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The Legend of the Mysterious Island

Chapter 1: What's that?

Zack's Pov

"Lapras, are you ok? You feel tired" I asked my Lapras whom I was riding on.

"LAP…Ras!" Lapras shook his head in sideways, which I obviously took for a no. By the way, I'm Zack, the Indigo League Champion and I'm out on a ride with my beloved Lapras and other pokemons (all of my pokemon's are my beloved). I have brownish colored hairs, which are a little messed up. I have blue eyes and a fair toned skin. My usual attire is a black undershirt with blue jacket on it and sky blue denims. I also have a black cap with a Master Ball (a type of pokeball) on it. Today, I was taking a day off from training and had decided to go on a surfing ride. But my Lapras was looking a little tired and he having the same attitude as mine (to never give up), he never said that he was tired, even if he was. I needed a place to rest and let my pokemons relax, especially Lapras. But there wasn't a place to be seen, not even a small island or something. We were surfing towards the North West from Cianwood and it was getting colder as we were going towards it.

"Lapras!" he called out. I saw towards him to see he was too tired to surf more. I was now getting worried as my mind stopped functioning and I was running out of ideas. I searched in my bag, but I couldn't find any berries. Now my ideas were shrinking, but then I took out my Pokegear and then the map function but there stood not a single island in the near 100 yards.

"Lapras!" he called out in a slower tone as he was slowly losing energy. Then my mind struck a wonderful idea. I called out to Lapras,

"Lapras, I know how you can regain energy. Use Aqua Ring!"

"Lap…" he said as a big ring of water formed around Lapras and moved in circular manner as balls of energy was soaked from it by Lapras.

"LAPRAS!" he shouted as he was now full of energy. We started surfing again to find a dry place. I had come here to relax and be away from the hustle bustle of the city/town. So going back was not an option. After surfing for some time, I took out my Pokegear and opened up the map app but still there was no land in sight. We surfed and surfed and I kept looking in my Pokegear, but to no avail. Lapras was getting his energy from time to time from the Aqua Ring, but what about me, I needed energy and I hadn't brought anything to eat. After a while, the Pokegear map showed a red blinking spot and some blue spots, some 50 yards in front of us. I used the zoom function and saw that it was a whirlpool in front of us in between two big cliffs. We were getting nearer to it but I wasn't concerned much because Lapras knew how to create whirlpool and destroy it.

"Lapras, there is a whirlpool in front of us, you know what to do." I told him and he nodded in agreement. We were now some 20-30 yards away from it. I knew the whirlpool was hiding something from us and I wanted to see what it is. We surfed closer to it till we were some 7-8 yards away. Then I called to Lapras and said,

"Lapras, now, use whirlpool!" suddenly Lapras took a stop and cried out loud,

"LAP….. RAS" and then water around Lapras and me started rising up. He cried out more loudly as the water floating in the air started swirling in a circular manner. I had seen Lapras using whirlpool a lot of times but not experienced it when I was riding him. The water which was above me was now forming a big air whirlpool. And when Lapras cried again, the whirlpool was thrown towards the big natural one. I thought that both the whirlpools will collapse and destroy each other but to my surprise, the bigger one (natural one) sucked in our whirlpool.

"What the…?" I just stared at it in awe as it grew in size. It took me some time to realize that the whirlpool was growing big and if I didn't do anything, I was going to get sucked in it. The moment I realized it, I told Lapras to swim in the opposite direction, but I was late the water was swirling fiercely and had reached towards one leg of Lapras. I knew that it wasn't going to be good. It had just sucked a whirlpool that threw a charizard some 100 meters away and if we were sucked in it, we were going to… die.

"Lapras… Lapras… Lapras" Lapras was trying his best to take us out of it but we were getting more and more sucked in it and that's when the memories of my past flashed in my mind.


I was 10 years old at that time and was going towards New Bark Town to receive my first pokemon from Prof. Elm., the professor who was in charge of giving pokemons to starters. At that time I lived in Cianwood and had to take a ferry to New Bark Town.

That day, me and my dad (I don't have mom) took the ferry towards New Bark, my father had booked the ferry just for us. We boarded the ship in the morning and probably reach their by evening.

It was a hot afternoon, as I rested on the deck and wondered which pokemon to choose. I slept for some time and after I got up I noticed that the hot sun was gone down and it 16:30 in the clock. My father was having a chat with the captain as I went on the front deck and saw something in the distance. I went running towards the captain and told him about something I saw.

"Don't disturb us Zack." Dad told me as I ran outside a little upset on his comment. I went to see the object which was approaching us, and then I understood that it wasn't approaching us but we were going towards it. I looked at in fear as I understood what it was. I again went into the captain's quarters.

"Zack, I told you not to disturb us."

"But Dad there is a whirlpool in front of us."

"What!" the captain stood up shouting.

"Yes, and we are heading into it."

"Oh, no it's a big problem" he said running towards the front deck as we saw a big whirlpool in front of us and we were just a few yards away from it. The captain went to his quarters and started to turn the ship in the opposite direction with a very sharp turn which caused me to fall to one side of the ship.

Suddenly, we heard a loud crack; the captain came running towards us with life jackets in his hand.

"Hurry, wear this, this is the only way we can remain alive." He said

"What!" my dad cried in fear as he took one of the life jackets the captain had brought for us. Dad threw one of them towards me. I caught it, and opened it to wear it.

"Our ship has just collapsed with a rock because of the sharp turn, but this caused our ship to turn towards the… WHIRLPOOL!" the captain's voice sent Goosebumps throughout my body. My adventure did have come to an end before even starting. We were nearly now a foot or more from the whirlpool. My heartbeat could now have given a good competition to a magnet train.

Suddenly our ship got pulled into the whirlpool and started tossing and turning. I covered my body with my hands and legs and sat in one corner. My father and the captain were sitting opposite to me. One more blow came towards us and we were sent rolling from one side to another.

"We have to dive or we will get killed," shouted the captain, but I was too scared to do it and then the captain just jumped out of the ship.

"ZACK, We Have to do it!" called out my dad but I wasn't ready to jump into a whirlpool was not at all a good choice. But then my father jumped into the water without even concerning about me. I again got rolled due to the force of the water and then the ship… broke into two pieces from the mid part. Both parts were started sinking and I had to hold onto the one of the railings to stop me from rolling down into the whirlpool. The other part was now under water and I hardly could hold on to the railing. The only way now was to dive and I did it, I dived in the middle of the whirlpool stopping my breath and closing my mouth. I tried to remain conscious as far as possible but then I couldn't; I lost my senses and opened my mouth as my eyes closed.

*Black out*

I hardly could open my eyes, and when I opened, I saw a blurry of something blue but again closed my eyes. After a while I opened them to see to see a pokemon, a blue pokemon uh… with spots and something on its back. I rubbed my eyes so that I could get a clear image and there stood a blue pokemon with a horn surfing on the water and a shell on its back.

"Lapras" it said in a high pitched voice.

"So, you are Lapras," I said as I got up and saw I was standing on a rock.

"Lap… lap," it said in a merrier tone.

"So… that means… I'm alive and… you saved me," I asked it.

"Lapras… Lapras," it said giving me a smile.

"I would take it as yes… but wait!" I remembered a thing which I shouldn't have forgotten.

"Have… you seen… my… father," I asked it as I waited for an answer. But the Lapras remained silent and then it said,

"Lap… ras," and I took it for a no, looking at his expressions. There was a minute's silence as no one talked.

*End of flashback*

The day never got out of my mind when I met my Lapras, I started my journey with him and still did, but now it looked impossible to make out of this as my first buddy also couldn't help us and I felt like it was the end. I got pulled inside the water due to the pressure as I saw my Lapras also going down, his energy was strained out of him and I couldn't help him,

"Wait… I can," I said while taking out Lapras' pokeball and,

"Come back Lapras!" I called him back and he safely returned to his pokeball and I blacked out as water filled in my mouth.

One more time *Black out*

Suddenly a beam of light hit me on my face as I covered my eyes by my hands. I tried to get up but was too tired to even lift my legs. I stayed there with my eyes closed and drifted away to sleep.

After a while, I woke up and opened my eyes to see a bright sky above me. I somehow sat up and saw that I was lying on a grassy plain with big trees at a distance which covered the plains from all sides. I tried t get up but fell back because my legs were too tired to take up my whole body. I just sat there looking at the sky when I remembered about my pokemons. I looked at my pokeball case and was happy to see that they were still there. I took out the balls and called them out,

"Lapras," came out Lapras with a tired look.

"Feraligatr!" came out Feraligatr, an alligator pokemon who is blue in color with red spikes on her back running from her head to her tail. She had a long tail and was nearly double the size of me.

"Poliwrath," and lastly came out my Poliwrath, a frog/toad pokemon who has interest in training and fighting. He was also blue in color with white gloves and a white stomach with black twister on it.

"Guy's, I don't know how we reached here and I only remember about the whirlpool accident. We came out so that we could relax but this has got us in trouble and I really want to get out of here fast." I told them as all of them nodded in agreement.

"So, firstly we should search for any living being because I haven't seen any pokemon here, so let's make a plan."

After some planning,

"Ok, then it's decided, Feraligatr you will search towards the eastern part while Poliwrath and I will search in the west,"

"Lapras," Lapras asked me where he should search.

"Lapras you are quite tired due to the incident and so you need rest… you should stay here and have some rest so that you will be full with energy."

"Lapras… Lapras… Lapras!" he started shouting and I had to go near him and pet him so that he stops.

"Come on Lapras, you need rest and so I said it."

"Lapras," he said calming down a bit.

"Ok then guys let's start," and suddenly Feraligatr ran to the east, she was very active from the time I received her from Prof. Elm.

"Let's go Poliwrath we should also start our search," I said and we both started walking towards the west.

After a while of walking-

There was too much silence as Poliwrath was not the one who liked to chitchat, he just love his training and probably me (I don't know exactly because of his behavior, sometimes)

"This island seems to be deserted, doesn't it Poli," I tried to start conversation.

"…" but Poliwrath kept quiet.

"Poliwrath, don't you feel you should talk a bit." I tried one more time and this time,

"Poli…wrath" he answered. But silence filled the air again and this time, I didn't try anything. But then, suddenly Poliwrath turned back and started running towards from where we had started.

"Poli… Poli… come back… where are you going?" I asked him running behind. But I couldn't catch up to his speed and he ran more forward, I still kept running.

When I reached there, my eyes popped out as I saw something dreadful. It was Lapras lying flat on the ground with bruises all over his body. I ran to him,

"Lapras, get up… What happened… Who did this? Please get up, please… Lapras!" I tried but nope, Lapras didn't move a bit. I saw towards Poliwrath and,

"Poli, did you see someone?" I asked.

"Poli… Poliwrath." He nodded his head from side to side saying no, but there has to be someone who did this.

"Feraligatr…" suddenly we heard the cry of Feraligatr from the east and by her cry; I knew she was in grave danger. I called back Lapras into his pokeball and Poliwrath and I went running towards the cry. When we reached there we saw Feraligatr was on to her knees and had bruises on her body. I looked towards the other side to see a pokemon but he was quite different, I hadn't seen it in my whole life. I took out my Pokedex and held it in front of the pokemon.

"ANALYSING….. ANALYSING….. ANALYZING FAILED…. ANALYZING FAILED…. POKEMON CAN"T BE IDENTIFIED….. POKEMON CAN"T BE IDENTIFIED." I pulled it away from the pokemon because it would have burst by this.

"The Pokedex also can't decipher this pokemon, what is this?" I asked to myself. This pokemon I didn't have seen but surely it had something in common to one of the pokemon I have seen. It was red in color with two pincers as its hands. It had two large wings and also had two back horns on its head. Its small yellow eyes with its bug teeth could scare the hell out of you. It had very thin legs and only Arceus knew how it was balancing its whole body on them. There were eyes like structures on its chest and it was nearly the size of a Hitmonchan.

"What is that thing?" was the only question revolving in my mind at that time. I could say that he was the one who had hurt Lapras and now was going against my Feraligatr.

Just one thing kept revolving in my mind and that was,

"Who's that pokemon?"

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