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Dick laid down onto the bed and started to watch the sleeping form of Jason.

According to anyone outside the superhero community, Jason Todd is dead. So how where they gonna do this? Someone might see a resemblance between the assumed dead Jason Todd and Jason.

"You're thinking to much again, Dickie" A sleepy voice said. Dick blinked and looked up to see Jason looking at him.

"It's that obvious, huh?" Dick chuckled.

Jason didn't say anything and just pulled Dick closer, kissing up his neck.

What if someone figured figure out that Jason somehow is alive? And then they'll think Bruce was lying about his death. Or they'll demand to know how he survived, and they might ask which method Bruce used-

Dick yelped when Jason bit down on his collarbone.

"Stop thinking, Grayson" Jason growled, and licked where he had bitten Dick, before reaching up to claim the acrobats mouth.

Even though Jason said not to, Dick couldn't stop his thoughts wandering…

What if Vicki Vale found something out? It would be a disaster. Also not to mention the fact that the whole city would freak out about this, oh, and then it'll be known that some will recognise Jason as one of the inmates in-

"Okay, that's it, wonderbread" Jason exclaimed, rolling them over so he was on top of Dick, while stripping the older out of his boxers.


"I'll give you something else to think on" He said and grabbed Dick's cock.