The Zombies Back To Live

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Chapter 1

Damage In The Invent

It was afternoon, but the sun slowly started to hiding behind the horizon. But it wasn't a normal afternoon and day, it was the most spooky and exciting day in the year; Halloween. Like always, animals in the zoo gathered on the meeting to get their jobs. Penguins jumped on the table.

"Hey, give a place for the king!" Julien said walking towards the penguins "What's the scandal? Today In the zoo was no humans "

"Your majesty, it's not scandal it's Halloween" Maurice said.

"Halo who?"


"What's the hellqeen?" Julien asked, Skipper rolled his eyes.


"I don't catch it" Julien said.

"Halloween is the spooky celebration of the monsters. Humans puts on the scary costumes and goes from home to home saying; trick or treat. So today zoo is closed and we can make…" Kowalski said but Rico stopped him with a psychopathic smile.

"Monsters party!" Rico said.

"Party? What's the party without the King, I'm in!" Julien said.

"Well, this is your jobs; Marlene and chimps costumes, Roger and our guests cockroaches music, Kowalski and Katherine special fireworks, the rest decoration, and Rico… Um, do whatever you want…" Skipper said, it's a mistake to disturb Rico in his activities to make zoo more spooky; well, generally he destroyed almost all lanterns, so… Do not disturb him.

Everybody went to their jobs, Skipper and Private went to take a guard of the zoo. Halloween was also a dangerous celebrate, so the guarding was necessary. Kowalski looked around, where Katherine was, she just disappeared. But Kowalski knew where she always goes.

He jumped on the zoo wall and walked through the Central Park to a lake. There was a good view on the golden sun, which was slowly diving into the pure water. He was right; Katherine was sitting there, but why? He went to her.

"Katherine, what's it?" he asked, she didn't turn.

"Um, nothing, why do you think that something is, Kowalski?"

"Because always when something bothers you, you're sitting here" he said and sat next to her.

"You know, today is 31 October, so Halloween…" she said and sighed "And my birthday"

"Oh, really? Happy birthday!" he said but Katherine sighed and closed her eyes.

"And this is the date of Manfredie and Johnson's death"

"Oh, well, you and Skipper told us the story of your adventure in Denmark… but we didn't know it was on Halloween"


"But, they were heroes, so you don't have to worry about them"

"Kowalski, it's also a date of death of yours and Rico's parents and… and Karen" she said and felt tears in eyes. Karen was her sister and Private's mother. Blowhole killed her like Kowalski's and Rico's parents and also Manfredie and Johnson. She would never forgive herself, that she couldn't save them, just like Skipper. Kowalski sighed.

"We all miss them but… the present is most important, it's your birthday so come on, we should celebrate it on the best Halloween party ever" Kowalski said and grabbed her hands, she smiled.

"Ok" she said and they went back to the zoo. Of course Julien was quarrelling that he had got not important job.

"But Julien, you're one of the decorators, it's really important to have a good decorations" Private said.

"Ok, something is in it" Julien finally agreed.

"Just go and make that pumpkins scary" Skipper said.

"My head disappeared!" Mort said walking with a pumpkin on his head.

Kowalski and Katherine went to the HQ for equipments form Kowalski's lab. He already did the machine, so they needed only the electricity.

"Well, we must only take it to the zoo power station" Kowalski said.

"Yeah, 'just'" Katherine said. In fact the machine was big, so also heavy.

Finally they placed it in the power station, Kowalski started to checking the cables. Katherine switched on the electricity and invention shone. She looked at Kowalski who finished the work.

"Um, are you sure it's connected well with the rest equipments?" Katherine asked.

"Of course, it's my invention, so... ok, maybe the earlier weren't good, but this one is my the best" Kowalski said.

"But are you sure it's working good?"

"Yes, I'm sure"

"Well, ok" she said and they left the station, but Katherine still felt that something was wrong. Of course when they returned Julien and Skipper were arguing.

"Oh good, you're here" Skipper said "Go and learn this text" he gave them the papers.

"Wait, we didn't finish!" Julien said.

"What do you want ringtail?!"

"Hey, stop! What's wrong?" Katherine said.

"We were going to stage a play 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare" a chimp Mason said.

"Yes, I gave this idea" Kowalski said proud of himself.

"But I want to stage a play 'The Halloween Goblin'" Julien said.

"Halloween Goblin?"

"Yes" Julien replied.

"But, you didn't even know what's Halloween, why do you want to change the play?"

"Because I made up The Halloween Goblin and everybody must see it" Julien said. Skipper slapped himself.

"Ok, on Halloween everybody should be happy, right? So maybe the chimps and Julien will unite the plays?" Katherine suggested, everybody agreed.

"Faster, we have half an hour" Skipper said.

Almost the whole zoo was full of decorations. Scary pumpkins with the candles inside, Rico changed all lanterns into a lighting ghosts, on the walls of habitats there were bats. The scene for play was in the habitat with the best view; Lemurs' habitat. Animals prepared few tables full of food like drinks with mist or cookies shaped in a ghost or bat.

"Hey, are you ready?" Marlene asked when she finished the costumes for a play.


"Hurry up, we haven't got time!" Marlene said and grabbed Katherine to make her the makeup. Katherine was one of the main characters in the play. Marlene gave costumes to the rest actors including Kowalski and Julien.

"The play starts in ten minutes!" Skipper said. Everybody took the sits.

It was going to be the best Halloween party, but Kowalski's invention was going to prevent it. Nobody could see it, but the invention lit in the green light and some power went from it... power which could awake the Halloween monsters...

To Be Continued...

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