In a dark secluded room a heavily tanned skinned teen sat comfortably in his chair. In front of him were brightly lit monitors. It took a while but everything was finished. A door creaked open from behind, pouring more light into the room.

"Xehanort, you ready?" came a voice.

The teen stood up, and walked past the man, known as Saix, in the doorway. "Let's do this."

Loud music blasted through the corridor before turning to another door he walked onto a balcony above the largest stadium the world has ever seen. The crowd roared with excitement and adrenaline as he took the mic. It was time to get it started with


Down below the floor split into two and a platform began to rise with fog swarming around it. On the platform stood two figures; a tall man with spiky brown hair, and a woman with blue hair. They both were wearing the Destiny island's school uniforms. No sooner did the platform fully ascended, the crowd went wild.


"I can't believe we're doing this..." grumbled the brunette. He looked upwards ahead to see a big digital screen with them shown on it along with a countdown clock before it begins.

Aqua nudged him a little and hid a smile. "You'll survive, just do what we've covered in training."

A horn blared blared loudly, and from above Xehanort swished his hand downwards. "BEGIN!"

On the large screen, a large '30 SECONDS appeared and slowly began to count down. The stadium went quiet as a bass became to pick up. Tiarra and Aqua stood their pose with both hands on their hips. Then, a second later, Tiarra faced Aqua and told her

"Oppa gangnam style." Thus the music blasted from the speakers with a ridiculously catchy tune causing the entire stadium to shake and rumble. Tiarra and Aqua instantly began their co-ed dance by crossing the wrists in front as if riding a horse and stomp the ground in a simple two-beat rhythm. The crowd began cheering the two loudly as they started their dance.

The two then waved their right arm in circles like some sort of cowboy, causing the crowd to applaud even louder. Both nodding in sequence, Tiarra skid-slid behind Aqua and crawled under her and began shaking his head wildly in circles like some sort of heartless beast; all while Aqua continued to stomp in rhythm and shake her hands and hips perfectly.

There were thousands of hoots and howls from the audience and the applaud intensified. With only a mere ten seconds left, Tiarra rolled out from between the blunette's legs to his original position and joined her in her set of dances moves one last time. Then, as the final move, the two rubbed under their noses, extended their leg in their air and pulled back it back down behind them, striking a narly pose right before the time ended.

Just like that, the crowd practically exploded from their seats clapping and screaming from the amazing dance. There were even a few tears were shed. Tiarra and Aqua both bowed at the crowd in respect.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The announcer, Xehanort, exclaimed through the microphone. "I GIVE YOU THE NEW RUMBLE HEARTS CHAMPIONS... TIARRA AND AQUA!"

From the distance, hidden within the crowds were a group that consisted of Roxas, Axel Olette, Hayner, Pence, and Xion.

"Huh," Roxas blinked, plopping a hefty spoon of peanut butter into his mouth and smacked on it audibly. "They actually did it..."

"Looks like someone owes me six grand..." Olette smirked snidely at Axel who suddenly began to sweat bullets.

"Ahh Fu-"

And thus... their lives began a new~

Welcome to Rumble Hearts... a remake of my old fanfic... Kingdom Hearts: Behind the Scenes! Prepare for... Randomness. Drama. And... Peanut butter.