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Just a small bite of the things raging inside of Ichigo as he was slain, his Fullbringer powers being absorbed into the Cross of Scaffold. It was becoming more difficult to move his damaged and battered body as he watched Ginjo and Tsukishima walk away with both his powers and his friends. Unable to breathe, due to the blood clogging his throat, Ichigo knew he was going to die soon.

'I tried... I just wanted to protect everyone. I just... I...'

He stared into the distant night, gazing to the moon as it seemed so far away. He imagined Rukia standing on the telephone pole, staring down at at him, as if egging him to get up and continue the fight.

'I'm sorry... midget... but I really gave it my all.'

He looked across the clearing at the fallen form of Uryu, who was bleeding profusely from the wound on his back. It was becoming more difficult to make out Uryu's shape in the darkness.

'I'm sorry... Uryu... I wish I hadn't been so powerless. Maybe we would've... figured this thing out sooner.'

Ichigo continued to curse his powerlessness as his vision blurred. The last thing he saw before the blackness of the world overcame him was a flash of white... and then...


Three shadowed figures stepped out of a closing black tear in time and space, in front of the corpse that was once Ichigo Kurosaki. One of the females turned away at the sight of seeing her former friend so broken and destroyed.

'Seeing him like this again... I feel as if my Hollow hole is becoming emptier.'

The other female calmly walked to the body. Seeing him now was almost as equally difficult for this woman, considering this should have been the boy that defeated the man who struck her down without a second thought, "Is this the one? The boy who defeated Aizen?"

"Yep. Tch... Really, Kurosaki? I can't believe you're lying around, dying and shit. You look so pathetic on the ground, I almost fee-"

The speaker was cut off as a fist smashed his nose in. The first female finally moved to the body and crouched over, lightly caressing the fallen Kurosaki's face. She then closed his eyes and prayed silently, "Ichigo..."

As soon as she touched him, white foam began pouring out of his body, hardening itself and forming limbs. The soon-to-be Plus suddenly and violently shook, forming a more monstrous image. The male stepped back, surprised, "What the... Where's his Chain of Fate gone? How the hell did he just become a Hollow?" The male questioned in confusion.

The blonde female studied the new phenomena before revealing to the others what she deduced, "I believe... It might have been the remaining traces of his Hollow powers that sped up his transformation."

"But his Hollowfication died with his Final Getsuga Tensho, didn't it? That's what those Vandenreich assholes said."

"A Fullbringer's powers are formed from the basic Reiatsu foundation of a Hollow. I believe that even though his Fullbring is gone, the traces remain on him. Since there are no Soul Reaper powers to connect to..."

"...the Fullbringer traces latched to his spiritual body. So what? Is he like a Human-Hollow or Demi-Hollow or somethin'?" The male continued. He watched as Ichigo began forming a tail and claws.

"Most likely."

At that moment, a deathly scream radiated throughout Karakura, signaling the transformtion of a new Hollow. While the trio was watching as the Hollowfication process neared completion, a blue light suddenly flashed near the male's face, his quick reflexes enabling him to catch it before it hit it's target. He glared at it for a moment before crushing it in his bare hand. He turned and glared daggers at the Quincy who shot the arrow while drawing his sword.

"These Quincy are beginning to piss me off more than all the Soul Reapers! Go back to sleep if you know what's good for you!" The male dropped into a fighting stance. Across the clearing, a wounded figure stood with a glowing pale-blue light bow flashing in his hand.

"What... are you doing with Kurosaki's spiritual body?" The 'last' Quincy stared down the teal-blue haired man. The man then recognized the Quincy, meaning that he couldn't kill him.

'Tch... Damnit... sympathetic Kurosaki...'

Sheathing his blade, The man noted the brunette boy with the spectacles being one of Ichigo's friends. Seeing his all white uniform and that spirit bow, he was an inch close to ripping this asshole a new one.

"None o' ya business, Quincy! Leave, before I change my mind and show you why they call me the king!"

Uryu's eyes narrowed as he stared at the blue-haired man, dressed in his inverse Soul Reaper hakama and open jacket. He dully noted the jaw bone on the man's face, realizing he was an Arrancar. He made a quick notice of the other blue-green haired female and blonde, tan-skinned female. Praying to God that they weren't Espada (Szayel Aporro and Ulquiorra was enough Espada for his lifetime) he prepared to hit all three of them with Licht Regen before the blue-green haired female addressed him.

"Uryu? Hey! Long time, no see!" She dove at Uryu, tackling him with a hug. Uryu blushed at her breasts pressing against him before using Hirenkyaku and escaping. He moved in front of her with his bow aimed directly at her head.

"...Do I know you?" She didn't look like anybody Uryu knew. Though, it seemed the woman was wearing the same Arrancar robes as Orihime when Aizen kidnapped her, but he didn't remember any other female Arrancar wearing the same thing as Orihime. Nel blinked in confusion as she grabbed his face and looked directly into his eyes, "It's me, Nel! You remember me, don't you? Don't you!?" Uryu pushed her away before speaking.

"...The little Arrancar from Hueco Mundo? Wha-?"

"Fuck this! We don't have time! Kurosaki's about to... Wait... Kurosaki?"

The Hollowfication was already completed. Ichigo appeared from his fallen body as a giant, white lizard with long hair and a giant tail. Uryu nearly pissed his pants. Ichigo sat next to Halibel on his hind legs and was looking directly at Uryu. The look of pure hatred and terror held tightly upon Ichigo's face.

'This wasn't Ichigo's form on the rooftop of Las Noches! Is this his form when he first awakened that mask?'

Another thing that shocked Uryu was the fact that he wasn't raging uncontrollably. He was seemingly idle as if... he was waiting for his next move... or trying to recognize him.


"..." Ichigo growled low in his throat, which caused Uryu to tread backwards, aiming his bow at Ichigo.

'Damnit Ichigo... I can't cleanse you and send you to Soul Society. Don't attack me... Don't attack me. I don't want to do this...'

Before Uryu could comprehend the situation, a clawed foot promptly kicked him in the ass and knocked him towards the ground.

"...I...Id...Idiot..," Ichigo's strangled voice seeped through the hollow's own voice and a hacked, coughing sound wheezed from it's body...Wait... This...

This bastard was laughing at him!

"Wha... What the hell, Ichigo!? What was that for!?"


Again with the hacking. As Uryu rubbed his sore head from the blow, he realized that Ichigo had said his name.

"Wait! You remember me? I thought Hollows lose their memory of their human existence after the process?"

'Is it because of his Fullbringer Reiatsu? Is he... more human than the rest of the them?'

"I...Re...mem...ber...dumb...ass... U...ryu..." Uryu face palmed as he listened to Hollow Ichigo's mad cackling.

"Tch. Funny, Kurosaki. At least you haven't changed much. So what are you gonna do now?" Hollow Ichigo's face suddenly became solemn as he seemingly pondered on this new situation. What was he going to do? He reared back and sat on his tail, like a confused dog.

'So unlike Kurosaki. He's almost... sad.'

"Po...wer...," Ichigo growled out. "...Friends...gone..."

Uryu stood silent as he listen to his words.

'Well... If he stays here, a Soul Reaper could cleanse him, but it could take years to search for him in the Rukon District. Not to mention his family's off somewhere with Ginjo and Tsukishima.' Uryu looked at the other three Arrancar who stood by Ichigo. 'What do they need Ichigo for? Nel's with them, and that bastard with the jaw fragment seemingly knows Kurosaki. They're obviously not here for dinner and a movie.'

"What do you want with Kurosaki?" Uryu questioned.

Halibel stepped forward, answering him, "To give him the power of an Arrancar, so that he may help defeat our enemies that plague us in Hueco Mundo."

Uryu pondered upon this. He thought about taking Ichigo to Urahara to see what he could do, but realized that would do no good. And who knew how long it would take to make a Gigai for a Hollow. Aizen didn't seem to try it, so Uryu didn't even know if it was possible.

'It would be best for him to go to Hueco Mundo and become an Arrancar. He can lay low from the Soul Society while regaining back his powers.'

With this last thought, Uryu put his bow up, and began to walk off. Ichigo seemed taken back as he watched Uryu leave.

"U...ryu...?" Uryu paused in his steps and glanced back at Ichigo over his shoulder. Giving a tired sigh, he turned back towards Ichigo.

"I watched you die and become a Hollow... Ichigo. I stood by... while all of your friends and family turned on you. I have already failed you. I... I can't just erase your presence from the world as my ancestors would. These Arrancars are taking you back to Hueco Mundo. This is your last chance... To gain power and expand your potential. If you want the power to protect others, it would be best... if you go with them and become an Arrancar."

Uryu turned his head, as if this was an embarrassing situation for him. Ichigo was about to kick Uryu again for being emotional until Grimmjow interrupted.

"Finally, he's leavin'! This Quincy's been makin' me nervous! I thought those Almighty Nazi bastards were gonna show up!"

Uryu tossed one last glare at his shoulder at Grimmjow before dashing off.

'Don't fail now, Kurosaki. Just come back soon... so we can both save Chad and Orihime... and your family.'

Ichigo gave a last, longing gaze at Uryu before turning back to Halibel. Turning her attention back to him, she began to open a Garganta.

"Ichigo Kurosaki. You are the one who defeated Aizen... I, along with the remaining Espada here, require your assistance."

Grimmjow began grumbling about how he didn't ask for any help before Nel hit him.

"There's an invasion occurring in Hueco Mundo as we speak. I will explain the situation to you fully once we arrive at Las Noches. Quite honestly, you really don't have an option. Either you come with us willingly, or we drag you there by force."

"I'll buy you dinner if you pick the second option," was the two cents Grimmjow tossed in.

Ichigo looked Halibel in the eye before turning towards the moon. Seeing a Senkaimon open in the air, he watched haori and shihakusho ripple as familiar faces step out. A short brunette took her notice of him before descending at rapid speeds with a glowing, spiritual blade.

"Damnit, Ichigo! Make a decision now, you punk ass! I'm not dying to a bunch o' Soul Reapers!"

Ichigo ignored Grimmjow as he continued to gaze past the Soul Reapers at the moon.

Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate.

"I...will...help...you..." And with that being said, he turned away from the Soul Reapers.

"Ichigo! Ichigo, what's happened to you...? Ichigo, answer me!"

Ichigo turned his head over his shoulder and looked at Rukia. Looking back into the faces of Renji, Ikkaku, Toshiro, Byakuya, and Kenpachi, who had all drawn their blades in preparation, he slowly dragged himself to the Garganta. When Rukia attempted to grab at him, he slapped her hand away.

"Don't... follow...Never...for..give...you...," And left Rukia to fall to her knees as she watched Ichigo disappear into the darkness.

"...and he walked into the Garganta with the other Arrancars. Ichigo Kurosaki... is no longer of the living and no longer a Substitute Soul Reaper for the Seireitei."

And with that, Byakuya stood back in line between Captains Unohana and Kyoraku and gauged the Head Captain's reaction. However, instead of the outburst he was expecting, Yamamoto sighed and sunk into his chair, like a man of his age.

"So... what are we going to do about this, Old Man?" Shunsui inquired, hat cast over his eyes. The entire hall mentally prepared themselves, waiting on the order to hunt him down. Yamamoto closed his eyes and rested back in his seat, as if preparing to drop the ball on everybody. The words that were stated left the entire hall silent.

"Absolutely nothing."

You could hear a pen drop in the silent hall. Mayuri leaned over and picked up his fallen ear scythe before going back to his original position.

"Sorry... my ear fell off... Would you mind repeating that again?"

"For once, I'm agreeing with the clown. You want us to let the former Substitute Soul Reaper run free? Isn't that the reason we're in this mess with Ginjo!?" Sui Feng's temper was rising near explosion level. Yamamoto turned and stared Sui Feng down, causing her to lose the staring contest easily.

"Do not raise your tone with me, Captain Sui Feng."

And she never did again. So he began to explain.

"Ichigo Kurosaki was only a human. And as any human who fell into despair, he became a Hollow. When he lost his Soul Reaper powers, he lost the Soul Society's jurisdiction over him. We do not mindlessly hunt down Hollows, we cleanse them only if we are able..."

The hall continued to keep quiet, so Yamamoto pressed on, "...However... he is in this state because we dragged him into this world. And I never intended for a human to bear the weight of the Soul Society on his shoulders. This would bring us great shame if we hunt our former savior down like an animal for our mistakes. Whatever happens to Ichigo Kurosaki at this point... we will support him in his endeavors... as long as it does not cause harm to the Soul Society."

And then Yamamoto stood from his chair and walked out of the hall without saying a word. Everyone stood in awkward silence, staring all around the room, confused. Byakuya was the first to speak up, uncharacteristically.

"...What... the hell just happened...?"

"So first thing's first, we gotta get you up to speed with the rest of us. 'Cause you know, you're not a Menos, so... you suck and we're gonna ha-"

Ichigo deadpanned when he heard Grimmjow's reason. Before he could finish, he was dropkicked through a wall to the outside of the Las Noches desert circle.

"Shut up, Grimmjow! I'll take it from here!" Nel exclaimed as she held up a victory sign to Ichigo, who deadpanned again. "We need to get your power high enough to compensate your Arrancar transformation. So you're gonna have to the old fashioned way: A bunch of Hollows!" She laughed at the grimace on his monstrous visage.

"...or just one big Hollow with enough Reiatsu to be felt anywhere in Hueco Mundo."

Ichigo turned around, seeing Halibel appear behind him. In her hand, she was holding a small black box.

"This, Ichigo Kurosaki, is a Caja Negacion. It is an object Aizen created for the Espada to punish subordinates. However, in your case, we have sealed a being inside of this thing for you to consume.

Walking out of the entrance to Las Noches, Halibel motioned to Ichigo to followed her, along with Nel. They arrived at the desert circle, where Grimmjow was seemingly lying in the desert and tanning in the sun.

"The sun isn't real, dumbass! You can't tan here!"

"Shut the hell up, horse woman! I just didn't feel like getting up! Quit bitchin' at me!"

"Silence. Both of you."

Both of the Arrancars mimicked the motion of zipping their mouths shut. Halibel then tossed the box at one of the tower walls, breaking it open. After a giant explosion of Reiatsu, the thick smoke cleared, revealing a giant monster. Upon a closer look, Ichigo remembered who this was.

"That's..." He gazed upwards to the towering Espada.

"... the corpse of the former Decimo and Cero Espada, Yammy Llargo."

It was a somber sight, seeing the gigantic, angry monster fallen over, ready to be consumed. He noticed all of the scratches and burn marks all over his body.

'Damn. Kenpachi and Byakuya really did a number on this guy.'

"I was able to imprison him hours after you defeated Aizen. I was lucky to get him before the scavenger Hollows were able to pick him off, so he still has his overpowering Reiatsu." Then she became quiet.

Looking back to Halibel, she stared expectantly at him. Ichigo gave a low, depressed moan after realizing they wanted him to devour this gigantic corpse. He attempted to back away before Nel and Halibel blocked him.

"Ichigo, you have to do this. No running away, now."

"Ichigo Kurosaki, once you do this, you'll never have to do it again."

Growling underneath his breath, Grimmjow took it into his own hands to force Ichigo to eat the monster by pushing his face against one of Yammy's many legs.

"Do I have to spoon feed you!? Munch, you son of bitch, munch!"

In a frozen tundra far from Las Noches, thousands of Hollows and Arrancars alike were being led across the desolate wasteland chained together in single-file lines.

"Forward! March!"

"Move it! Don't slow down for moment!"

"Hey you! Get back in line!"

A bird-like Hollow was kicked into the dirt for falling out-of-place. A Quincy tormented him while another Hollow held out one of its legs to help the bird Hollow while being whipped as well, "Get your ass back in line!"

On the balcony of a frozen castle, a man, tall and thin, with flowing black hair and a tattered dark cloak, stood over watching the events. Behind him stood another thin man with lighter hair.

"How repulsive."

"My liege, do you wish me to calm the men down? They might be taking things a bit too far..."

"I meant the Hollows, Haschwald. This sense of weakness... Did our race really become stronger because of frail creatures such as these? It's almost unfathomable that such beings frightened our predecessors."

Juhabach turned his back on the scene just as a fox Hollow was having his masked ripped from him forcibly. Haschwald turned and walked with him back into the throne room.

"No... It was because of Soul Reapers that our race grew strong. Hollows were just the unwanted catalyst that became the casualties of our wars."

"...That... is an interesting viewpoint, Haschwald." Juhabach sat upon his throne as his right hand Stern Ritter marched on his carpets after him. Crossing his legs, he addressed Haschwald on his news. "What has happened to call for such attention?"

"One of the special war potentials- Ichigo Kurosaki- fell in battle. His attempt to gain back his powers ended in failure."

Juhabach, whom was idly twirling his hair in boredom, froze upon Haschwald's words. Slowly, a crooked grin appeared on his dark visage.

"Interesting... This changes everything. I do believe that calls for a celebration. Tell the rest of the Stern Ritter that they are welcome to celebrate with me in the Seireitei." Haschwald recoiled when he heard the words of his highness.

"But... only one war potential is down. What about the rest of them? You think we can-"

"...Are you questioning my judgment, Haschwald...?"

"No, my liege. I shall gather up the Stern Ritter. Anything else?"

"...When we return, we are searching Las Noches for anything Aizen left behind. Tell the Jagdarmee Executive Captains that they may begin their investigation at any time." As Juhabach rose, his Stern Ritter marched into his throne room, surprising him and causing him to raise an eyebrow at Haschwald.

"My, my. You work fast, Haschwald. Did you already know about my invasion plans?"

A nod and a smirk from his right hand man. A dark chuckle was all he received. After arriving at the Gates of the Sun, he stopped to address his fellow warriors.

"...Now follow me into the sun, my Stern Ritter. We march toward the end of ruin..."

Nearly a day later, Ichigo and Halibel stood in a lab deep within the basement of Las Noches. Ichigo absentmindedly scratched one of his newly acquired horns as he remembered seeing Mayuri with a cart of objects half a year ago. His 'spoils of war', he called it, probably came from here, as the area reminded him of a mad scientist lab.

'Wonder what he didn't take, considering whatever she's looking for is in here.'

Hearing the ruckus in the room, Ichigo looked over to see Halibel crouched over in a box, tossing out junk like a kid in a toy box. Dodging a weird slime monster, ("Watch where you're throwing that, damnit!") he noticed she finally pulled out a dusty box. Blowing the dust off ("How the hell can she do that with that high ass collar...?") she opened the box and revealed the object to Ichigo, who widened his eyes at what he saw. It looked like...

"The Hogyoku...?"

In Tia Halibel's hand was a black and white orb that flashed those two colors repeatedly. Ichigo stared into it, gazing upon his reflection. It was a weird feeling to him, seeing himself in its reflection. The last time he looked like this, he nearly obliterated Ulquiorra's body trying to protect Orihime. The horns... the bloody-red fur... the bloody hole on his body... the grinning mask... He vividly remembered his inner hollow showing it to him in the Dangai.

'I really didn't want to see this face again... and this thing, for that matter.'

"Where did you get the Hogyoku? Aizen was imprisoned with that in his chest!"

"I... created my own."

Ichigo's ferocious skull mouth opened in red-hot fury, "Why in the HELL would you do that!? Did you just, I don't know, ignore everything that Aizen was capable of with this thing!?"

Halibel waved Ichigo off as she tossed away it's casing, "It's an artificial Hogyoku. It can only create artificial Arrancars. It doesn't answer any desires nor does it offer any transcendental power."

Ichigo closed his mouth in silent fuming, curiosity winning over his anger.

"How did you make it? I doubt Urahara or Aizen gave you lessons."

"...The former Octava Espada Szayel Aporro made the blue prints. I finished the design and the creation," she stated matter-of-factually. "He discovered Aizen's plans and attempted to recreate a Hogyoku of his own, using Hollows as its energy source. Lucky for me, I didn't have to use any from Hueco Mundo, as Szayel Aporro had thousands of cloned Arrancars beneath this lab."

"So... what are we using this for?"

"Stupid boy. What do you think?" Halibel deadpanned. She continued on.

"We could have gone the route of a natural Arrancar, which entails cracking your mask. While you would have been powerful, you would have been only as powerful as a Sexta Espada."

"Isn't that Grimmjow's rank?"

"No... We do not have an official Espada system yet, so we have no idea of the rankings. However, if the Hogyoku does it's job right... you will be our new Primera. And you can figure that out for us." Ichigo's jaws dropped. That was... making him the leader!

"Me... the new Primera? Why... Why me?"

At this Halibel turned away from Ichigo and stared into the vacant darkness of the room. Ichigo would have asked if he was crying, but was afraid she would have killed him for daring to ask that.

"Because... I fought the Vandenreich Leader. He defeated me and imprisoned my Fraccion."

Lady Halibel! You have to leave! You're the strongest Arrancar in Hueco Mundo! You the only one who can fix this!

Run, Lady Halibel! Apacci! We have to call Ayon! Lady Halibel, get back!

Let's go! Quimera Parca!

You can't seriously believe this...'pet'... of yours can stop me?

"If I can't beat him... then no one else in Hueco Mundo has a chance. It was like fighting Aizen and having my reality shattered before me. But... you did what no other Arrancar, nor Soul Reaper, could do...You transcended into the realm of impossibility. A being like you, fearless and unwavering in the face of absolute uncertainty, is someone who creatures like us, born from fear and pain, look up to... You can help me save my Fraccion... You... are the hero that I believe could stop Juhabach."

All Ichigo could do was listen as she spoke.

Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate.

It was almost as if he could imagine Zangetsu's voice pierce him through his ear.

Do you hear their mourning? Their despair because of a man who listens to no voice. A man has no reason or rationalization.

He gripped his clawed hands tighter, nearly drawing blood.

Stop their world from drowning beneath the bloody rain. Don't let their world flood over like yours did... Ichigo.

Lost in his imagination, he almost didn't feel the explosion from above Las Noches.

"Are they attacking us here...!? Damnit! I thought we had more time!" Halibel panicked. She began to draw Tiburon from her sheathe to enter the battle before Ichigo grabbed her hand holding the Hogyoku. As she look into his eyes, Ichigo pointed the Hogyoku at his Hollow hole.

"Do it now, Espada Lady." Halibel glared at him.

"The name is not Espada. It's Tia Halibel."

"Grind! Pantera!"

A sky-blue shockwave rocked the dome of Las Noches, where Grimmjow was locked in combat with a Vandenreich soldier dressed in a military cap and a white pea coat over his shoulder, similar to Yamamoto. Underneath, he wore a simple stretch t-shirt over dress pants.

"Is this your Resurreccion, Espada? Very impressive. It has a lot of power, that shockwave, no?"

"Stop kissing ass. It's death time, motherfucker. Time to die!"

Grimmjow dashed behind the Quincy, attempting to strike at his head. The Quincy crouched before summoning his Spirit Weapon. A small knife twirled in his hand, with which he landed a slashing uppercut on Grimmjow. As liters of blood rose from his wound, Grimmjow was unceremoniously tossed into the sky, where he arched his claws in preparation for his second attack. Throwing his hands into the hair, ten blades of light formed above his head.

"Des Garron." He then clawed at the Quincy, attempting to end it all in one blow.

"You must be desperate. Your rifle's runnin' outta ammo, Arrancar."

"Shut up! I'm not afraid of you! I'm the king in this bitch! I'll show you!"

The Quincy pulled up his knife to block Des Garron. Grimmjow, shocked that his best technique didn't work, didn't expect the Quincy to dash through him and slice his entire right side from his shoulder to his kneecap. Grimmjow slowly collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely from his near-fatal wound as the Quincy stood behind him. The Quincy gazed upon the panther king's body before feeling an enormous explosion of Reiatsu from beneath the roof. Hearing a dark chuckle, he face the slowly rising Grimmjow. Panting heavily and coughing up blood, Grimmjow continued to laugh.

"What are you happy about?"

"Damn you... Kurosaki. Stealin'... my thunder. Alright... I guess... I can't hide it anymore... Was...saving it for punk ass... Kurosaki, but you... looked at me the wrong way." He crouched over, preparing for the maximum war cry. The Quincy was hooked on Grimmjow's words.

"Kurosaki!? Ichigo Kurosaki!? What the hell do you mean by-"

"Pantera... Segunda Etapa..."

The Quincy's eyes widened as a another shockwave rocked the roof of Las Noches, completely shattering the roof below them. As the Quincy flipped to land on his feet from hundreds of feet in the air, a sharp blue light destroyed his right arm.

"Sonuva... !" In an attempt to recover, he fired several spirit arrows from his knife tip into the smoke. Once it cleared, he attempted to understand his new-found phenomenon. In the clearing, a large, white armored panther stood in the clearing. Tufts of pale blue fur wrapped around his head, feet, and tail. On his head was a bone crown that had eye holes, with his lower jaw being Grimmjow's original skin color.

"Tch. Guess I gotta kill you first before I can even worry about you mentioning Ichigo Kurosaki. Does this second form of yours revert you to more of your original form?"

"Hell no! This Segunda Etapa... It grants me the power of a Vasto Lorde's Resurreccion! For an Arrancar such as myself, limited by my transformation to only an Adjuchas... this is the crown that grants me my next step in the evolutionary chain! Now, become my flesh and blood and march to the future! Bow your head and worship me as the king!"