It had been a distinctly inauspicious day for Cancers, the first time Kise Ryouta literally crashes headfirst into the monotony that was a young Midorima Shintarou's life, two weeks into his first year at the prestigious Teikou Middle School.

He had been returning from an errand that their homeroom teacher sent him to do, seriously considering causing permanent damage to whoever came up with the idea that wearing glasses makes one a teacher's pet by default, when something - or rather, as he'd soon find out, someone collides into him with enough force to land a surprised Midorima on his ass with the the other sprawled all over him. The boy was surprisingly light, strikingly blonde and - Midorima couldn't help but snort at this - wore clothes he had seen in one of his older cousin's male idol magazines - definitely non-standard Teikou apparel and Midorima racks his brains for any possible rule in the student handbook he had memorized a week prior that prohibited such… sparkly-ness within the school premises. The blonde, to his credit, looks embarrassed, apologizes for running into him, asks if he knew where the boys' toilet happened to be, mentions that he had just come to school today and had managed to get lost thrice already - all in a single breath. Midorima blinks at the other in disbelief then, reaches up to fix his glasses, points in the direction the other had come from.

"It's the first door on the right," Midorima specifies, wants to add, "Only an idiot would've missed it" but, remembering what his mother had told him about making first impressions, manages to hold his tongue.

"Oh, I see," the blonde nods, and only then does it occur to him to get up and off the green-haired boy, holds out his hand to help the other up. "Thanks. Wow, you're actually taller than me!" A pause, and then… "My name's Kise Ryouta, by the way. I'm in class I-B."

Midorima takes the proffered hand, is surprised at the other boy's - Kise's firm grip and the slight callouses he feels on the other's hand, wonders if he played tennis or baseball, though he didn't really think the other to be the sporty type initially. Come to think of it, the guy looked a bit familiar, though Midorima could not actually remember where from.

"Uhm, Megane-kun. Could you please give me my hand back? I kinda still need it."

Midorima frowns at the offhand remark, realizes just then that he had indeed been hanging onto the other's hand for quite a bit, feels a certain heat spread across his face that definitely was not the beginning of a blush, coughs to recover his apparently lost dignity.

"I'm sorry. I was simply wondering what sport you play," he says. "And it's Midorima Shintarou, not Megane-kun." The "call me that again and DIE" went unsaid.

"Of course, Midorima-kun," Kise chuckles good naturedly. "And as to what sport I play - well, let's just say I'm an all-rounder."

And just like that he was off.

Midorima watches the blonde disappear into the boys' toilet, wonders how the other managed to get into Teikou - there was a reason Midorima chose to attend Teikou and it was not only for their national-level basketball team; is surprised at how he wasn't feeling as annoyed as he normally would've been.

Well, he tells himself, at least he and Kise were not in the same class. Midorima doubts he'd have anything to do with the other anytime soon.