May 17, 2012

David felt somewhat strange, standing by himself in front of the Flint River, between Shane and Tyler and the Mitchells. But at the same time, it only strengthened his resolve to be back where he should have been all along – with Amanda and his daughter.

He swallowed, mentally trying to shove away the terror that was forcing its way into his mind as William Barrett issued a warning to the men. It seemed as though Nathan's mentor was speaking directly to him.

"Now that each of you has committed to live by this resolution," Barrett was saying, "I bless you in the name of the Lord, but I also have a warning for each you. Now that you know what you are to do, and have committed to do it before God and these witnesses, you are doubly accountable. And let me also assure you that you may have confidence in this Resolution and in your resolve now, because as you stand here, there's no challenge, no controversy, and no conflict. But I can assure you that challenges will arise. Conflicts will arise, and controversy will arise."

David nodded, trying to swallow his trepidation once more. Challenge? Definitely. Conflict? Oh yeah. Controversy? Most likely.

William continued on. "It is at that moment that, in order to live out this Resolution, you will need courage. Courage. Courage."

Courage? David thought. Lord, I'm going to need Your help with that one.

Amanda. After four and a half years, David was sitting at his computer later that night, trying to gather his scrambled thoughts enough to put together a letter to send to her. To explain himself, to ask to see her, to gain permission to meet his daughter.

He glanced at the resolution now hanging on his wall, took a deep breath, and put his fingers to the keyboard.

Dear Amanda-

I know it's a shock for you to hear from me, but I need to tell you what's happened in my life. In the last two years, I've become a deputy for the Albany Sheriff's Office. The job is tough, but I work with some of the best guys in the world. Being a cop has forced me to see the worst in people and to see how one person's selfish decisions can hurt so many others.

Recently I had a life changing experience. I began a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I've still got a lot to work on, but He's helping me to make sense of my life and take more responsibility for who I am as a man.

For years, I've been afraid to admit that I have a daughter and I'm doing nothing to take care of her.

I see now that every child is a gift from God. I now know how wrong I've been and have asked God to forgive me for what I've done to you and Olivia. I'm writing this letter to tell you that I've decided to stop running.

If you're willing, I'd like to meet with you and begin the process of rebuilding your trust. In time, and with your permission, I hope to meet Olivia personally and let her know that she has a father who cares about her.

I have no other expectations. I'm only asking for a chance to be a part of Olivia's life. I'll wait for your response.

Until then, I have begun to pray for you and Olivia. I have enclosed a symbol of my commitment to begin doing my part to help with her care.


David Thomson

David shook his head, than bowed it and, closing his eyes, prayed, "Okay, God, whatever you want to do, I'm ready."

He clicked "print". When the letter was copied, he gave it a once over, put it inside an envelope with a check, addressed the envelope, and put it in his mail box to be sent out the next day.

It was all in God's hands now.

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