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Ch. 1 The Storm

A child woke up to find herself in a strange place that she didn't recognize. She got up and looked at herself. She had red hair and wearing a blue t-shirt, and blue jeans, and covered in cuts and bruises. "Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here?" she asked herself. She had a serious case of amnesia.

She looked over and saw a valley to her left and a forest to her right. 'Maybe I can find my answers here.' she thought to herself. She proceeded into the forest, and found herself going deeper and deeper into the forest. She smelled smoke and went towards it. Before the sun went down she found what she was looking for. A campfire with three people, and food.

She walked with caution to the campfire, seeing something that looked like something to eat roasting on it. Walking as quietly as she could, she was about to reach her goal when she heard a voice say to her, "Do you think you can steal from a ninja?" She was scared for her life. She was caught by the three masked people. "It's alright, we're not going to hurt you." the man said. "Come here, it's alright." she complied, and sat on his lap. "What's your name?"

"I don't know."

"Do you know where your parents are?" another person asked. It was a female behind the mask.


"Do you remember anything at all?" the third person asked.

"No." she looked very sad as she sat on the first man's lap. "I wish I did."

"We have plenty of food. Would you like something to eat?" the first man asked.

Her eyes lit up at getting something to eat. "Yes please. What are your names?"

The woman sighed, "Sorry, we can't tell you our names."

"But why not?" she asked.

"Because we're not allowed to do so. But you can call me 'Cat'."

"You can call me 'Dog.'" the first man said.

"And you can call me 'Bear.'" the third person said.

"Alright, and I guess until I remember who I am, you can call me…" she struggled to think of a name for herself.

"How about Katsumi?" Cat asked.

The child thought about it for awhile. "Okay!" she smiled.

A few hours ago:

"Ugh, your really going to do this?" asked a woman on the phone.

"Yes Janet, I'm going to do it, to prove once and for all, I am the best." the redhead on the phone replied. "Dillon is going down."

"I hope you know what your doing, Amanda." Janet said.

"Oh I do Jane…I do…"

"Are you alone?"

"I'm walking on the sidewalk."

"Don't do the 'Evil Laugh', you'll look weird."

"Rrrrrr. I'll see ya tonight for dinner. Bye." She growled out the first part. She sighed as she reached her destination. 'It's time.' With that thought in her mind, she walked into an apartment building, punched in the code that she was given, and when she saw the green light on the panel, she opened the door and walked right in.


"Looks like it's going to rain." said a young man with brown hair as he stared out his window. A lightning bolt struck many miles away, and moments later, the thunder could be heard. There was a knock on the door. He walked to the door and opened it up. "Hello Amanda, ready to lose?"

"Very funny Dillon, I was just about to say the same thing." The redhead from earlier replied.

"Come in." He said in a polite tone.

"Thank you. I have brought what you've requested. And just to let you know. I'm going to beat you once and for all." She said placing three games on the counter. There were two Naruto games, and a DBZ game.

Now I think it's time you know the history of these two. They started college at the same time, and the moment they saw each other was the moment that they became rivals. I'm not joking. Always competing against each other in the subject of anime. They were the best on campus when it came to that subject. And don't get me wrong, they are both very smart in other things. It's just that if anime was a subject they would be the top two students in said subject. They were very much able to keep very good grades. So only their friends knew about this rivalry, not their families.

"Shall we get started?" Dillon asked.

"Of course." Amanda replied. Round one was a Naruto battle. Amanda choosing Naruto, and Dillon choosing Orochimaru. It wasn't an easy battle, but Amanda came out on top. Then round two came into play. Amanda choosing Zarbon, and Dillon choosing Piccolo. Dillon came out on top this time. Then round three came along since it was a tie. They decided to end the rivalry with two rival characters in the other Naruto game. Amanda once again using Naruto, and Dillon using Sasuke.

By this time this storm was right on top of them. They continued to play both of them refusing to give up. Both of them had low health, and the only choice they had to win, was to use an ultimate attack. They almost gotten the combination done on their attacks when a lightning bolt hit the building. It not only caused the building to black out but it sucked both college students into the TV.


The three ninja took care of the child and her injuries. They had no idea that she was actually a young adult that was around their age. They were, however, suspicious of who she was, and where she came from. The only problem was she didn't know either. That made it frustrating for them.

Morning came the next day, and it was time to head back to the village with Katsumi in toe. They were on their way back when all of a sudden.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like we have some pesky Leaf shinobi and a brat to take care of boys." one of the voices in the trees said.

"Katsumi, I want you to hide somewhere," Dog told her. She nodded and ran off to find a place to hide.

"Good luck, Mr. Dog!" she shouted. She found a huge rock and hid behind it.

She watched the entire fight in awe. They were outnumbered two to one, and they looked really strong, but they won it out. When the fight was over she ran over to them, screaming, "That was amazing! Can you teach me to do that!?"

Cat took a knee and put her hand on her shoulder, and said, "We're not the ones who teach little one, we do a lot of different things." she looked really sad, "The academy however," she brightened up, "can teach you all you need to know about becoming a ninja."

"YEAH!" she cheered. "When can I learn to do that stuff with the rocks? Or…"

"Easy, little one." Bear said, "You will learn to do those things in time, but first you must be patient." she gave an enthusiastic nod that they all smiled behind their masks at.

It took some time, but by noon, they made it to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. "Wow." Katsumi said in amazement, as she took in the sights. She saw a little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes get thrown out of a store. "What did he do to get thrown out?" she asked the AMBU around her.

"In all honesty, he did nothing to deserve this. It was something completely out of his control. That's all we can say without getting into trouble." Dog replied. He didn't sound happy about what was happening to the boy.

"What's his name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

They made it to the Hokage's office where he was waiting for the full report. He had gotten some of the report thanks to the ninja hound that Dog had sent him during the night, so he knew about the girl. When he heard a knock at the door, he knew it was them.

"Enter." he said. "Well it appears that your mission was a success, and we even have a new child here. It's alright now young one," he said in a grandfatherly way, "I won't bite." She looked at her AMBU friends, and they nodded, so she walked up to him.

"Hello sir," she said timidly.

"It's alright," the old Kage said, "I know you don't remember anything before yesterday. You're lucky that my shinobi found you. I don't think that the Iwa-nin would've been so kind."

"I guess so. Sir, why isn't anybody nice to Naruto?" she asked.

The Hokage didn't expect that kind of question from her. He watched that very incident with the crystal ball, and didn't expect her to go beyond asking his name. "It is something that you wouldn't understand."

"Why not?" She pleaded, her eyes widening with those puppy dog eyes. He had to get her to stop asking about it.

"It's a matter that you would not understand, but I'll say this much. What happened to him was not his fault." he said. Not knowing that that one statement would get her in trouble with the village in the near future. "Now I think a civilian school…"

"Lord Hokage," Dog stepped in, "I believe that she would like to go to the Ninja Academy."

"And what makes you say that?" the aging Hokage asked.

"I really wanna go after seeing that battle had taken place between your AMBU and those other ninja." Katsumi said with boundless energy. The old man chuckled at her enthusiasm. It was one of the reasons why he liked Naruto so much. He made him feel young again. She did the same for him.

"Well, is that's what you want?" she nods with great enthusiasm, "Then I'll inform the Academy of their newest student."

"Yay! Thank you so much!" she hugs the old man and he laughs at the child's antics.

"Now, the next thing is a place to stay. I think I know just the place since I don't think you want to live in an orphanage."

"No sir."

"Then I know just the place."

She was walking next to Cat with an arm load of things she would need to live by herself, and for the Academy. They ended up walking through a street that held one of the most powerful clans in the village. Held being the key word. It was in ruin.

"What happened here?" Katsumi asked.

"The Uchia Clan were all brutally murdered a few days ago, save a boy around your age. His name is Sasuke, and he's the killer's younger brother."

"Why did he do it?"

"No one except Sasuke knows why. He's closed himself off ever since."

"That's sad."

"Yes it is..." she said as she walked next to the girl.

They eventually made it to the apartment building where she would be living.

"I'll make you something," Katsumi said as she walked up to the kitchen and started to clean and cut potatoes. She wouldn't let Cat help as she continued to cook a meal that looked really good when she finished. She made mashed potatoes with gravy, oven baked chicken, and green beans. It looked and smelled delicious. Once they began to eat Cat was impressed by the taste of the meal. The kid could really cook.

After the meal was finished, there was plenty left over. She was going to put it away so she could have leftovers for dinner for the next few days, but as Cat left, Naruto passed by her door to go to his home next door, with instant ramen packs in his bag.

"Excuse me, Naruto?" the boy flinched and turned around to see a young girl around his age with long red hair and beautiful green eyes that held kindness in them. "I have plenty of food leftover from dinner, would you like some?"

He was shocked to say the least. Someone was being nice to him other than the Hokege and Iruka-sense. "Thank you…but…" he couldn't put the words together.

"But what?"

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because, I want to. Common, let's get you something to eat." With that being said, they both walked into her apartment, and they learned a lot about each other. She couldn't say much about herself because of her memory loss, but she did her best to figure herself out.

After some time, they made a deal. She would use their money to buy all the food they needed, and he would help her know her way around the village. For now, Naruto would provide lunch as well with his ramen.

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