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Name... Unico Escudar ...

Age... Sixteen... as of Three-Thousand and Three.

Hair Color... Red... Fuck you, I'm not a ginger... I'm tired of people giving me shit about my hair... And my Abuelo's hair is weirder...!

Eye Color... Brown...

Occupation... Well I work with my Abuelo in his store, but I'm a High School student... Sophomore...

Special Skills... Well... I can see spirits... and not just on Dia de Muertos... But real spirits that talk to me... My parents think I'm insane... but Abuelo understands me better, so I'd rather hang with him.

As soon as Unico opened the door to his Abuelo's store, he instantly took a fist to gut.

"Get here on time, little bitch!"

Well... sometimes... But even this can be pretty fun sometimes...

"Fuck you, old man! I'm here five minutes early!"

The older man, whose lower right jaw was covered in bandages, turned towards the clock, then fell back laughing heartily, "Hahaha! You're right!" The man then turned back and punched Unico in the stomach again, "Then get to work, bitch!"

The older man was knocked away by his grandson's foot in his back, revealing the light-blue hair of his Abuelo. The old man rolled to his feet, swiping at the boy with a roundhouse kick. The boy blocked, coming at him with his own kick.

"You're goin' down, Abuelo Jaquez!"

"Hell no!"

"...Uhmm... Can we... can we have some help?"

Both of the fighting males stopped when they heard the voice of a female. They twisted their heads, noticing the female at the front of the store, surrounded by other customers with their camera phones, "...Hey! Put that shit up! I don't wanna be on Gootube!"

"...Abuelo, it's still Youtube... Google hasn't bought it out yet..."

"Damn you, brat! Don't talk to Daddy Jaquez like that!"

A distance away, A female, dressed in a white Shihakusho, stood on a pole as she stared into the moon.

"...It's nearby..."

She then hopped away, towards the spike of Reiatsu.


The store had closed up, so Jaquez and Unico had sat on the stairway outside the store, staring up into the sky.


"...I've been seeing... some different spirits..."

"...Okay? What do you want me to do about it?"

Unico turned his grandfather angrily as the old man lit up a cigarette, "I've been seeing people with white masks, jackass!"

Unexpectedly, Jaquez dropped his cigarette in shock, his head twisting as he grabbed Unico on his shoulder, "What!? You... Bullshit!"

"Not Bullshit! I see 'em everyday outside my house! I walk by them cause they don't usually do anything, but I've been seeing them a lot now."

Jaquez blanched as he hopped to his feet, picking up Unico as he did, "We better hurry the fuck up and get back to your parents! Shit, how did I not see this earlier!?"


"Ah, damnit! Kurosaki! You said that you took care of them!"

"Who the hell is Kurosaki!?"


"Mother! Father!"

Unico rushed inside his burning, worry and panic on his face. Jaquez watched in silent anger, flexing his fingers. He gazed up into the air, fighting back his as he watched a white flash head towards the home. Scratching at the air, he created a black tear in the space and jumped in. Back in the house, Unico held his hand over his nose as he ran through the house, screaming, "Rosalina! Are you here!? Someone, answer me!"

"They won't."

The teenager turned around, frightened as a man, dressed in a black robes, almost like a priest. His white mask was also frightening, as a smiling, joker-like expression was etched onto it.

"...Who... Who are you!?"

The man sat still for a moment, before reaching in his robes and drawing a small piece of wire. He held it up, pointed towards Unico before simply stating, "Ride the Lightning..."

The wire extended, becoming a lightning rod. The sparks pouring off it glowed ominously on the man's masks, and his next words sent chills down Unico's back.

"...I... shall be your Xcution..."

"Cero Oscuras!"

The man was thrown off of his feet suddenly as a black beam of Reiatsu crashed into him, throwing him against a wall. Unico's eyes widened as a black-haired woman, dressed in white, hopped down in front of him, her blade held at the ready. The man dusted off his shoulders as he laughed silently, "...Are the Trascender already here? I thought Jaegerjaquez was the only confirmed one in the area."

"Jager Jaquez!? My Abuelo?"

Both the woman in front of him and the man turned towards him as spoke, causing him to cover his mouth.

"So the parent's were lying... which I already knew of course... Now I can't let you leave here alive, boy."

"Shut your trap, idiot! Don't make this worse for you!"

"Big brother..."

All three turned as a young girl, with red hair and dressed in a white and blue summer dress, crawled out. Attached to her was a chain, which was biting into her chest at a rapid rate.

"Brother...? You're back..."

"Shit! Rosalina!"

"Ride the Lightning!"

Before Unico knew what was going on, his feet moved of their own accord, and jumped directly in front of the incoming strike. He heard his little sister cry, and the scream of the woman, before he lost consciousness.

"He's back."

A black haired female, dressed in a white dress shirt with a matching pencil skirt, stared into the darkness where her Master resided. She brushed her bangs from the front of her aged face, slightly revealing the bony plate covering her eye. She sighed as she felt the presence of the man behind her, "Stop trying to be cool... You're too old for that, idiot."

"Damn you, Loly. Whatever... Let's go. It's been centuries, hasn't it?"

Loly turned around as the elderly man, dressed in all white, with a white coat thrown over his shoulders, walked away. His decaying, blonde-like hair was tied in a knot, leading to wavy hair on his back. His bangs covered his face, but Loly knew that the old man was excited. He held his hand out, summoning a white cane as he hobbled off.

"...Yes... Yes it has..."

"Where the hell is Kurosaki!?"

"Sir, calm down! We've went to get-"

'Jaquez' stormed through the palace, charging and breaking doors as he searched for his target. He threw the multiple women holding on to him away before he finally heard the tap of a cane behind him.

"...Damnit, Grimmjow... If it isn't one thing, it's another... Didn't you enjoy your vacation?"

'Jaquez's' body snapped back around, glaring at the smug, elderly face of one Ichigo Kurosaki, "Don't bullshit me, Kurosaki! What happened to 'keeping the Hollows in check!?'"

The old man stopped, suddenly standing up straighter and towering higher than Grimmjow by a feet. Ichigo opened his mouth and prepared to scream until Loly suddenly tapped him on his shoulder, "Ichigo, you're doing it again."

"Doin' what!?"

Loly smacked Ichigo in the ear before screaming in it, "Your hearing aids working? You're scaring the kids!"

Ichigo turned, noticing that many of the young Arrancar in the area fell to the ground, as if they were suffocating. The leaders of the group of children held them closer, as if protecting them from Ichigo's spiritual pressure.

"Man the fuck up!"

"Ichigo! They're barely school age! Stop that!"

Ichigo pulled away from her hand and grumbled under his breath, pointing to Grimmjow with his cane, "Come back to the meeting room with me... I'll have to inform you about the situation, seeing as you haven't been paying any attention..."

The first thing Unico saw when he had awoken was beautiful woman, dressed in an all white robe. She had green hair, a red stripe on her nose... and a skull on her head.

"What the fuck?"

The woman raised an eyebrow as she looked at the teenager, noting the similarities between he and his grandfather, and sighed, "You sound just like him..."

"Like who?"

"...Just like you're grandfather, Grimmjow..."

Unico stared at her for a couple of seconds, before shaking his head, "No, my Abuelo is named Jaquez... Jaeger Jaquez."

The woman did the same to him, raising an eyebrow as she did so, "...Yeah... as in, 'Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez...'"

The boy rolled his eyes as he hopped out of the bed, "Yeah, sure... whatever. Like you know anything about my Abuelo."

The woman blinked, "...I do know your 'Abuelo'... I've known him for over a thousand years now..."

Unico stopped as he reached the door, turning back to the odd nurse with apprehension on his face, "...Bitch, come again?"

"...Do you... not know what you are...?"

"No, he doesn't... It was an emergency situation, so I had to take drastic measures..."

Both of them turned to the door as a girl appeared there, causing Unico to point dramatically, "You! You were the girl that jumped down in front of me!"

"No shit, Sherlock. Anyway, he turned into a Hollow and attacked me... I had to break his mask, so I didn't have to fight the F.B. and this idiot."

Unico growled and moved to grab her, "What the hell do you mean!? Speak sense, bitch!"


The girl grabbed Unico's hand, throwing him back onto the bed as she turned to the nurse, "Yes, Lady Neliel... 'Xcution' was there."

"...Wait, are you talking about the terrorist cell, Xcution?"

Both of the Arrancar's turned to the boy, as he sat up and rubbed his head, "That's a hacker group... they keep hacking YourWorld, trying to tell us about... Hollows or something... So that masked fucker was one of them?"

The girl walked up to him as she grabbed him by his hair, eyeing him, "Look, you don't know anything-"

"I know he killed my family! And mi hermana," He stated, but stopped when he realized something, "Wait, what the hell happened to my sister!? Where is sh-?"

"She's in the Soul Society. The Soul Reaper that appeared was able to save her before she surrendered to Hollowfication as well."

"...What!? Bitch, I don't understand you!"

The girl narrowed her eyes as she punched him in the face, "The name is Adalia! Call me bitch one more time and I will kill you!"

"Gagh! You broke my ja-"

He stopped as he rubbed his right cheek, but did not feel a cheek. Instead, a large, bone-made jaw was attached to it. Panicking, he jumped up and ran to the mirror in the far right corner, immediately screaming when he saw the canine-like jaw on his face, a slight crack in the middle, "What the fuck!? Bitch, what did you do to me!?"

"I told you. You died, turning into a Hollow and attacking me... You killed the Soul Reaper and I had to break your mask to keep from fighting you and the Xcution member."

Unico stared back at the mirror and the girls multiple times, until he screamed and passed back out. Nel shook her head as she reprimanded Adalia, "Couldn't you have been nicer about it?"


"Wait, so those fuckers weren't Hollows?"

"No. The Fullbringers... or Xcution specifically, are attempting to expose the world to the Hollows... The Soul Reapers are doing their best to wipe their memories, but that little cult's growing stronger and stronger everyday. Soon, the world will be aware of the afterlife, and the balance we worked so hard to obtain will collapse..."

Grimmjow nodded as he walked alongside Ichigo. He looked down and finally decided to ask about, "Why the hell are you aging faster than the rest of us? We're older than you by centuries."

Ichigo smiled grimly as he answered, "I'm more human than the rest of you... or did you forget?"

Grimmjow grunted as he pushed open the door, holding it open for Ichigo. The old man glared at Grimmjow, smacking him in the ankle with his cane, "I'm old, but I'm not helpless, damnit."

"That hurt, you wrinkled son of a bi-!"


The teal-haired Arrancar turned his head when his named was called. He walked into the meeting room, where the Espada sat in their seats, eyeing him as he entered.

"It's been a while. I thought you was enjoying your vacation?"

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at the dark-skinned blonde at the end of the table, closest to Ichigo's seat. Her collar was opened, revealing a curved jawline, marred by bone fragments and scars, symbolizing the many battles she fought. Her short jacket stopped directly under her breast, though a coattail-like cape was tossed unceremoniously over her chair under her jacket. He fully recognized and called out, "Halibel?"

"...At least your memory hasn't faded... 'fraid to say the same for Ichigo."

The man in question grumbled as he sat in his seat at the head of the table, aided by Loly, "...I get it... I'm old! Stop annoying me! Loly, let go! I can sit in my own chair!"

"Geez, grumpy..."

"...The former Cuatro... what an honor."

Grimmjow eyed the rest of the room, realizing that Halibel, Ichigo, and Loly were the only people that he recognized. The man addressing him had dark colored hair, fading over his eyes, which were dark green.

"...Ulquiorra? What the fuck?"

The man narrowed his eyes, "Pardon? That is not my name."

The man look very similar to Ulquiorra, disregarding the lack of helmet piece. His fragment appeared to take the form of a choker, which covered his Hollow hole slightly. Ichigo chuckled lightly, "Said the same thing... Ulquiorra's in Soul Society, though... Latigo Cifer and he were brothers... at least, his human reincarnation was... The Soul Reapers got one, and I took the other upon their deathbeds..."

"...Old man, I do not have a brother."

Before Ichigo could raise hell, the door opened, revealing Nel and a dark-haired girl, who looked like Ulqui- 'Latigo'. Nel, excited, jumped and ran to hug Grimmjow, who held her away at arm's length, "...Hey, Grimmjow! It's been a while! You remember me!?"

"Yes, I remember you, broad. Don't touch me..."

"...So this is what you really are, Abuelo."

Grimmjow froze up as he slowly turned his head, "Unico!? Shit, did that Xcution guy-"

"...Yeah... and my family..."

Grimmjow growled and turned to Adalia, who was shocked when he moved forward and gripped her by her collar, "I saw you arrive at the house... I thought you would have done your goddamn job and save them! You useless little-"

"I'm going to have to ask you to drop my sister."

Grimmjow turned around and bared his fangs as he glared at Latigo, who stood behind him with his Zanpakuto to his neck, "Put that sword away, 'fore I rip you a new asshole!"

"Put my sister down."

He flexed his fingers, squeezing tighter on Adalia's neck before dropping her due to a large wave of Reiatsu, causing everyone to freeze up and sweat at the same time, "No fighting in the war room, infants."

Everyone in the room quieted down as Ichigo stood and walked past the fighting Espada, towards the youngest in the one, squinting as he moved closer to inspect the boy

"...Get outta my space, old man!"

Everyone in the room tensed as the temperature dropped a few degrees. However, instead of raging out, Ichigo cocked his head back and began laughing, "Man, this little brat's just like you, Grimmjow!"

"What can I say? I'm that good..."

"...That wasn't a compliment, Grimmjow. Kid, I like you. Come with me."

Unico hopped back from Ichigo as he began walking forward, "And no candy, you old creep? You're the worst pedobear ever!"

Ichigo turned around, glaring at both the child and Grimmjow, who rolled around on the ground holding his sides, as he sighed, "...Both of you ignorant toddlers, come on... And Latigo, don't mind me if I borrow your sister as well."

"So who the hell are you, anyway?"

Ichigo hobbled along side Grimmjow and Unico as he led them out of the palace. He turned over his shoulder and replied, "Ichigo... Ichigo Kurosaki."

"...What are you, Japanese?"

"Used to be... back when I was fully human, that is... Then I died and became a Hollow."

Unico inwardly flinched as he heard 'that' word again, "So... Hollows... they exist...? Xcution wasn't bullshitting?"

Grimmjow shrugged as he answered, "Nope... Just like me... and now you too, kiddo..."

"...What exactly is a Hollow? They said they're supposed to be monsters, but you all look human to me..."

Ichigo answered for him as he led them towards a small building, where many Hollows were training, "A Hollow, as it's namesake, is a monster formed from hollowed, dark emotions. When a Chain of Fate completely erodes, it eats into your heart, forming a hole. That thing becomes a monster."

Unico thought back, as he remembered the chain on Rosalina, "So why do we look human?"

"There are special Hollows, who have broken their masks to gain the power rivaling that of a Soul Reaper. The fragment on your face is the cracked masked remnants. Soul Reapers are spirits in Soul Society that appear human, so we copy that form."

"...Soul Society?"

Adalia was the one to answer as she moved next to him, "Where your sister is located. I told you that the Soul Reaper came and performed Konso on her before she changed."

"...So she's safe?"

"As safe as she can be."

Unico sighed with relief, though he still had grim look on his face, "Well... I guess I'll thank that bastard the next time I see him..."

Adalia stopped suddenly, blinking as she stared at Unico, "You do know you killed him, right?"



"It's the end. Goodbye, monste-"

"Hado Number Four! Byakurai!"

For the second time that day, the Xcution member was blasted into the wall. Adalia turned as she saw the Soul Reaper that interrupted her fight. He stood in the back of the room, holding the little girl under the corpse Unico as he tapped her head with his Zanpakuto. He stood and walked over to her, sheathing his blade back.

"...You know, you're kinda cute... for an Arrancar, that is..."

Adalia deadpanned as her face twitched, "...What?"

"You looked like you needed some help... and I spent the last weeks hunting this man down... He and all of his little buddies kidnapped some Soul Reapers... He's mine."

Neither one of them heard the slight moans of the corpse as white foam descended upon it's face. As they argued over the right to kill the Xcution terrorist, the corpse stood up on all fours, howling as its hunger hit it full force. Both Soul Reaper and Arrancar, shocked, twisted their necks as the body dashed towards both of them, it's canine-like claws poised for a strike. Before the Soul Reaper could react, the Hollow's claws dug deep into his neck, knocking him to the ground. He held a grip on the Hollow's arm, attempting to push him away. The Hollowfied Unico jabbed all of it's claws in his neck as it finally reared it's head back and lunged as his face. The man screamed as he continued to fight back, "Nooo!"

Adalia had no time to comprehend what happened, as the events commenced in a matter of seconds. As her mind caught up to current events, she puked as the room was coated in gore and blood.

"Ride the Lightning!"

The Hollow began glowing, causing the lightning to rebound away, creating sparks as it crashed into a wall. The roar emerging from it's light caused Adalia to rise up as she rushed at him. That roar meant he was evolving, and was doing it quickly.

'Shit, that Soul Reaper must have been powerful! No Hollow should transform that fast!'

She raised her blade up high, bringing it down upon the light as it cleared.

"You killed him. Afterwards, I broke your mask and turned you to an Arrancar before you evolved, in order to prevent myself from fighting the 'Xcutioner' and a Menos."

Unico blinked as the other Arrancar's stopped to wait for his reaction, "...What?"

"You're not gonna break down... or anything? Feel bad for yourself?"

"...Uhm... No... I mean, I thank him for saving my sister, but he was the dumbass that let me catch him... It's not my fault that I did what Hollows are supposed to do."

"Hell yeah! Don't feel bad for other people's pain!"

Grimmjow held his hand out for a high five, which Unico simply stared at him. Adalia blanched, "You people are horrible!"

"...Quiet, bitch. No one asked you."

Before Adalia could rage, Ichigo interrupted,"...However, her story is the only reason we're here."

Ichigo led them through the rooms until he came into a room, where a small manhole in the center was the room's only occupant, "Go in."

"...What? We're going in the sewers?"

"Holy Hell! Who would've thought that such a space would be underground!?"

"...Alright, I'm shocked... there's no point in exaggerating things..."

Unico watched as Ichigo walked forward, after his dramatic exclamation, and stood as his robes flowed in the false wind. The area was a large, deserted area, with a glowing red moon in the sky. He turned around and stared directly at Unico, "As I was saying earlier... I'm here to see for myself... Whether you deserve to be here..."

"...Deserve to be here? What?"

"You are a Hollow... you now fall under my jurisdiction... You are a Menos... not even a Gillian, or an Adjuchas... Nowhere near Vasto Lordes..."

Unico raised his eyebrow as Ichigo held up his cane. The wood around it disentegrated, revealing a black sheathe. The hilt was black, with a white circle on the bottom and a larger one as the hilt. A small chain was connected to the end of the hilt.

"...Cool magic trick, bro..."

"...and yet, you killed a third seat, according to the message Unohana sent me... You are also the son of two Fullbringers, with an Arrancar for a grandfather.


Ichigo's squinted eyes slightly opened, and Unico felt a slight shiver ride along his back, "Xcution... Humans with the abilities of Hollows... That is why you changed into a Hollow so quickly... and that is why you evolved so soon after consuming a third seat..."

"...And that means...?"

Ichigo's visage darkened as he smirked slightly, "The last Hollow... to have ever done that... was me..."

Unico fell back on his butt as Ichigo suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Adalia, where is his Zanpakuto...?"

"Hang on! Are you gonna kick the shit out of my grandson while I'm standing here!?"

Ichigo turned towards Grimmjow at his exclamation, "Yes."

"Alright, whatever. Just don't kill him... He's all I got."

"Hey wait! Don't I get a say in all of this!?"

A sudden pain in his forehead knocked him on his back, "Ow! That hurts, damnit!"

"Pick your sword up. Get up and fight me... All you have to do... is draw blood."

"...What happened...?"

"...That kid! And that Arrancar bitch that showed up! And that Soul Reaper! T-"

A sudden explosion of blood silenced the entire room. In a small, lounge-like area, a man with wavy white hair swung his cross necklace on his finger. The others in the room didn't flinch at the brutal murder, except one man, with long black hair dressed in a white dress shirt and black suspenders. His long, ankle-length coat hung over the sofa he sat on.

"...Really, Ginjo? The man was getting to the explanation..."

Kugo Ginjo rolled his eyes as he retorted, "Tsukishima... I already know what happened... that child became a Hollow... The next 'Child of Prophecy'... I don't give a fuck about that man's useless ass rambling."

"...You sure about that?"

"...That Espada married Sara Yasutora... The moment the Arrancar and the Fullbringer bred, both I and Kurosaki realized that the family line was worth something... That bastard just went got one before I could kill them..."

A woman with blonde hair sat at the bar, where a one-eyed man was cleaning her glass. She swiveled in her chair as she held up a new bottle, "So... what now? You goin' to get him back?"

"...Exactly... Giriko, go get 'Gigas'"

"...Yes, sir."

"Grimmjow must have taught you some knowledge about the sword..."

Ichigo weaved through the teen's large and open swings. He repelled the blade with his arm, countering the boy and nicking his cheek. The boy fell back frightened, but attempted to recover and swing his oversized Zanpakuto. Unico growled and came down with an overhead swing, "Be still and let me hit you!"


Unico slammed his blade down upon Ichigo's chest, and almost cheered at finally landing a hit. However, his fingers felt as he tried to chop a brick with his hands. He almost cried when he saw his hands bleeding, and whined pitifully when he stared at Ichigo, who stood unphased.

"...Do you know why I can easily throw your strikes away?"


"...Because there is nothing but fear reflected in your blade. When you dodge, you're afraid of dying... When you attack, you don't put full force behind your swings... The slightest annoyances set you off, and your emotions throw your game off. You fight with everything you're not supposed to..."

Ichigo grabbed Unico and throw him over his shoulder, knocking him to the ground as he pointed his blade to his throat.

"You better change that attitude, idiot. You dodge with the confidence that you won't get hit. When someone hits you at your weakest points, you shrug it off and keep fighting. You swing with absolute authority, knowing that the enemy will understand your killing intention."

Ichigo twisted his blade, pointing at an angle to pierce Unico's throat.

"Can you not feel my resolve? Do you understand... That you will die?"

Ichigo, thrusting with full force, easily stabbed the boy through his neck. On the side, Adalia's eyes widened, and she screamed out, "Master, no! You're being too rough! Stop it!"

She took a step forward as she attempted to break off into a run, but Grimmjow held her back as he deadpanned, "My son's not a little bitch, missy. He's fine.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow as the boy growled furiously, his eyes widened as he glared at Ichigo.

'That was a powerful thrust... That boy grasped the concept of Hierro that quickly?'

Unico suddenly heard a voice inside of his head, speaking a set of words to him, almost like a command.

Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any minute is the key.

Unico whispered from his lips, and Ichigo struggled to hear.


Hollows are creatures born from fear. Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward, and don't stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate.

"Break the Chain..."

Ichigo's eyes widened as a sudden explosion detonated directly in front of him. Adalia covered her face from the flying debris, and Grimmjow smirked.

"...There we go, kid. Don't falter in your steps now..."

As the dust cleared, Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt the numbed pain on his head. Like a red tear, the blood dripped down from his forehead.


A small distance away, a hunched over figure stood in the clearing smoke. The teenager had a black, spandex material covering the front of his body, with bony pads on his knees and elbows. A canine fur pelt covered the back of his body, from his head to his toes, like a tribal or an ancient neanderthal. He held a broken chain on his wrist, with blood on the area that struck Ichigo. The wound on his neck healed itself.

"...Zorro Artico..."

Ichigo watched as the kid glanced up at him, smirking under his fox hood, "How do ya like them apples, old man!? Don't underestimate Unico Escudar!"

Ichigo glanced down at his broken Zanpakuto, and shook his head, smiling.

'Unico Escudar, huh...? The 'Only One Who Shields'... Fate can be pretty funny sometimes...'

Ichigo held his blade up, watching it regenerate itself, "Way to exceed expectations, kid."

However, they were interrupted as a gigantic hole suddenly appeared throw the red moon, and a body crashed into the ground.

"What is the meaning of this!?"

The body struggled to crawl towards Ichigo, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He opened his eyes and grabbed Ichigo's hakama, struggling to sound out, "...X...x..."



Ichigo's expression darkened and he narrowed his eyes. Turning around, he threw his coat behind him, wearing a white outfit similar to a Soul Reaper.

"Shit, those motherfucker are here!?"

"...You coming, Grimmjow?"

Grimmjow flexed his arm as his skin suddenly began shedding, causing Unico and Adalia to recoil away in disgust. The skin melted completely off, revealing the classic Grimmjow, with his open jacket and hakama. Unico stared in awe as the jacket flowed with the wind, revealing the tattoo of the number six.

"...You really have to ask that, Kurosaki...?"

"Hey, don't le-"

Grimmjow turned around and punched Unico in the gut, rendering him back to his natural state, "Oi, little bitches! Stay here while we end this!"

"But, Master Ichi..."

Ichigo flared his pressure, silencing the young Arrancars as he and Grimmjow dashed away towards the hole, leaving them behind.

"Such a pity... I was looking for Kurosaki..."

Loly struggled to kick Ginjo away from her as he gripped her throat tightly. He soon felt the flare of his adversary's Reiatsu and smiled as he turned around, unsurprised as Ichigo appeared behind him.

"...So how many Soul Reapers did you drain to keep yourself alive, Kugo Ginjo...? How many did you waste, only to die by my hand?"

Ginjo smirked as he threw Loly away from the wall, "...Still the same as ever... except more wrinkles, Kurosaki..."


"What's wrong...?"

Unico growled as he kicked the sand of the dark desert in frustration, "This is boring! Your old man forced me to learn this power, only to abandon me here!? Fuck that, I need to-!"

"...Stop getting ahead of yourself... You'll be useless on the battlefield, which is why he told you to stay."

"He told you to stay too, bitch! Are you useless?"

Adalia glared as she turned away from, lightly mumbling under her breath, "No..."

"Exactly! More soldiers, more ass-kicking! Stop bullshitting, and let's go!"

He moved to head up the ladder as Adalia reached out to grab his shoulder and stop him. However, he himself fell out as he felt freezing cold, and his fingers numbed up. Adalia felt her lips freeze, turning a frosty blue.

"...What... the fuck was that...?"

"...The Primera Espada... Master Ichigo... he just used his Segunda Etapa..."

Halibel glared as her water froze up, killing many of the Fullbringers in her path. She huffed and fell back on an recently created ice block.

"Way to interrupt my battle, Ichigo... You better hurry up, otherwise we'll all die of frostbite."

Ginjo, clad in his Bankai, growled angrily at Ichigo, who stood unperturbed in his Segunda Etapa.

"...This is absolutely pathetic, Ginjo. Even more so than last time. I'm starting to doubt if you're really Kugo Ginjo."

"Shut up, Kurosaki!"

"...I can't believe I died to you. I hate myself for that."

Ginjo screamed and dashed at Ichigo, swinging his 'Cross of Scaffold' at Ichigo. The old man held his arm up and blocked it, with enough force to shatter the blade completely. Ginjo frightenly retreated away before Ichigo appeared in front of him, holding his fur collar.

"Trying to maintain a distance to keep up with my movements? How absolutely useless. That only works in a battle between rivals. You are not my equal, Ginjo. And neither are you, Tsukishima."

Turning around, Ichigo grabbed Tsukishima's face, slamming him into the ground before he could hit him with the 'Book of the End'.


"I am so disappointed. You both fail."

Tsukishima finally hopped away, landing next to Ginjo.

"...Boy, the elderly sure are tough..."

Ichigo said nothing in retort, only taking a step forward. He slowly eased his way towards the two Fullbringers, his Zanpakuto held at his side.

"...I guess three's the charm, huh?"

"...A third man will not help you. For he who disrupts this world's iron harmony, only a punishment of blood can be delivered."

Tsukishima smiled as he stood up, holding a pose as if he was shrugging, "Well... that's not very nice... What do you think, buddy?"

"El Directo!"

Ichigo's eyes widened as a large blast, close to the size of his Getsuga Tensho, smashed into him knocking him towards a red tower, which fell over. The large figure landed behind them. It was covered in twilight armor, being half-black and half white, with blue and green streaks moving through it.

"Well, Gigas... I think three on one's fair. Kurosaki? Any objections...?"

The elder Kurosaki, with most of his robe torn and revealing his muscular abs and chest, stood panting slightly.

'...That... what the hell... Chad?'

"How low... have you really inflicted Chad to try and stop me?"

"...No. Chad's long dead... however, his Fullrbing is still useful... Along with the Soul Reapers... the Hollows... the Quincy..."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes as he instantly realized, "...You're so petty, Ginjo. Since you realized that you were never the 'Chosen', you created this... 'Gigas'... to emulate the mixture of races... I'll eliminate you and save the remains of Chad."

"...Who the hell are you?"

"Hey there, kiddo! You lookin' mighty interestin'... Ain't you that... uhmmm... Unico Escudar?"

Unico raised his eyebrow as the blonde woman, dressed in the getup of a cowgirl, appeared in front of him. She had large acoustic guitar on her back. He dropped into a stance as she said his name.

"I don't know how you know my name, but I could care less."

"...My boss is purty interested in you. I gotta take you back... dead or alive."

Unico unsheathed his blade from his shoulders, narrowing his eyes as the woman pulled her guitar over her head. She smirked and began to play, "...The name's Lady Antebella, but you can call me Bella. Now, it's time to 'Own the Night'!"

"But it's daytime..."

Then, the world around him went dark.

"Shit. Damnit, fight me, bitch!"

"Such a foul mouth..."

He felt a large boot kick him in the back, knocking him to the ground. He rolled to his feet as he turned around, looking for the woman.

"...You can't see nothin, sweetums... It's over."

Suddenly, they both tensed up, as they suddenly felt a large pressure lift from their shoulders.

"...What the hell was that?"

"...I guess... even the mightiest fall sometimes..."

Unico felt it. And he almost couldn't believe it.

"Did the old man...?"


Grimmjow froze as Nel began stuttering. He turned towards the site of the large explosion, and felt Ichigo's Reiatsu depleting at a rapid rate.

"Goddamnit, Kurosaki!"

He suddenly felt something else, and narrowed his eyes as another explosion went off.


Halibel jumped up as she felt it, and her skin grew cold. She resheathe her blade and took off towards Ichigo's location, fear enhancing every step she took.

"...I ain't got the time to deal with you. Move."

"What's wrong? My show ain't over!"

"If that's the case... if I can't see you, then I'll find you another way! Break the Chains! Zorro Artico!"

The large explosion blinded the woman, who attempted to sneak behind him and stab him. She suddenly felt a chain wrap around her neck, and instantly began clawing at it.

"Gotcha, bitch."

Hey... Big brother...


...Ever since you saved us from Kanonji, you've been all over us... you know you can't protect us forever...

Don't say crap like that Karin...! You know your big brother's always gonna be here...

No, you won't, Ichigo... You fight... and fight... You're always fighting... You're luck is gonna run out, eventually...

So pessimistic, Karin, you wound your brother's soul!

Stop acting like dad! Now I know you're trying to change to change the subject!


...I'm not gonna say anything stupid, like that I'll always be here...

...You di-

...Quiet. I'm not gonna always be around... I can't say that I'll protect you or Yuzu... or anyone forever... But I'll do it for as long as I can... And then I'll hand the torch to someone else... To your husband, or Yuzu's husband, or anyone else... But for now, don't think about what could happen later... Live in the moment, and forget about the future... If you think too far ahead, the present will run right past you... Don't leave the present behind, Karin...

The false sun felt unfamiliar to Ichigo as he stared forward at the 'Gigas'... no, Chad. The white, cold hand piercing through his heart was Chad... not some false prophet...

'It's over, Chad.'

Ichigo stood stock still, his eyes downcast to the ground. He couldn't feel anything below his chest. He struggled to pull his blade out of his former friend, finally succeeding. The giant slowly fell to the ground. He gripped his chest tightly, struggling to breathe as he glared at the fallen figure.




He mentally counted down the moment when his life would end. Making one last glare at the treacherous grins displayed on the Fullbringers' faces, he fell to the ground, next to the fallen Gigas.

"'Number One Guardian', huh...?"

Ichigo ignored his taunts. Ignoring everything he said caused him to feel better.

"What a sad sight... It almost makes me sad... seeing you die like this, old man... Tsukishima... Let's go."

But something far off made him feel better... Even though he felt like a failure, he didn't mind it much.


Yes... It gave Ichigo hope... not for himself... but for the future. He reached his hand out... to hold Ginjo for a few seconds. He knew it would end... in but a few seconds. Ginjo smirked and walked out of his grasp, as he did a thousand years ago.

"You failed, Kurosaki."

'I already know that...'

"You aren't the grand savior you thought yourself to be, now are you?"

'Enjoy your hollow victory... Ginjo... but I can feel it. Your greatest enemy... is not me.'

"Tsukishima, let's hurry before the 'Privaron Espada' arrive... I don't feel like dealing with them."

I can let myself go now... and entrust the weight of the world to you...

"Tell the others to find that boy."

Don't falter in your steps...

The man was silent as an explosion rocked the area behind him. He and his subordinate turned and faced the explosion, "What... the hell was that?"

Behind them, a figure, dressed in the uniform of a school student, stood with his hand on a large blade, similar in size to the 'Cross of Scaffold'. Thrown over his shoulder were the bodies of three Xcutioners, all dead.

"Kid, who the fuck are you?"

"Are you leader of Xcution...?"

Ginjo clicked his tongue and turned back around, gesturing for Tsukishima to follow him. He waved over his shoulder, "Mind your own business, brat."

Unico turned over to the body of Ichigo, whom he could tell was barely breathing. He turned back and addressed Ginjo, "I don't know a damn thing about you. I don't know why you are... 'purty interested'... in me, and why they had to suffer because of me... I don't give a fuck, and neither does this sword..."

Ginjo stopped, slowly turning around and smirking as he realized who the boy was.

"...Then you must be..."

...Unico Escudar...

...Hey...! Wake up...!

Why are we doing this!? We barely have enough to feed ourselves and you're trying be a charity case for everyone else!?

You want to watch him starve to death!?

Who gives a fuck!? You don't even know him!

"...Shut up! Hey... hey, are you awake?"

The person heard someone addressing them. Groaning as the person's eyes fluttered open, the sight of a large-eyed female blocked the view, "...Hey, random guy! You're awake!"


"Can you speak?"

"No! He's retarded or something!"

"Shut up, Renji!"

The man watched as the midget dropped-kick the red-haired man in the face, knocking him out of the room. She then returned to his side, with a basket of fruits in her hand, "Are you hungry?"


The woman began picking out fruits and handing it to him. He stared at it before slowly biting into it.

"...You must be new here. I'm Rukia... And you are?"


Rukia took a bite of the recent orange she had stolen, slowly chewing and eventually stopping when she did not hear an answer, "...You do have a name, don't you?"


Rukia sighed as she leaned on her hand, tapping her other against the hardwood floor of the hut. She hmm'ed, as if she was thinking. Picking up another fruit, she stated, "Well, since you'll be coming with us around Soul Society, we gotta call you something."

The man looked at her weirdly as she tossed him another fruit, "...Soul Society?"

"...Where we're located presently. We're in the Seventy-Eighth District of Inuzuri... " She stated, but then she suddenly jumped up and exclaimed, "Hey! We can call you Inuzuri!"


Rukia then sat down as she shook her head, "No... that just doesn't fit you..."


The man raised an eyebrow as he reached into the basket the same time as her, bumping her hand as they reached for the last fruit. She flinched away, blushing. The man eased back, shrugging as he stated, "It's yours... I'm full anyway..."

"...Uhhmmm... Okay."

She reached in, pulling out a strawberry. Before she could place it in her mouth, she stopped and looked at it deeply, and stared between the man and the fruit multiple times.

"...What ar-?"

She then smiled as she held the fruit in her hand, staring at the other as she held it to his face.

"...You know, I get the strangest feeling... that we should should call you..."



-Yay! Finished! And it's left open ended if I ever want to come back to it. Thank you to all who have read and reviewed!

Final Trivia:

-As stated, Unico Escudar is Spanish for "The Only One Who Shields." Actually, Unico is "Unique/Sole/Solitary" and Escudar is the verb "to shield". He looks exactly like Grimmjow, except he has red-orange hair and brown eyes. He wears a dress suit, or something a Uniformed High School student would wear.

-Grimmjow left 200 years after the first ending and moved to the human world. He left because he was tired of being a soldier under Ichigo, and left to be on his own.

-Xcution was based slightly off 'Anonymous' and 'The Order' from the new crappy DmC. They try to convince humanity that Hollows and Ghosts exist, attempting to expose them to reality and throw the world off-balance.

-As Ichigo explains, the only reasons he's old is because he has more humanity in him than everyone else.

-Ulquiorra was reincarnated into a human, born with twin known as Latigo. When they died, Latigo became a Hollow and Ulquiorra is now a Soul Reaper.

-Latigo and Adalia were created as a reference to Byakuya and Rukia. Considering the possible Unico and Adalia romance, I thought Grimmjow's family being with someone related to his rival, Ulquiorra, would be funny.

-Halibel looks the same, however, she has a cape under her jacket, like Orihime's Arrancar Arc outfit. Nel is dressed in a nurse outfit and Loly is dressed like an office assistant.

-The Old Espada (Tesra through Gantenbainne) make up the Privaron Espada.

-Fullbringers abilities are named after album titles.

Ride the Lightning is one of Metallica's album, with turns a piece of wire into a lightning rod.

Own the Night is an album of Lady Antabellum (Antabella). It covers the area in darkness, like Tosen's Bankai, except you can do everything but see.

-A lot of references was made during Ichigo and Unico confrontation.

Kisuke speech.

The stabbing in the throat is the same as Ichigo vs. Juhabach in the Manga

The scar on the head is a reference to Yamamoto.

-I've planned and thought out parts of the epilogue before even coming up with the first chapter.