad faster than Jun.

"Eh?" Jun slowed down, but ran back to Hotaru's side. "No way! Then I wouldn't get to see you as much~!" Jun smirked, winking at the shorted boy beside.

"Pervert." Hotaru rolled his eyes.

"Not as perverted as that time when you tried to kiss me." Jun chuckled, dodging the bag that swung at his face.

"I did not!" Hotaru gasped out, his face turning red. He swung his fist, almost making contact.

"Did! You were totally blushing when you tired, it was so cute!" Jun gushed, running away from his impending doom.

Hotaru groaned as he ran after his friend, wanting to punch him. He turned around the corner, but smacked right into Jun's back.

"W- We're here!" Jun announced, throwing his arms in the air. "Ow." Jun froze, turning to see a little bruise on Hotaru's forehead.

"Aha, sorry." Jun muttered. He didn't wait for Hotaru to respond, and he clasped the shorter boys hand and dragged him inside.

"Alright, I'll see you at lunch?" Jun said, as they entered their new school. Hotaru was silent, but he nodded. He turned, and walked to his homeroom.

Once he arrived, he introduced himself, and sat down in his seat. He took out his notebook, and got ready to do his work.

"Oi." Hotaru paused, and turned towards the voice. He was frozen for a second, before recognizing his caller.

"Hiro?" He blinked, obviously shocked.


"Daichi?" He said, proping his elbow on his desk and resting his chin on his hand.

"Bingo." Daichi smirked, leaning back in his desk.

"I didn't know you were coming to this school." Hotaru said, staring at his other friend.

"Well, I couldn't just ignore my preciousness." Daichi chuckled, his eyes closing. His eyes opened again, but his once dark purple eyes, turned into a softer, more violet colour.

"Yo, Hiro." Hotaru greeted.


Jun had just made it in time to his homeroom. He introduced himself with vigor and he took his seat, nearly tripping over someone's leg as he made his way to his desk.

He turned to the side, smiling widely at the boy beside him. "Hi! My name is Jun Akira!"

The boy with red wild hair blinked at him, he grinned. "Hey, I'm Shoji Rino!" He greeted Jun coolly.

"Whoa, dude. Your pretty green eyes remind me of my precious honey~!" Jun smiled, nearly sparkling at Shoji.

Shoji blinked, and moved his desk an inch away from Jun. "Uh, are you gay?" Shoji smiled.

"Wh- no!" Jun pouted, tearing up slightly.

"Shoji, is this gay boy flirting with you?" A boy on the other side of Shoji poked his head from behind Shoji, glaring lightly at Jun.

"I'm not gay!" Jun pouted, waving his arms wildly in the air.

"Akira-kun! To the office!" The teacher turned and glared at Jun.

"Aww..." Jun huffed, standing from his chair and marching out the door with his bag in hand.


Jun had spent the rest of the morning in the office, tell the lunch bell had rang. The Principal let him out with a small warning. Jun left the office happily, pumping his fist in the air in excitment.

He ran to his bestest friends homeroom, and glomped the boy as soon as he lay his eyes on him. "Hotaru! I've thought about it, and I am gay! But only for you!" Jun laughed, hugging Hotaru close to him.

Hotaru froze, and raised his fist, making contact with Jun's jaw. Jun's head snapped back as he was punched. The force knocked him away from Hotaru, and he grasped his chin.

"Owwie!" he huffed, rubbing his sore jaw. "Why!?" He groaned. "Your making a scene, pervert. Now, let's go." Hotaru's frown turned into a smirk, as he headed to the Gym.


Jun was surprised to see the two boys from his class. Shoji and... that other guy. "You guys like basketball?" Jun smiled innocently. Shoji and Ryuji shared a look, before turning back to Jun.

"Well, yeah." Shoji rubbed the back of his head. Ryuji shrugged, turning away to look at a hoop innocently. "Not really, I'm just here because of Shoji." Ryuji replied, looking uninterested.

"Well, either way, we're here to join." The four turned and stared.

"Stop following me, Daichi." Hotaru sighed.

"IT'S YOU!" Jun cried out, pointing towards Daichi. "I hate you!" Jun announced loudly, his voice echoing in the large gym.
"I hate you too." Daichi said coolly, shoving his hands in his pocket's.

"Well, now that we're all here..." Hotaru murmured, turning to stare at the empty gym.

"Ahn? Why isn't anyone here?" Ryuji twitched, no one other than the five in sight. "Hmm, guess we gotta sign up at the Office?" Shoji scratched the back of his head. Beside him, Daichi groaned. "Man, what a pain in the ass." He smacked his forehead.

"I- I just came from there!" Jun whined, following the others as they all headed to the office.

Once they arrived, they all crowded inside, and the secretary looked up at them. "Oh, hello. Aren't you all new students?" The secretary squinted at them.

"Umm, this is the first day of school..." Jun muttered, a airy look on his face as he felt his eye twitch a little.

"Oh, right. Anyways, what would you boys like? Or, boys and girl." The woman adjusted her glasses, shaking her head.

"Eh?" The five stared at her, confusion showing in their eyes. At first, Jun paused, and slowly turned to look behind him with a huge grin on his face. The other three also followed his gaze, their eyes staring intently.

Hotaru blinked, and looked at everyone questioningly. "What?" He glared at them, frowning deeply.

Jun's creepy grin only widened, but then fell as he was punched. "Ow!" He huffed out, rubbing his cheek. The pain reminded him of his jaw, and he rubbed that, too. "Your so cruel, but I still love you." Jun said happily, trying to hug the shorter boy, but was pushed away and he smacked into the door.

"Anyways!," Hotaru continued to twitch, rather annoyed at this point. "We'd like to sign up for the basketball team." Hotaru said, standing at the front.

"Oh? Where'd that cute girl go? Well, nevermind... Oh yes, here is the form." The lady said, handed them each a piece of paper. They all filled it out quickly and handed it back to the woman. "Alright, now to give these to the ca- Oh, that's right..." She frowned, staring blankly at the papers.

"What is it?" Jun gasped out, clearly shocked.

"Well, the Captain and the previous players all scattered on their own ways to different schools, and now the club doens't have a Captain anymore."

Jun gasped again, "Oh! Oh! I nominate Hotaru! He's really good at leadership, and he's smart, ah- and- he's strategic!" Jun smiled, nodding.

"But I-"

"Oh! Alright, then! It's decided, here you go!" The aloof woman handed Hotaru the papers. He stared at her, his eyes held no emotion as he held onto the papers.

"Umm, Taru?"

"Idiot!" Hotaru growled loudly, whipping the papers in Jun's direction.


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