I OWN NOTHING, I am just a guy who felt like doing something heroic for once with lots of wisecracking. And a warning, Kyuubi/Kurama is a perv and sadist who'll try to make Naruto more "fun" as the fox says.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Fem Superboy (If having trouble imagining, Google "Claire Kent by LexiKimble" and you'll see.). The harem is small: Miss Martian, FemSuperboy and another girl who'll be revealed in this very same chapter.


Definitely not Kansas

He woke up groggily at the smell of garbage, wondering if it had all been a dream or not. To his surprise, he was in a completely new place, mainly because he knew all of his so called hometown's alleys when he was hiding only to get a beating. He was between two large brick only buildings, some broken windows at his side and just darkness in this day's sunset.

"W-What the fuck happened to my body?"

He asked upon getting out of the dumpster and looking at himself in shock, his body was that of a perfectly built Olympic athlete, a middleweight boxer being all muscle and no fat. He was taller and felt lighter than usual, also he noted his blond, sun-kissed hair was a bit longer and was on falling on his scalp like a spiky mop with some spikes near his eyes but fortunately not blocking his eyesight. He walked to a window, checking his cerulean deep sky eyes looking at himself in shock, he still had his characteristic whisker like birthmarks… but only had his ragged orange pants, so covered in dirt and black scorches that they were just useless. He could also note that he had grown harder pectorals and a six pack.

For a supposedly sixteen years old body, he sure went through one hell of a transformation. Not that he disliked it.

"What's the matter, kid? You lost?" someone asked behind him.

"We could help you, for all of your money. If you don't have any we're up for roughing you up to kill some time." Another said, the blond looking at the figures taking out butterfly knives.

He sighed, "Well, might as well get some steam out…"

(One brutal beating later.)

The blond was clad in his fresh new and stolen clothes. The punks were currently in the dumpster, tied up with convenient old rope he found in the trash. He admired his new clothes in the window's reflection: an orange muscle shirt that hugged his new built, a black sports jacket wide opened to show his chest and with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a pair of black pants that from the knees down were orange and a pair of orange sneakers with black streaks designed as flames. He also got himself a ridiculous ski-cap to keep his new unruly mane in control, it was snow white and it had a cat smiley on the middle of his forehead.

"Gotta say…" he started, putting on a pair of black, fingerless gloves, "You guys have a great taste in clothing for thieves. But next time you want to pick up a fight, be sure your opponent isn't me in a bad day." Then he kicked the large trash container and its lid fell on top of the duo's head. The blond left with no remorse in his soul.

"Well, first things first." He said to himself, tapping his right temple with two fingers to concentrate, 'Come on, you fuzzy ass, you gotta be in there.' He thought in his mind, searching, until he found what he looked for, the twenty foot tall fox that lived in his gut, "You fucking, annoying naked ape…" the blond grinned, 'Glad to have you, fur-ball. So, any idea where the fuck we are?' "Was gonna ask you the same thing… then bite your head off and shit it down your neck." The fox spat angrily. 'I love you too.' was the young man's sarcastic reply. "We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you-"

The blond man's calm attitude soured as he got an angry glare on his face, "Shut it." He said solemnly to the being in his head, "I know it's been my entire fault with how things ended… but I-"


The blond turned in time to see a fire truck headed his way… seven inches from his face. People screamed helplessly… only to gape in shock when the blond man jumped in an incredible display of agility and flexibility as his body curled in the air like an animal's and he landed on all fours atop the red truck, scaring the shit of half the firemen in it. With the way his new cap moved and his wild mane of a hair flew in the wind the man looked a lot like a fox, both in appearance and now posture.

"Ok, first I gotta pay attention to where I am if I want to find out where I am." He stated calmly, letting the truck and the shocked men in it take him to wherever they were going. The firemen were also wondered why someone would wear such a ridiculous cap.

After a not so comfy ride in the truck he finally jumped off when the thing reached its destination, a small lab building in fire by the name of Cadmus. The fire had already been put out, so the newly arrived firemen were to return to their base and tell their partners about the strange blond man they nearly crashed into just to watch him move like a wild fox and land on their truck like some graceful beast.

"Note to self," the blond said as he hoped off the truck and looked around, "Find out how to drive one of those." He said looking at the strange vehicles he had never seen before.

"Hey, are you with the League?" asked a police officer, getting a raised brow from the blond.


"Are you with the League?" the man repeated himself before pointing at the second floor's opened window, "If you are, some of those heroes are in there helping to put out the fire. You should help them." the man said, believing the blond whiskered man to be of this League he spoke about.

The said blond raised his brow higher, but decided to go anyways, "Well, what the hell? I need answers and I'm not heartless enough to let people be in pain." And with that he easily leaped into the window, shocking the officer.

"Definitely from the League, even if that cap was pretty goofy." The officer said before calling off the others, thinking they wouldn't be needed any longer. (Ah, typical comic logic, leave the hero for himself, at least Commissioner Gordon is useful.)


The moment the young man stepped in the building he was greeted by trouble… small, blue imp like creatures lunging at him. He reacted like any normal person with a sadistic demon fox in his head and lot of stress to work out:

"Got'cha bitch!" the fox hollered in the foxy young man's head, said demonically enhanced individual was currently delivering a powerful uppercut on one of the imps. The moment it got midair the creature received a fast series of jabs before getting sent flying back to its brethren by a roundhouse kick to its side, being used like a bowling bowl to knock the other imps out of the way and allow the blond to run in. This displeased the fox, "Come on, you're in great shape after I and Yami became one with you ever since THAT fight! Use our full power for once! Their insides should be outside, anyways!"

"I want to save whoever that guy in blue said was here." The blond explained, finding an opened elevator gate, blocked by several more imps. He growled as he charged at them, "If these imps are giving me a fight then I guess I should help whoever has annoyed them this much if they're heroes and have answers! Besides, it's obvious these guys aren't normal!" he answered as he leapt in the air and raised a hand up. The moment his limb got in the air a golden energy surrounded it, becoming a much larger golden arm with clawed fingers that the whiskered fighter used to knock all of the imps out of his way with a backhanded whip like punch.

"Fine, save these "heroes"… then get back to killing things." The fox said too bored now and wanting carnage.

The blond sweat-dropped as he landed on all fours, and then ran off to the gate in that same position, "Damn it, I might have gotten my best moves and intellect from both you and Yami…But you're the one with the meaner streak." He grabbed a line and slid down, "You could cut it a bit on the killing, right? Not even Yami was this out for blood." He stated, finally finding an opened gate and jumping into it, landing again on all fours. "Now, be a sweetheart and give me the coordinates of where they are."

"I'm not your bitch, bitch…" the fox said with a cackle, wanting the blond to beg, but he wouldn't.

"You got two seconds to tell me where they are or I'll put you in a cage so small you won't be able to even blink." He threatened.

"Fine… naked ape." The big fox was silent as he and the blond concentrated on where the targets were… and then found them. "They're fighting someone strong. I can sense also something stronger than usual near them… Hmm, I do hope it's hostile or at least a female." There was a lecherous smirk on the vulpine maw.

"Mind outta the gutter, you perverted fox." The blond said angrily, "You already saw me getting some once. Now we got to find those heroes and then deal with whatever it is that might give us trouble. And then, hopefully, I'll get myself some answers."

Then the fox grinned more when noticing the company, more blue imps, "Oh, you have to kill these bitches at least! I want some pain…and you getting laid once again and to dominate the female completely when you mate with her."

The blond grumbled, getting on all fours again, barring his sharp canines at the imps, "Ugh… after this is done, I'm kicking YOUR furry ass." He stated, getting strange stares from the imps who thought him crazy before they were brutally beaten by his fists, all the while he moved forward like a wild animal, charging and swinging his fists in a mad but actually well composed fighting style. He moved flexibly, using his body's instincts and senses to detect incoming attacks and evade them with bizarre movements reminiscent of a fox's when running and dashing away from danger only to attack mercilessly at his enemies. When he got himself a path he ran for it, still on all fours.


Meanwhile, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad entered a new room, the youngest of the heroes was stunned, "Okay. I'm officially whelmed." He said with wide eyes when they look inside the room.

There were many creatures inside of tubes generating electricity from their bodies. They couldn't help but inspect the place, hack the computer and try to find out what was going on, so they stumbled upon Project Kr. They'd have gone to check what it was right in that moment had it not been for a newcomer.

"Don't move!" Interrupted the commanding voice. They turned to face the large hero Guardian with some Genomporhs accompanying him, all had arrived at the room the moment they were about to find out what Project Kr was. "Wait." Guardian halted the creatures, taking a look at the intruders. "Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash?" He asked in confusion.

"At least the guy gets the name right." Robin commented to the speedster.

"I know you." Aqualad realized. "Guardian. A hero."

"I do my best." The man with the golden shield replied.

"Then what are you doing here?" the redhead asked.

"I think, that's my question, boys." The man countered. "I'm the chief of security. You're trespassing. We can call the Justice League. They can prove it."

"You think the League can prove that you're bringing weapons?" Kid Flash questioned him.

"Weapons? What do you … urgh…" the heroes were now taken back when the man's eyes adopted a faraway look, "What have I…" He wondered, holding his head in pain "Ahhh, my head!" the moment that cry of pain ended he looked coldly at the heroes, sending the creatures after them. "Take them down hard! No mercy." He continued with sharp voice.

The Genomorphs started to attack the boys, or they would have had it not been for the blond with the white cap that arrived, jumping above the blue creatures and finally landing on his own two feet like a normal person albeit being in a crouched, aggressive stance, "Finally!" he exclaimed, then turned to the heroes and asked, "You guys are heroes?" he asked with more disbelief than anything, looking at their bizarre clothing… then again, he used to wear a bright neon orange jumpsuit, like he was one to talk about it.

"Who…?" Aqualad started, taking out his Water Bearers but the blond waved at him in a dismissive manner.

But he and the other two heroes had the same thought: 'What's with the goofy cap?'

"Not now, we need to get outta here. Then I'll be asking you some questions. But if you need to know…" he started, taking a pause to block a hook from Guardian with his arm before using the other to deliver a solid jab at the hypnotized hero's gut, sending him flying back a few yards and making him land hardly on his back, "Let's just say I'm your reinforcements. Now let's get out of here already!"

The heroes, not feeling like arguing with the guy who punched out a League veteran, nodded and ran after him to the nearest elevator. They ran inside of it, making sure not a single Genomorph could get in as Robin hacked it, which surprised the blond. The elevator started to move down.

"Wait, the exit's up." the foxy newcomer stated.

"Yes! Dude, out is up." Kid Flash pointed to the caped boy.

"Excuse me." The youngest hero retorted. "Project Kr is down on sub-level fifty two."

"Project what?" the whiskered fighter asked, before massaging his temples, "I should get paid for this…" he commented, trying to get his temper under control.

"This is out of control." Aqualad stated as he was beginning to feel exasperated. "Perhaps, we should contact the League." He suggested, trying to get his comrades to understand him, before looking at his fellow blond. "And we should ask you some questions too."

"Hey, I said I'm the one here with the questions." The black and orange clad young man stated.

"Aqualad has a point, we don't even know who you are." Robin pointed out.

The blond scratched his scalp in exasperation, but gave in, "Fine, I guess you can call me by my real name. I'm Naruto. I just came here to ask you guys something, honest. I just found myself lost this morning and then, here I am, having to save you three from that guy in blue and those imps of his… And could you tell me what the hell was that all about and who are you?"

Robin nodded, "Fair enough, I am Robin, these are Aqualad and Kid Flash. We're here on a research to find out what this place is holding. Turns out, they have bio weapons. Those creatures we saw are created as living war machines and they seem to have something special on sub-level 52. It's something called Project Kr."

The blond blinked, "Wait, you're gonna trust me just like that?"

Kid Flash waved at him, "Meh, I've heard weirder stories already. Besides, you did save our hides. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to keep an eye on you." He ended the last part with a combined warning gaze from the three heroes.

Naruto just nodded, "Fair enough." While discussing about it all, the elevator finally reached sub-level fifty two. Once the door was opened, Robin headed out immediately. Naruto sighed, "I should really get paid for this." Then he easily jumped out of the elevator and landed near the now startled Robin, keeping the same pace as the Boy Wonder.

"We are already here." Kid Flash stated before following the youngest member of the team. Aqualad sighed, forced to follow them.

"Which way?" the Atlantian when he reached Robin who was currently checking on the hacked maps of the facility.

"Yeah… Bizarre looking hallway 1. Bizarre looking hallway 2." The masked boy asked while pointing at both hallways.

"Halt!" Ordered a more humanoid Genomorph. He raised his hand, instantly nearby and very inflammable objects floated with his telekinetic powers before he sent them flying at the heroes and their new ally. They ducked easily, Robin took the chance to throw a birdarang to the humanoid only to watch it stop right in front of the skinny Genomorph.

"Screw it!" the blond with the cap roared, ducking under another inflammable tank by getting on all fours, an explosion behind him just as he leapt at the impish creature. The fox in his head was happy, "Paaaaiiiin!" he hollered as the blond jumped away from the exploding objects, even jumping onto some of them before they crashed and exploded to keep on jumping like a wild animal after the blue being. Once near enough the blond surprised everyone when he was covered by a yellow flash and disappeared, only to reappear near the Genomorph with a raising uppercut.

The imp like creature flew backwards, slamming its scrawny body into the elevator's closed gates with a pained groan, "And stay down!" Naruto breathed out, a bit winded from all the ducking explosive projectiles.

The other heroes were surprised at their newest ally's abilities, but at the same time, Guardian arrived at the place using the elevator. "They are heading to Project Kr!" The humanoid informed the mind-controlled hero with its remaining strength. Without pause, Guardian and the Genomorphs go after the foursome.

"Great, more guys to dance with." Naruto's voice said, dripping with sarcasm, but the fox was happy, "Beat the shit outta them, you naked ape!"

At the same moment the blond was about to give a reply concerning fur coats a scientist could be seen walking out from a room. She was dropped down by Kid Flash who sped to the room that luckily led to Project Kr. The heroes' newest friend saw this and grabbed the other two.

"Hurry!" the redhead urged them, only to gape when the whiskered fighter arrived with another of his yellow flashes. They had finally entered the room successfully. Once inside, Aqualad kicked a container that Kid used to keep the door opened for them to get in so that the door can be closed. Then, Robin locked the door from inside.

"I disabled the door. We're safe." The youngest hero said.

"We're trapped." Aqualad concluded.

"We can rest, at last." The blond said, dropping on his butt. 'Seriously, I've fought in a freaking war of epically big proportions with the ridiculous amounts of enemies, massive power-ups the main enemies got every single second and then having little to no help at all when dealing against them… Fuck, I'm lucky to still be alive, even more just to be at least tired…'

"Ehh, guys." Kid Flash called them. "You may want to see this." He turned the lights on by pressing a button on a monitor.

In a large crystal tub, deep sleep in a metal table was a girl as drop dead gorgeous as an Amazon beauty about sixteen. She was petite, being about half a head shorter than normal girls her age but making it up in the hourglass figure department. She had long raven hair falling straight to her round rear, a round and cute but strong and fierce face and one voluptuous figure that was very desirable as well as those still growing D-cups that compensated some more for her lack of height. (Think the body of Kurono Kurumu from Rosario Plus Vampire.) She wore a full-body white suit that left her forearms and hands bare for all to see, said suit hugged her figure showing some muscle that gave her an Amazonian look that added to her facial features made her look like a younger Wonderwoman. They also noted the large red S in her chest, and the whiskered young man was looking at the emblem, honest, he wasn't putting his focus on her generous mammaries… ok, maybe he was.

(On a side note, like in Masked Kitsune, these shall be the only descriptions since I'll assume you all at least know the show. If a description is needed it shall be done.)

"WHOO!" The gigantic fox crowed in the blond teen's head, "Go for it, kit! Mate with that ape!"

The blond, not wanting to make his new acquaintances look weirdly at him, just groaned mentally and replied in his head, 'Shut it, you oversized furry sack of testosterone. I'm not gonna go and bang a girl just because you're having blue ball.' "Fuck you, naked ape." 'Wow, clever and intelligent remark, truly shows a lot about your personality. Only calling me kit with pride when I'm about to get laid with… Damn it, now I just had to remember her, thanks, Kurama.'

He finally spoke, "We need to find out what's going on and get out… I'm getting a migraine." He stated, truly feeling one coming with the fox being denied and denied.

Kid Flash approached the tube and inspected the symbol in the crystal door. "Big K, little r. The atomic symbol for Krypton." He exclaimed. Then, he turned around to the others. "A pretty good looking clone?" He wondered with a large smile due to the good sight for sore eyes the girl in the tube provided, making the others groan at his choice of words but a certain fox to a gree.

"Robin, hack!" Aqualad ordered.

"Oh. Right, right." Robin responded hastily, still in awe at the clone despite Kid's commentary. Once he got into the system his eyes widened at what he saw while explaining what happened to his teammates, "Went with designation: Super…babe?" He raised a brow at the name. (Sue me, I kinda like it.) "A clone forced to grow in…16 weeks?" He was more shocked at what he found next. "The DNA was acquired from Superman." He ended the information with a gloom look at the tube.

"Stolen from Superman." The aquatic boy corrected.

"No way the big guy knows about this." The speedster wholeheartedly agreed.

Robin continued. "Her solar-suit is meant to absorb yellow sun radiation 24/7."

"And these creatures?" Aqualad asked pointing at three Genomorphs inside the glass tube.

"Genomorphs uses their telepathic ability to force feed her the education." The youngest boy answered.

"And we can guess what else." Kid Flash noted. "They're making a slave of… well… Superman's daughter." He was then taken back by the crack of Naruto's knuckles due to his fists angrily being gripped far too tight in anger.

"Now we contact the League." Aqualad decided.

"Wait, you guys came here with NO back-up at all?" the black and orange clad blond asked in true shock. "You gotta be shitting me."

Kid Flash replied by sheepishly rubbing the back of his head and chuckling, "Well… We needed a bit of respect so… we went for the major leagues."

The blond face-palmed, "I already know how this story goes… Just call the grown-ups and let's get the hell outta here."

Aqualad nodded and pressed his communicator, his friends also tried their communication devices, only to get static. "No signal." Robin said after a while.

"We're too deep. Literally." Kid Flash concluded.

"For the record…" Naruto started, looking angrily at the other young men, "I'm gonna kick your asses once we get outta here, I usually get paid for this crap." He stated, firmly and with no room for quarrels, but he continued, "But…" he turned to face the girl in the tube, "Least you did good to find her. We need to get her out."

"Set her free." Aqualad decided. "Do it!" He ordered the Boy Wonder.

With ease, Robin just pressed a few buttons on his arm mounted computer and opened the glass tube. Once opened, the clone girl moved her hands and opened her eyes for the first time in her life before looking at all the strangers here with her.

Suddenly, she sped at the whiskered blond to push him to the ground. The instant she came at him the blond acted fast and grabbed her arms, holding them against his arm pits while the girl got to him. She actually forced him to skid backwards with her ridiculous strength, in the blond man's mind she could compete with a slug medic, but for that she'd need much more strength. The blue eyed ravenette saw she couldn't tackle him down to pummel him in the ground, so she tried to get her arms back by wildly swinging them around with grunts of anger.

The foxy blond kept his firm hold on her arms, and like in any rodeo's bull riding he was shaken violently by an angrier and angrier beast of a girl. He was lifted from his feet many times only to land forcefully on them with grunts of pain, yet he kept his hold on her all the while. This simply amazed the other heroes at how he was able to keep on holding the clone girl while many other persons would have fallen off already.

The fox, however, was laughing its furry hide off at his host's misfortune, "This is rich, you're actually riding her! All we need now is to find a room so you can finally mate with another female, kit! Come on, kit, just dominate that vixen and-" the anger the fox's words caused made the blond find his footing, lift the girl by her captured arms and throw both of them backwards in a German Suplex, the clone girl falling forehead first into the hard ground.

The blond rolled away quickly, somehow he instantly found his back against the heavy metal door that led to the room. He watched as the girl rubbed her forehead and glared at him. All he could think of saying was, "Oh… fuck me…" that made the gigantic fox giggle, "Oh, I hope she does."

He was tackled right through the thick metal door, shocking Desmond and all living beings around as the white clad girl was rolling on the floor with a blond man in her arms, trying to punch him. Naruto for his part was fighting back the pain and was thanking his healing for not letting him lose any bone by having them breaking. She finally pinned him down with her shapely legs at the sides of his head and his face directly to her… it was a very kinky position that the big fox laughed at until the blond used his legs to grab the ravenette by her neck the moment she raised her fist to strike him down and pull her off.

He actually had experience at CQC from women trying to be on top of him, it had been just once when that happened and… Kurama was giggling at the memory, better forget it and focus on the girl trying to pummel him to a bloody pulp.

Then, for some reason, he felt dizzy. He was tired, the exhaustion from his previous fights before arriving getting to him… and all he saw before falling unconscious face-first was that blue Genomorph he gave an uppercut with a hand raised at him.


Naruto was currently having a dream that had haunted him ever since his battle at the Valley of The End.


There he was… shocked beyond belief. His orange coat was shredded to pieces, acting as a vest with the sleeves now gone. But he was trying hard to believe what was before his eyes… the person he had been fighting so far had disappeared, changing bodies with the true behind a well placed illusion that worked via a seal.

He couldn't understand, both had actually exchanged their best hits yet… he hadn't aimed to kill but the other person actually tried to, more than once but now… before he could be stabbed the same person he had been fighting jumped back, not daring to harm him any farther.

The person's appearance had changed from the boy he had hated a lot right now to… something much better to look at. There was a girl as beautiful as angels carrying hatred that had bothered for far too long, this girl was strong and fierce. Her hair was pitch black, done in a wild mane with several spikes reminiscent of feathers with how they were styled in an actually natural way, it all fell down and reached her mid back; she also had two bangs in front of her two coal black eyes framing both sides of her face. She had a pair of white shorts, so short and tight that her figure busted to the point any man would kill for a peep, a blue baggy T-shirt with medium length sleeves and a fan like symbol on her back and black fingerless gloves and ninja sandals.

She was also glaring slightly at the blond boy who was flustered beyond belief and stuttering, "W-W-What?!"

"Yes, you idiot! I am a girl!" she replied with a lot of anger in her voice.

"But you- And the promise- And what I said to Sakura- And the fight- What the hell is going on?" he asked, grabbing his mane of unruly hair in despair.

She got angrier at him, she was furious but deep down she felt so horrible that tears actually started to roll down her cheeks, "You TRULY think the village is that good? Look at me! I've been forced to be a boy, otherwise I'd have been forced to marry some guy who wouldn't care about me just so the Uchiha bloodline could still live! I'd been denied true training to avenge my family because of my gender not being the "strong" one! But you... YOU always surpass me! You always have an ace in your sleeve to... to... To make me feel so angry I can't understand it! I can't stand it either! You just make me mad! You... Why are you so nice?"

Naruto was still far too stunned by what was happening, "W-What do you mean, Sa-"

"My name is Uchiha Satsuki, and you, Uzumaki Naruto, are someone I can't understand!" she corrected and stated, pointing at him an accusing finger, "The village hates you, they treat you like crap but worship me as a god JUST because I act as a man who is supposed to have great powers! So why... WHY are you so nice? They... They... *Sob* I've seen how they glare at you, how they hate you as much as I hate my brother but... Why do you always smile? Why must you act so forgiving and just take in all of that hatred? WHY! I just... I just... can't see you like that..."

Now it was Naruto's turn to reply. "Satsuki... You idiot!"

Satsuki was now the stunned one, before her shock changed into rage, "Huh?! Who're YOU calling an idiot, LOSER?! I am crying because of you... you IDIOT!"

Naruto kept his ground, "I don't want anything to do with all that hatred! I want to forget it and just live without it! So why do YOU live with so much hatred?! In the end, carrying so much rage... it's... it's... it's freaking horrible!" He just looked at her with large tears streaming down his eyes, which he wiped to look better at her. "I felt it for so long... I just wanted to escape it... I felt trapped with so much hatred in me so I tried to become what I wasn't and only so everyone could forget about it!"

"As if that worked! You... You're an idiot! I've stomped your beliefs, broken you several times and you still fight for them! For me! I never treated you nicely! I... I never even cared about you! So why? WHY?"

"Because you made me want to surpass you!"

Satsuki was now truly stunned, "W-What...?"

Naruto continued, looking at her with anger and determination, "You were all I wasn't! You're smart, you're popular, you're stronger than anyone, you're blessed, you're talented, and you're loved by everyone! That's why I looked up to you! To be better than you and surpass you so I could become what I always wanted to be..."

"You idiot! I... I..."

"Just shut up!" The blond shouted as he approached her, taking off his ruined coat being now in only his orange pants and black shirt, and looked at the teary eyed girl right into her eyes with determination in his. "If I have to fight you to take you back, so be it. I won't give up... I won't quit until I've finally surpassed you... Because... Because... OH SCREW IT!"

"Wha-hmmmmph!" Wide-eyed the girl looked at the blond with a massive blush on his face that matched hers when both their lips collided. Slowly both backed away, looking shyly away from each other. "This... This doesn't mean anything... I will avenge my clan one way or another... But the reason I truly wanted to flee to Orochimaru was because... He told me of what happened to you... Why you were hated and why had you been treated so badly. He also told me how and... If I could I'd love to just make the entire village pay after killing my brother."

Naruto was still angered, "But that won't give you happiness!"

"I know!" she admitted, exasperated, "But... What else can YOU do?! Just take in ALL of that hatred?! You'll die if you just keep on blindly protecting them!"

"Not only them, YOU too!"

"I don't want or need YOUR help! LOSER!"

"I'm not giving you an option!"

"You stupid, idiotic LOSER! You... You... You... Screw it!"

Satsuki simply grabbed the blond boy's head and kissed him passionately. After some more making out, taking brief moments to regain their breaths, new sensations were discovered in their bodies as they lost their virginity together… But in the end…



Naruto woke up with a spasm, sweating heavily as he was locked in a crystal tube, Superbabe looking intently at him. "Umm… hi?" he asked, still not fully aware of his surroundings or what was happening.


Meanwhile, in another place, in a dark castle at Europe with several dead bodies, stood a figure who whipped her sword off her enemies' blood and looked at none other than Ra's Al Ghul dead in the eye, "So… If I help you deal with this Justice League you'll find the person I'm looking for. That's not a question, and you have no option."

Ra's Al Ghul actually grinned despite his fear, "Well, young lady, when you show this much potential, I want to make sure all your dreams are accomplished if you can help us with your power."

She scowled at him, "Same story all my life, people wanting my power… Fine, I don't care. Just be sure you find him and bring him to me… I got a promise to keep."

Ghul bowed politely at her, "As you wish, milady. You may choose whatever room pleases you for your stay." And with that he left.

In the darkness of a rather spacious room, two coal black eyes changed into a deep crimson, narrowing with hatred as she spoke to the night through her window, "Naruto… I'll take you with me, one way or another…" Tears streamed down her eyes as she remembered, "I… I made her a promise to protect the loser… Hinata… why… why did you give your life for mine…?"

She sobbed, but had to remain strong. She wiped her eyes and walked to her bed, trying to at least get some rest physically, emotionally it'd be a harder time.


And that's my rap! What? Wanted to make some heroic stuff and make something original for once… Naruto being in a world of heroes without a proper rival is getting old.

But now, a SERIOUS challenge: I want you guys to use the back-story here of how Naruto fought Satsuki and make a nice fic about a Naruto/Satsuki relationship. But now, RULES:

Rule 1, NO bashing unless it is Sakura or the major villains who of course are asshats.

Rule 2, you are allowed to make it a small harem, IF Hinata's in it, then make sure she gets a nice development into a badass character or if not then make her grow and develop better than Kishimoto did… I truly hate that bastard for not giving any female character a PROPER development… I mean, seriously, it's as if he hated them all.

Rule 3, Naruto has to put an attitude, be a bit bitter but NOT shove ANY emoness into others with brooding. He's got to be stylish about it and act like true badasses such as Dante Sparda who no matter how much pain he felt in DMC3 put up a grin on his face when slaying demons.

Rule 4, Satsuki has to show she CARES for him. Like when using an illusion on him and Kurama mutter angrily at the fox, "So this is why you suffered…" or doing stuff such as threaten to kill any of the Akatsuki who hurt her love.

Rule 5, if Satsuki were to join the Akatsuki, make it believable, such as Tobi saying he would give Naruto back his life after getting the Kyuubi from him and further give more lies to the girl about the Leaf being horrible to Naruto.

Rule 6, give me credit for this challenge so others can find out this idea and its rules.

Rule 7, you MUST give me a PM/review this fic about your fic so I can check it… what? I grew fond of this pairing since I am in a denial where this is HOW Naruto is truly done. Admit it people, Naruto, the show, would have made a LOT more sense and be FAR MORE tolerable had that dream I wrote been what happened in the Valley of The End.

Swordslinger out!