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"It's totally for the straw, San! You were right, it fits in there perfectly." Brittany shouted into the phone when she answered Santana's incoming call.
"Really? I wonder why no one uses it for that." Santana grunted a little as she spoke, picking up her suitcase full of clean clothes and hoisting it up onto her bed.

"Me too, I think that I'm only gonna drink soda out of the can like this now, so when people see me do it they can know too."

"That's nice of you, Britt. Can you hold on for a sec?" She didn't wait for her to respond and put her hand to the receiver. A girl with light brown hair and skin similar in tone to Santana's had knocked on the open door of Santana's dorm.

"What….no I don't think she'll be at practice today because of her leg…no…I…okay….sure, I can probably manage it…extra practice?...Seriously?...Fine…talk to you later…" Brittany heard Santana's entire end of the conversation clearly despite the hand covering the receiver. She could faintly hear the girl who must have been across the room but couldn't understand anything she said.

"Hey, I'm back."

"Who was that?" Brittany asked quietly, hearing the anger in her girlfriend's voice.

"Huh? Oh, no one important, just this girl that's one the squad with me. Apparently Laura lost her spot on the top of the pyramid because of her fall and I've been asked to take her place but I need to go to more practices now. Esto es tan estúpido que no puedo creer que tenga que tomar más tiempo para esta mierda." She shouted and dropped a book onto the floor. "MIERDA!"

"San, do you want me to go?" Brittany thought maybe her holding the phone was causing more trouble than it was worth at the time. She still couldn't understand Spanish but she knew what 'Mierda' meant and she knew Santana only spoke Spanish when she was really upset or in a place of extreme pleasure.

"What? No, of course not baby, I want to talk to you more than I want to do anything else. Don't hang up, please." Santana's voice instantly went from anger to begging.

"Okay, I won't. How was the drive?"

"It was okay, I was stuck behind some asshole that was going 10 miles under the speed limit for about a million years but other than that it was fine."

"Oh, I'm sorry…" Brittany knew Santana was in a bad mood, and she wanted to make her feel better but had trouble thinking of how to do it when she wasn't right there beside her.

"Not your fault at all, don't worry about it. Do you think I could call you later tonight after cheer practice?"

"Of course, I'll probably be up all night. I have to redo an essay for US History class so I can stay on the Cheerios. Do you have to go?"

"No, I'm staying on the phone with you, but I want to call again tonight. I'm really proud of you, by the way. I'm not sure if I told you that, but I really am." Santana smiled as she put her clothes away in the small dresser at the end of her small bed in her small dorm room.

"For what, exactly?"

"All the effort you're putting into passing this year. I wish…I should have helped you last year. I should have paid more attention to you and helped you pass. I feel like I failed you or something, Britt. I'm really sorry."

"No, don't feel bad, San! It's not your fault at all, I'm the one who didn't do any school work, not you. It's all me and I'm fixing it so don't feel bad, please." Brittany felt bad for making Santana feel bad.

"But, I mean the guys all helped Puck out, they helped him graduate. Where was I? Where were the Troubletones when you needed a few extra tests to pass. We should have been there for you, I should have been there and I wasn't. And that's why we're not together now, because I wasn't there for you when you needed me." Santana inhaled sharply, willing herself not to cry, and it hadn't worked.

"Baby, its okay please don't cry. I haven't told you yet because I didn't want to get your hopes up or anything but Mr. Figgins told my parents that if I took an extra English class this first semester that I could graduate early. I'm taking Creative Writing online so I don't have to try and attend two classes at once like that one girl in Harry Potter did with that necklace because I don't think I could find one of those on such short notice." Brittany spoke with urgency, hoping to get all the words out fast enough so Santana would stop crying.

"Wait, really?" Santana stopped stacking clothing to listen more closely.

"Yep, for real! You know how sometimes they'd announce those names the day before Christmas Break on the intercom and they'd congratulate them on graduating early? That could be me, San! And then I can come and sleep under your bed in your dorm and be all secret and hidden and be there with you always."

"I'd like that a lot, Britt Britt. I'm not sure about the under my bed thing, how about in it instead?" Santana smirked at the thought, and then laughed silently at how she'd get payback for Emily always having her boyfriend over.

"That sounds better, and then I could carry your books for you and open doors for you and rub your legs after cheer practice like we used to do when you were on Cheerios and I could help you study cause I know you're way smart but College is harder isn't it?"

"Yeah, Britt it's a bit harder. Speaking of harder, I need to go to Cards practice soon, so I'm gonna talk to you tonight, okay?"

"You promise?" Brittany didn't want to sound desperate but sometimes Santana said she'd call and never did and she wanted to make sure she stayed up for a good reason.

"I promise. Love you!"

"I love you, too." Brittany hung up after a few beats, knowing that Santana wouldn't do it. They'd talked on the phone enough times to know that unless Santana was doing something at that very moment or was about to be doing something at that very moment she wouldn't hang up.

"How is she?" Brittany's mom, Susan, was standing in the doorway of Brittany's room.

"She's fine. She has extra cheer practices now because she's on the top of the pyramid, and she feels bad about me having to repeat Senior year but it's not her fault and I tried to tell her that but I think she still feels bad about it anyways. I even told her about how I'm graduating early and I think it helped but she's still upset at herself, I could tell." Brittany picked at her notebook, thinking about texting Santana and telling her not to feel bad but decided against bringing it up again.

"Oh, well that is unfortunate. Her feeling sorry, not the pyramid part, that's actually quite nice. You didn't tell her you were for sure going to graduate early, right, Brittany? Because we wouldn't want to get her hopes up." Her mother sounded a little condescending as she sat on the edge of Brittany's bed.

"No, but I know I'm going to. I'm ahead in the Creative Writing class and I'm redoing my essay for US History so I'll get a passing grade on that for sure. And Sam is coming over to help me with Chemistry later tonight so I should do well on the test tomorrow. I'm really going to do it and then I can go and be with San and it'll all go back to how it was before. It'll all be okay." She looked up from her desk and spun around to look her mother in the eyes. She just saw her mom frown a little, looking sympathetic.

"Sweetie, you know it's not going to be the same as before, right? And you can't stay with Santana; she's living on campus isn't she?"

"Well, yeah, but she said I can stay in her bed!" Brittany beamed, knowing that her mom didn't mean just to sleep, but to live.

"But, you can't live there as well, that's for students only. You'll get her in trouble if you stay there more than a night or two. And you're not quite ready to live on your own so for now you're going to stay here regardless of your school situation, you know that." Her mother stood up, registering the look on Brittany's face and knowing an argument was coming.

"Mom, I'm 18, I can leave if I want to. And maybe I won't live in the dorm with her but I'm going to stay with her. I'll live somewhere close and I'll see her every day and it'll be okay." Brittany turned her chair back towards her desk, signaling that she was standing by what she'd just said. Her mom didn't argue with her, but instead just shook her head and pressed a kiss to the top of Brittany's head just above her high ponytail. She exited the room without another word, noting that after Brittany's dad got home they would have to pick the discussion back up.

Brittany waited for two hours after having finished her essay. She reread it four times, studied more for her Chemistry test and reprimanded Lord Tubbington for being home late from his poker game. Finally, at 2:37 in the morning, her phone began to vibrate on her desk.

"Wow, you're still up, huh?" Santana laughed a little bit, coughing slightly at the end of her sentence.

"Told you I would be, didn't I?" Brittany smiled at hearing Santana's voice, and at the fact she called even when she thought Brittany wouldn't be awake.

"Yes, you did. How's your essay going? Need any help?"

"Finished it a few hours ago, actually. Sam helped me with the grammar but I had everything else right this time and I typed it instead of writing it so there are no spelling mistakes."

"Oh, good thing he didn't need to help with the spelling. Trouty is dyslexic, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I think he'll be okay, he's not going to die or anything ." Brittany assured her, thinking maybe Santana was worried.

"It's not deadly, Britt. It means letters and numbers are all mixed up for him. He'll be fine." Santana laughed and coughed a little.

"What're you doing?" Brittany asked as she took off her shirt to get ready for bed.

"Smoking outside the dorms. You?" Santana knew she should have lied but she was too tired to make something else up.

"Ew, San! You know I hate how you taste when you kiss me after smoking. And I'm changing to go to bed."

"I know, but they're menthol so I'd taste minty anyways, you might actually like how I taste." Santana paused before adding, "What're you wearing to bed?" Hoping she might get some dirty talk out of her tonight. Most people wouldn't think it, but Britt could talk dirty enough to even make Santana (or Puck, even) blush.

"Nothing special, just your Cards hoodie." Brittany smirked, knowing that was exactly the answer Santana was looking for.

"Oh, really? Is that it?" She kept trying, she was just in a certain mood after cheer practice for some reason.

"Yep, just that. I'm actually going to go to bed because I have Cheerios practice before school but I really wanted to hear your voice before I went to sleep."

"Aw, fine. You're no fun!" Santana laughed and flicked the filter of her cigarette down and stomped it out.

"Will you stay up with me on the phone until I fall asleep, though?" Brittany asked quietly, settling in under her covers.

"Of course I will." She opened the doors to her building and walked up the stairs to the second floor.

"Goodnight, San. I love you." Brittany stifled a yawn and put the phone beside her ear on speaker and closed her eyes.

"Love you too, Britt Britt. Sweet dreams."

They stayed on the phone all night, both fell asleep with the phones beside them. Santana woke up to the sound of lockers slamming through the phone. Brittany had stayed on the line the whole morning, taking her into the bathroom when she got ready and in the car with her on the way to school.

"Put the phone away, Pierce! No way you're going to hold me up with only one hand." A high-pitched and unbelievably annoying voice pierced Santana's ears. She recognized it as the girl from the Left Behind Club, Kitty.

"I bet I could, have you seen these arms?" Brittany responded in her ever airy and kind voice.

"Ladies! I've got good news and bad news for you! The good news is my new line of form fitting tracksuits just came in from a small village in India and the shipping was free! The bad news is we've got to take another hour this morning for practice because you uncoordinated sissy's still can't manage to make my flawlessly choreographed routine look like it isn't being performed by a bunch of drunk elves. This means you'll all be late to your first periods."

"But, Coach, I have a test to take first hour and I'm already making it up so I can't take it at another time." Brittany walked across the locker room towards Sue.

"Well, that's tough, isn't it? Looks like you might have to repeat Senior year yet again." Sue turned to walk out the door behind her and Brittany reached a hand out to grab her shoulder.

"No, I'm not going to repeat again. I'm just not. I'm going to take that test and I'm going to do really well and then I'm going to graduate and I'm going to Louisville." She said this and she stomped her foot down slightly.

"Either Cheerios practice until 9:30 or no Cheerios at all. And don't touch me, I don't want your failure rubbing off on me, this is a brand new track suit." Sue huffed and continued her previously interrupted movement to the door.

"Britt-Britt?" She heard Santana's voice through the phone she'd had perched on her shoulder under her backpack strap.

"Oh, you're up." Brittany grabbed the phone and turned speaker off as she put it to her ear.

"Yeah, Sue's kind of loud. Are you alright?" She sat up, looking across the room to the empty bed and figured Emily had stayed at Steven's house again. Better than here again, Jesus. Santana thought to herself while she waited for Brittany to answer.

"I'm not sure if I should take the test or do Cheerios practice. I think Coach just said I would get kicked off if I wasn't there for practice the whole time, which isn't what I want to happen but I need to get at least a 65% on this test to keep a D in Chemistry and I can't graduate if I don't get a C in it by the end of the semester. " Brittany had begun pacing between her locker and the end of the row, weaving around girls who were trying to get ready.

"How about you go talk to your Chemistry teacher and let her know Sue gave you an ultimatum and see if you can retake it during lunch?" Santana pulled up her Cardinal's sweats over her cheer skirt, her room was freezing in the morning.

"I don't know anything about Sue giving me ult…ult…ult-tomatoes or whatever but do you think Mrs. Sawyer will let me do it during lunch?" Brittany frown as a few girls laughed at her mispronunciation.

"Oh, you have Mrs. Sawyer? You'll be fine! She hates Sue, she'll totally help you out, you should probably get off the phone and hurry though cause Sue will be pissed if you're late. I love you and text me when Cheerios is over, okay?"

"Okay, thank you , San! I love you too!" She hung up and quickly rushed towards the door, but not before she heard one of the girls say some Lesbian joke that Brittany didn't even understand let alone care about. She knew Santana would have gotten it, and probably cried about it in her room while Brittany smoothed her hair out of her face. She wondered if she was out at her new school, and if people teased her about it there. She hoped not, she hated the idea of her not being there to comfort Santana if she was being teased. She'd have to ask sometime.