I do not own the 2012 Frankenweenie movie. A drabble in Edgar's Point of View.

I'll Never Be Normal

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I'll never be normal. I have a deformed back, my teeth are not all there, and my face is ugly. Not to mention my fingers are thin, long, and creepy looking too. To be honest I do not look into the mirror.

I'm not good looking, I look creepy, and I do not have enough smarts to make up for my ugliness. I do not have a mirror in my bedroom for I do not want to see my reflection. My parents look normal, they are not ugly, they do not have a deformed back, or anything. I know a few adults think I'm adopted, but I'm not adopted. My dad took photos of my mom giving birth to me. What has been seen can't be unseen.

My dad carries the photo's around, always ready to show that 'Edgar E Gore' isn't adopted, and it's a bit embrassing for who wants the photo's of their birth to be shown to anyone. My mom carries a photo of me as a new-born and she is holding me in her arms. Needless to say everyone in town knows that I'm not adopted.

Victor looks normal, he is really smart, and he could have friends...yet he doesn't have any friends for he keeps on rejecting those who want to be his friend for he prefers to be alone. His parents look normal just like him. I'll never be normal, but whatever looking normal is overrated.

I'm different. I'm Edgar E Gore and so what I have a deformed back. So what I'm ugly and creepy to everyone in this town expect my parents. I'm special for there is no one else in this town like me. No one can be me.

My parents they love taking photo's. I'm not a fan of photo's, but oh well and they don't mind me making funny or weird or creepy faces at the camera. Sometimes my parents make funny faces at the camera too. I do not have any friends or even a pet, but oh well my parents accept me for who and what I am...They do not try to change me.

I do not tell my parents everything. I do not tell them that some kids pick on me. I do not tell that I do not have any friends. In-fact I tell them that Victor is my friend even though he isn't really my friend, but oh well...Sometimes not telling the truth is for the best and I always cross my fingers behind my back when I tell my parents "Victor is my friend". My parents never have me try and prove it by having Vicor coming over or asking for a phone number to talk with Victor's parents..They believe me and say "It's nice to know you have a friend".

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