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Basket Two: Damage


"Where did you go?" Hotaru turned his head and looked up at his mother. He shrugged, and turned back to his homework he was currently doing.

"I just went to practice." Hotaru said clearly, erasing something.

"Hotaru, I thought I told you not to join any sports clubs! It interferes with your school work and your music lessons!" His mom growled out, glaring at him from behind.

"No, not really..." Hotaru mumbled back, writing down the answer for his question.

"Hotaru, look at me when I'm talking to you!" His mother demanded, crossing her arms. Hotaru inwardly sighed, and turned around to face his mother. He stared into her cold green eyes, as she continued to glare at him.

"Your father and I want you to become a real gentleman when you grow up! Not some, broke-ass bum living on the curb!" His mother yelled out.

"Oh! So that's why you both control my life and try to beat it in to me!?" Hotaru yelled back, glaring back at his mother. "Well, sorry! For wanting my own stupid life!" Hotaru said, twirling on his chair to face his unfinished home work.

His mother snorted, and she took a step back out of his room, "Well, no dinner for you, then!" She said, slamming the door behind her.

Hotaru was silent, as he listened to her foot steps fade away. He averted his attention back to his home work, glaring at it.

"Fine, starve me." He muttered, and continued on.


The next day was the same as always. His parents telling him what he should and shouldn't do while they all ate breakfast, scolding him for not listening to them... Yeah, an awesome way to start a day.

Hotaru washed his dishes as he was told, and he walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After he did so, he quickly combed his hair, and walked to the front of the house. He slipped his shoes on, and grabbed his school bag.

"I'll be home later." He called, not waiting for an answer before he quickly left his house, closing the door gently behind him.

Once he exited the gate, he turned on his heel and left for school.

"Ah! Hotaru!" Hotaru turned and saw Jun running up, waving his hand happily. Hotaru rolled his eyes, and turned away to hide his smirk. He stifled his laughter with a cough.

"Eh? What are you laughing at?" Jun stared at him, an oblivious pout on his face. Hotaru snorted, and pointed towards Jun's un-zipped fly.

"NO! MY FLY!" Jun shouted, quickly zipping up his fly. Many people walking by turned to stare, but continued on their way.

"Great, now we're the talk of the day." Hotaru mumbled dryly, as he continued to walk. Jun followed after him.

"Hey, it's not my fault my fly was like that!" He protested, trying to move his bangs from out of his eyes.

"Umm, I'm afraid it is. You are the one who didn't check it before you left." Hotaru said simply.

"Huu, your always so mean to me, but I still love you. Anyways! Did you do your home work last night?" Jun wondered loudly, changing the subject.

"Of course, I don't want to become a failure in life." Hotaru basically quoted his parents words, but he subtituted the 'I' instead of 'You'.

"Then let me copy!" Jun grinned.

"Jun, we're in different homerooms, so I'm sure our home work is a little different from each other." Hotaru rolled his eyes at his friends stupidity.

"Oh. Aww..." Jun whined, his walking slowing down. "Life is so cruel!"

"Mmhm." Hotaru hummed, his eyes slowly glancing up towards the sky.


It was after school, and Hotaru casually made his way to the gym, with Hiro by his side.

"And so, I really think that I didn't do so well on that test..." Hiro mumbled shyly, a small pout on his face. "What about you, Kazuki-san?"

Hotaru turned and stared. "I think I did good, my parents make me study a lot... You don't have to call me Kazuki, just Hotaru is fine, Daichi calls me Hotaru." He said, switching his bag to his other hand.

"O- Oh, okay... Sorry about Daichi..." Hiro frowned, as they both walked in the gym.

"It's okay." Hotaru said, before turning to go into the changing room.

After a long practice, Hotaru and the others all showered and went their separate ways. Hotaru walked beside Jun, but they split up near Hotaru's house, and he kept walking until he saw the familiar house. He opened the gate, and went inside.

He kicked his shoes off and walked up stairs silently. He tossed his bag on the ground, before making his way to his bed.

"Let's see..." Hotaru murmured, grabbing a note book that rested on his desk. He flipped through the pages, and found his mark. "After practice, go to another practice... Great." Hotaru sat back up, staring at the page that marked today's date. With a groan, he put the note book back down, and grabbed a different bag. "Swim-, no, music class." He said, putting the bag back down, and picked up some more casual clothes, and changed.

Once he finished changing, he then left to make his way to the music studio that happened to be near his house.

There you have it, a short look into the life of Hotaru Kazuki. Next up is Jun Akira.

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