The train pulled up at Penn station. Claudia was so excited. She was going to her first year of DSFA. It was an art specific High School. It was in New York.

Claudia had applied and gotten accepted. She expected serious objections from her parents but they were actually in support of her. The school had sent over a driver. They did that with every student in order to make sure they were safe.


"Hello," the speaker said, "My name is Samantha and welcome to the DSFA. You are all here because you are the best and the brightest in the area of art. Soon you will meet your roommates. Now this may appear like a college but it is still a high school. There are rules that must without exception be followed and if they are broken there will be serious consequences.
Claudia listened to the whole speech. Then everyone was handed their class schedule. She was a little disappointed that the first year she didn't get to pick her classes but she loved the classes that she ended up getting.
She had 12 periods a day. Sculpting was her first class. Water colors followed after sculpting. Free period was after that followed by theater class. After theater class she had painting and then lunch. Art history followed. Poetry was next. After that she had another free period. Claymation came next and finally numbers to creation.
Breakfast would be served from 6 AM to 8 AM. Dinner would be served from 6 PM to 9 PM. Students were not permitted to go off campus on weekdays and during the weekends they had to be supervised which means they would have to sign up for what they wanted to do and a staff member would accompany them in their endeavor.
Students basic needs would be provided for. Food shelter and they would get a small account for extras. It was $200 a month in the school store. Outside endeavors with the exception of field trips would have to be paid for out of pocket.
Next Claudia 'met' her roommate. She already knew her roommate however. It was Stacey.


"Well I wanted it to be a surprise," Stacey said, "Actually it was Kristy who said I should apply."

Claudia got up the next morning. They were serving her favorite at breakfast. It was Chocolate chip pancakes. Stacey helped herself to 3 of them.

"Since I'm not diabetic anymore I enjoy this food so much because I'm allowed to have it," she explained.

"Just be careful you don't have too much of it," Claudia said, "You don't want to get sick again after all."

"Yes mom," Stacey teased.

"Ha-ha," Claudia said, "Very funny"

"So what's your first class," Stacey asked.

"Sculpting," Claudia said, "Yours?"

"Music appreciation," Stacey replied, "As if I need a class to appreciate music."
They both laughed.
Claudia looked at her watch and saw it was time to head to class. Sculpting was fun. She was assigned 2 free form sculptors. She decided to do one of her grandmother and the other one she would do of a butterfly. She wasn't so crazy about water colors. It was an introductory course and she knew it all. For her free period she chose to go to the swimming pool and swim for a half an hour. In theater class she learned they would be putting on one of her sister's favorite plays. A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens written not as a book but as a play. They would also be doing 3 other plays.

Claudia called her parents that night to rave about how wonderful her day was and thank them so much for letting her go