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Chapter 8: The Galloping Lobster

"Shut the lights off somebody," Zack shouted as he tried to turn away from the sun which was now overhead.

"Get up you lazy junk!" Drake shouted who was petting his pokemons as they ate the berries.

"Just 1 hour more," Zack said as he rolled while sleeping.

"I have heard people say 5 minutes more but 1 hour, we need to find a way out of this island fast," Chad said as he brought more berries.

"Don't worry I will do it," Drake said with an evil smirk as he disappeared in the woods. After some time he appeared again. He had a big bucket brimming with water and as he came near he threw it all over Zack's face as Zack shot up awake.

"What the!" Zack shouted as he rose up.

"Nothing, just waking you up," Drake said as he smirked again.

"You are gonna pay for this," said the now soaked Zack as he glared angrily into Drake.

"You two, don't start it again, we have a lot to do," Chad said to his new found friends.

"Ok, but Drake someday you will be kicked in the ass by me," Zack said as he showed off his pride again.

"We will see to it," Drake said as he started walking rather climbing on the hill/mountain whatever it was. Chad and Zack followed him. All three of them climbed, joking all the way.

Meanwhile back where the Girl is… (I really don't know where she is)

"They will reach here in just a little time, what are you going to do?" The girl said to the shadow (I am not gonna introduce it now at least) as it tried to respond but was cut off by her again.

"Have you? Or have you not? If you have then what is it? And if you haven't then what are you going to do?" the girl said nonstop but she had to stop for breathe and she stopped.

"If you keep quiet I will tell what I have decided," the Shadow said.

"Fistobster, come here I have a work for you," it called to a pokemon and then came a pokemon who had two big fists shaped like boxing gloves. Its half part was raised up while its six legs were on the horizontal part. It was the size of a Machop and was charging with energy as it punched in air. The shadow explained its plan as the pokemon. Fistobster agreed with a smirk and then went into the direction told.

Meanwhile where the trainers are….

"Absol Hyper Beam," the voice of the gray haired trainer whistled through the forest as the white pokemon sent out an orange yellow beam towards the frog/ toad pokemon.

"Poliwrath dodge it then bubble beam on Ambipom," Zack shouted as his pokemon dodged the hyper beam and then send out a beam of bubbles towards the monkey pokemon.

"Ambi… wait… now, Hidden Power!" Chad commanded silently as Ambipom waited till the bubble beam came near and then its eyes glowed and the attack sent both the other pokemon flying into trees.

"Absol…" Drake seemed worried.

"Poliwrath… get up we have to win against this two junks, we are the champion, aren't we?" Zack said brimming with anger.

"I don't think so, Absol charge beam!" Drake called out as the triple battle was getting more and more fierce. Absol charged towards Poliwrath as the friction caused the formation of electricity around itself. But then Absol was fiercely tackled by a powerful quick attack. The attack spread dust in the air as the vision was obscured.

"Hey I will get at you Chad!" Drake said as he glared in to Chad's surprised eyes.

"Freak off! Ambipom didn't attack because I didn't order him to do so," Chad clarified.

"Then what was it?" Drake looked towards the now clearing dust. The dust cleared and Absol was seen brutally hurt and there stood a pokemon with Fists, six legs and a short fin like tail.

"Fistobster!" The pokemon shouted in the air and started punching in air.

"So this is it, Poli hydro pump!" Zack commanded as the frog pokemon send out a stream of water towards the pokemon. But before the attack could touch the pokemon the attack changed its direction hitting Ambipom.

"What the…" Chad shouted as the pokemon smirked. Suddenly the pokemon's fist started glowing, it then crashed them onto the land sending waves through the ground as everyone felt an earthquake. Then the pokemon jumped into the air, turned into a ball and crashed into Poliwrath.

"It is strong!" all the trainers exclaimed as they were speechless. The pokemon started glowing and was getting ready for an attack when suddenly a wave of fire came through the woods and burned Fistobster.

"Whoa!" All three were shocked at what was going.

"Fistob!" The pokemon rose up full of anger as it started punching furiously in the air. But then another attack came and blasted on Fistobster. Everyone looked at the direction from where the attack had come. A pokemon landed on its four legs facing Fistobster. The special thing about this pokemon was its wings, which were made up of Fire!

"Whoa! Look at that pokemon, it's incredible!" Chad exclaimed at the beauty of the pokemon. The pokemon neighed as its fiery wings swooped and the temperature rose.

"It's getting hot" Zack said. Fistobster and the pokemon started their battle as the Fistobster attacked with its fist and the Horse pokemon used its horn to stop it.

Why is this pokemon helping the trainers? And will it be able to stop Fistobster? Find out in the next Chappy…

Fistobster is an entry given to me by Quilava Flare often called as Flame.

Pokedex entry for Fistobster….


After evolution, Fistobster shed its shell to gain speed. It is territorial creature who tends to fight anyone who intrude in its territory even if the foe is twice or thrice its size. They often make groups and march around their territory punching in the air. Its only flaw is its short legs. The shedding of shell increases its speed but it gets tired after carrying its body on its short body. People often call it the land Crawdaunt. If in a group they could challenge anything, even legendaries.

Appearance: Looks very similar to a crustle without its boulder. It is orange and features a lobster tail. Its two eyes that poke out of its head on antennae like objects. It has six spindly legs, like that of a crab's and its front two legs are on its vertical part and is shaped like boxing gloves.

Type: Bug/ Fighting

Height: 3' 02" Weight: 220 lbs

Gender ratio: 50% male 50% female

Evolution: Dwebble- Crustle- Fistobster

Capture rate: 35

Base egg steps: 2600

Exclusive moves:

Crab Cardiac: This attack can only be used only when Fistobsters are in a group. The leader joins the other members telepathically and they together send out a screeching beam injuring all the foes in the ground.

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