As I Came Across You

As he stood against the wall and cranked Imagine Dragon's Tokyo into his ears, Ichigo Kurosaki wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep in his bed. Renji had dragged him to this place to 'finish up some business'. Even though it was his job to make sure he was safe it didn't give Renji a reason to frickin' wake his ass up at 3:10 in the morning and drag him down here. As he stifled a yawn Ichigo thought maybe he would kick his ass once he saved it. Sounded like a plan he could follow. First he'd drug him, nothing more scarier than waking up in a deserted room with knives decorating the walls. Then once Renji came to his senses and started to struggled, Ichigo would-

Someone tapped on his shoulder. He removed his head phones and turned a droll stare over to the one who had approached him.

"What?" He growled. So what if he sounded a little defensive. Ichigo minus sleep made a not so good equation.

"Excuse me but my Lord would like to 'request' you." The elegant man gestured over to another guy who sat on the couch. He waved over and held up something. Money. Ichigo guessed he was handsome enough if not a little rough around the edges and in another circumstance he might had gone over there and talked to the man. But was he going to go over there now. Fuck no! He wasn't something to be paid for! He crossed his arms and sent the man his most bone chilling glare ever and was pleased when the man paled.

"Tell your Lord," He made sure to put a little sarcasm into his voice. "that if he wants to fuck I'll fuck. But if he wants a whore go look out on the street." The last he sneered.

"Now get the hell out of my face dipshit." He yanked back on his headphones and seethed. Who did these people think they were trying to buy him? This was the fifth one today. The first two were from some female aristocrats who wanted to see if that was his natural hair color. And there was only one way to make sure. He told them if they really wanted to know, he'd show them easy peasy. Faces red from his blunt behavior, they quickly took their leave. The others from men, all rich, handsome, powerful, and not his type.

He looked around the club for the first time after being there for twenty minutes and immediately knew he looked out-of-place. Everyone else around him was dressed in suites and expensive jewelry. The people here looked worth about nonnillion bucks. Oh now he realized, they thought themselves as rich as god. Yep, compared to these people he wasn't much of a fashion maven but did he care. He didn't give not one single fuck. So what if he looked like a street rat. It didn't mean he had lower values.

A Neff beanie covered his strawberry locks and he had several ear piercings. The black skinny jeans that hung on his hips were cuffed at the ends showing his ankles. His low top Converse were scuffed and tattered from the days of running from the feds after brawls in the street. He wore a tight fitting graphic tee with a sarcastic quote on the front and a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone. Bracelets and rings littered his wrists and fingers, many were for causing damaged but very well appreciated because they had been gifts.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder and he yanked off his headphones. Again.

"I thought I told you I'm not for sal- Oh." He turned to see Renji eyeing him a little oddly.

"Got a few offers Ichi?" Ichigo chose to ignore that one entirely.

"We're leaving?" Ichigo asked his friend, surprised the negotiations were over. Usually for his gang leader these things took longer than an hour. Why was today so different?

"Yeah, nothing is gonna be solved here tonight. Might as well head home." Ichigo eyed the Red head. Gaze racking him over, everything seemed in check. Down from the fedora covering his head, past the fitted hoodie and jeans, to the old pair of boots he wore.

"Let's go then, I'm fuckin' tired." He didn't even try to suppress this yawn, took too much energy. Something he didn't have.

"Yeah." They walked toward the exit when Ichigo felt someone's intense focus. His body tensed and whirled around on it's own intent. A knife flew toward him. Man now wasn't this night becoming crappier and crappier. The sound of metal hitting metal perminated through the room as Ichigo caught the second fist thrown blow in the hand that didn't hold his own blade. His grip tightened and the man let out a pained gasp.

"Getting in close probably wasn't such a good idea." He sneered.

As quick as lightning he pulled the man closer and swung his elbow deep into the man's trachea. He went down sputtering for air, opting for the less messy approach Ichigo sent the butt of his blade into the side of his neck.

"God lord, did you see that?" One of the partygoers whispered.

"How dreadful!"

"His friend didn't even look back to check!" Ichigo smirked. He just got attacked and Renji not checking on him was what was on their minds. But he guessed they were used to this.

To the outside eye the fact that Renji didn't even stop walking would seem like he didn't care what happened to him but he knew better. He didn't stop because he didn't need to. He knew he would handle it. He had confidence in his skill like that.

"Fuck me!" Ichigo hissed.

Renji paused.


"I dropped my Ipod." He bent down and scooped it up. "I'd hate to have to buy a new one."

"Didn't know you were so cheap Ichi?"

"Not cheap, conservative." He tsked.

"Potato, Potato."

Ichigo grinned and walked toward the other man and as his hand pushed open the door a chill went up his spine.

They were being watched and however was interested was highly amused. As the door swung shut he caught the eye of who had been watching-no observing them. He met the eyes of one of the most beautiful and dangerous man he had ever seen. Sosuke Aizen.


Sosuke Aizen had all but dismissed Abarai from his presence. The young boss had come to him to form a treaty, something Aizen had already considered. The Society was indeed becoming a powerful organization, almost the same level of sway as Hueco Mundo in their beginning stages. And considering that his group had a considerable amount of power as a foundling it meant that The Society was becoming something to be reckoned with. But as of now they had nothing he wanted to gain. He was all about chances and they weren't going to help his cause any.

"Are ya sure you should have done that? They're a proud bunch of bastards, might take offense to the way ya brushed their offer aside." One of his top enforcers Grimmjow Jaegerjack said, his teal colored hair and eyes a foreign sight pretty and alluring. He was something like a pampered animal, though he'd never admit it.

"I mean even though he did call ya a pretentious asshole." He chuckled to himself. "Classic."

"I'm sure that Lord Aizen wouldn't do something so callous to screw up his chances to make a profit." Ulquiorra said from his spot on the couch. His inky hair pulled back into a low ponytail, showing his slim handsome face.

"Well I'm sure 'Lord Aizen' appreciates your advice." Grimmjow sneered.

"As I'm sure he appreciates yours." Ulquirra replied not ceasing cruising through the magazine in his lap.

"It's fine, I understand where he's coming from. But really shouldn't you have more trust in your leader. Your lack of faith wounds me."

Grimmjow snorted but didn't comment.

"And to answer your question, even if I did pick their pride if I was to approach them with a wish to strike a deal they wouldn't deny me." Aizen pushed a hand through his hair. "Besides I can be very persuasive."

"No doubt about that. My Sig Sauer is the best socialite there is." Grimmjow grinned stroking the gun that rested in his chest holster. Slipping it out of his compartment, he began to check the rounds. "Yep, never fails to get their co-operation."

"Not everyone needs to use brute for to win people over. Some of us are actually charming." Ulquiorra sighed, shaking his head.

"Would you like you see how it feels to have a bunch of bullets blown into ya." Grimmjow said, cocking his gun.

"As I'm sure you're quite familiar with the feeling." Ulquiorra smirked.

"Hey, I always thought that our two groups were enemies." Grimmjow said deciding to ignore him.

"Even enemies had a need to make alliances when faced with powerful adversaries." Ulquiorra drawled from his seat. "Idiot."

Ulquiorra's sarcasm proved too hard to let slip past. "Once again I'm sure Aizen would care about yer advice but I could give less than a flyin' fuck."

At this Ulquiorra halted and flicked one torquise eye at Grimmjow.

"Obviously you cared last night when I wanted to fuck."

"Only because you begged. On your knees."

This time Ulquiorra snorted.

"As much as hearing about your surprisingly existent sex life interests me, I just had lunch."

Both of them let out that extremely unattractive nasal sound.

"Hey boss." Grimmjow said gazing out the oneway glass.


"Abarai might not live long enough to receive a deal from you." Grimmjow said shrugging, he leaned against the desk behind him.

"Looks like someone is gunning for him." He smiled watching the man snake his way after Abarai. "Want me to stop it?"

"Hmmm, it'll be a pity he died so early." Aizen sighed. He might have been useful.

After a few seconds Grimmjow snickered. "Oops my bad, the man might have a chance with a guard dog like that."

"He's still alive? How unprofessional." Ulquiorra asked looking over to Grimm.

"Yeah, the guy pussied out when he saw the orange headed guy. He should just get it over with, one quick cut and you're done."

"Orange?" Aizen asked, interested enough to ask. No one in his establishment would have come to his aid.

"He brought his own pitbull."

"I was wondering why he would show up here by himself." Ulquiorra stated going back to reading.

"Not so stupid then, just a little slow." Grimmjow laughed.

Aizen shifted his gaze to the window that overlooked the club and watched as the boy whirled back around and deflected a blade. Aizen was momentarily stunned, what primed instincts. The boy soon had the attacker put down and was headed back to Abarai. Curious to get a better look Aizen moved to open his door and leaned against the frame. Once again surprising him the boy looked back as if sensing his stare and their gazes clashed. A slow smile found it's way upon his face. My, wasn't he very attractive.

"Well now, won't this be interesting?"