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Claudia checked her reflection in the mirror, ran her hands through her hair and took a deep breath.
Okay, she thought to herself, You can do this. She went downstairs. Her parents had made breakfast. It was her favorite breakfast, French toast with syrup.
"Morning honey," Claudia's mom said.
"Hi mom. Hey dad. Hi Janine," Claudia said

"Roshe," Claudia's father said, "This food is delicious."
"Thank you honey," Claudia's mother said.
"Mom, dad, I want to go to DSFA," Claudia said, "I applied and I got in. I want to go." A grin broke out onto her parents face.
"You applied to the Devinci School For Art," her mother asked. Claudia showed them the acceptance letter.

"I'm not surprised that you got in," Janine said, "I always knew you had talent."
"Thanks Nien," Claudia said It was rare for her older sister to compliment her.
"Honey this school is in NYC," her mother said.
"Look," Claudia said, "This is an opportunity for me to do something with myself. This is a chance for me to accomplish something. I'm not as smart like Janine is. I never have been and I never will be but there's a lot people can do with art. It's something I can thrive in. Please say yes!"
"First of all," her father said, "You are smart. Secondly I agree it would be a wonderful experience for you. I won't say I'm not concerned about you living at the school in New York though."
"But if this is important to you," her mother continued, "We will support this. We will support it under certain circumstances."
"We expect a phone call at least once a week. We expect you to keep your dorm room neat and make no mistake that we will be coming up to visit you at least once a month. We expect you to get you assignments done on time even if it's a part of art you find boring."

Claudia laughed.
"I love art," she said.
"I know you do but that doesn't mean you're going to like every one of your assignments. Your sister loves school but that doesn't mean she enjoys every assignment she has ever gotten." "We will be coming up for every award ceremony if you win or don't win," her mother continued. The DSFA held an award ceremony twice a semester.

"And I will win," Claudia said, "I won't let you down. I promise."
"CLAUDIA," her father said firmly, "YOU NEVER LET US DOWN. You are our daughter and we love you dearly. I don't care if you win a damn award or not. I care that you are doing the best you can."

"Are you sure you want to do this," Janine asked gently,"You'd be giving up the babysitters club." Claudia hugged her sister.
"I love you too," she said, "I need my turn to shine." ...
"I call the next meeting of the bbc to order," Kristy said
"I have an announcement," Claudia said, "I'm moving away. I was accepted into the DSFA"

"OH MY GOD," Stacy exclaimed hugging her friend, "Claudia that's amazing."
"You want to translate for me," Kristy asked with a smirk.
"DSFA is the Devinci School For Art," Claudia said, "I applied six months ago."
"Only the best artists get accepted," Stacy said, "I am so proud of Claudia"
"Congratulations," Kristy said, "I'm really proud of you."

"Thanks," ClaudiaI said, "I'm going to miss you guys so much but this is an opportunity for me to shine."
"We'll see you again," Kristy said firmly. "I have an announcement too," Stacy said, "I got my last diabetes test back. My pancreases is functioning normally."
"So you don't have diabetes anymore," Mary Anne asked.
"Not anymore," Stacey said.

"I say this is a celebration," Kristy said, "Why don't we walk to the pizza place and get some pizza" Everyone cheered. ... It was the last day before Claudia left for art school.
"Okay," Claudia's mother said, "Lets go over this again. Shirts?"
"Check," Claudia said.
"I knew I forgot something," Claudia said jokingly, "Check"

"Bras underwear sweaters, sweatpants-"
"MOM I have it covered in the clothing area and they do have stores in New York you know." "Paints?"
"Drawing pads"
"Check" ... "This is for you," Claudia's mother said, "It's your own credit card. Be careful with it because there is a 2,000 credit limit per month."

"Thank you mom," Claudia said hugging her.
"I love you," Janine said.
"Love you too," Claudia told her older sister. She hoped on the train and was off to a whole new life.