I have it kind of written, but it needs corrections. I will upload rest soon.

And believe it or not, it's inspired by true story. Sort of... I must thank to 3L, who shared with me his unusual encounter with Brad and helped me develop it into a story. (I don't know what Brad's called in reality, I've given him this name solely for the purpose of this short story.) Please comment, I'm curious about your opinions.

It's kind of written in Shin Woo's point of view so the cursive texts are his thoughts. I don't own neither him, movies mentioned later nor You're Beautiful. And let's face it, not even Brad. Please, enjoy:)

Shin Woo was standing on the roof with his usual cup of tea. Slowly sipping his hot beverage, Shin Woo was reminiscing the time, when the three of them started living together. The ruckus caused by their new member including the heartbreak caused by Mi Nye made him feel quite nostalgic. We all have changed since then. Jeremy was much more childish and Tae Kyung was so much harsher back then. All those fights about the most stupid things... But it was kind of fun. It was all about Jeremy and Jolie being too loud or too messy, or both. Shin Woo started to smile unconsciously as he was recollecting the past. Fortunately, they learned how to be more considerate to each other. But from time to time even I got caught in some of their foolishness. Like the time with the Brad incident. I was standing right here when it all started.

Shin Woo heard fast steps coming closer and soon breathless voice called his name behind him. As he was turning around, he expected Jeremy's pouting face as a premonition of another crisis about 'why living room isn't the best place for the drum set' or something like that. But to his surprise, what he saw was the drummer's smiling face.

"Shin... Woo... Hyung... I... Got... A..." The younger boy was in the middle of a fight with his lungs over which one is more important: speaking or breathing. Lungs were obviously winning.

"Calm down, Jeremy. First, you must catch your breath. I'm not going anywhere." Shin Woo went to the blonde boy and patted him on the back. It took a moment of patient waiting before Jeremy caught his breath and could speak in fluent sentences again.

"Hyung, I got a brilliant idea when I was walking outside and I have to tell both you and Tae Kyung hyung. Come with me. Tae Kyung hyung is already waiting." Jeremy didn't even finished his whole speech when he grabbed Shin Woo's hand and started pulling him down the stairs and to the living room, where obviously annoyed leader was already sitting by the table trying to ignore all the blonde puppy's attempts to play with him.

"I've already told you that I would appreciate if your dog would stay outside and wouldn't bother me. I'm just in the middle of a new song and I don't like interruptions." greeted Tae Kyung the incoming boys.

"It's her way showing you how much she likes you, hyung." Replied Jeremy. "But I really don't know why." The second sentence was so quiet that Shin Woo wasn't even certain that he heard it. With abeginning like that, whatever Jeremy wants won't be easy to accomplish. Shin Woo released a silent sigh.

When all of them were seated around the table, Tae Kyung started with indifferent voice: "What is it that you wanted from us? Just say it quickly, I don't have all day for before you even think about starting about it again: No, we won't have door bell, which will sing our names when somebody comes."

"I still think that it would be nice, but I've already given up the idea. This is not about that." Even though Jeremy said that, according to his stubborn expression, Shin Woo wasn't so sure that the topic of singing door bell won't come again in the future. It would be better if it would be already all in the past. I'm completely with Tae Kyung on this.

"I just wanted to tell you," continued Jeremy, "that I solved the problem about Jolie being too friendly with you, hyung." Jeremy paused for a second to see Tae Kyung's reaction while patting Jolie's head at the same time. When it seemed the leader got interested in what he had to say, the young boy went on. "I think she is bored when I'm not with her and that's why she seeks company of someone else. There's only one thing we can do about it. Let's get her play-mate. She will have a friend to play with and won't bother you anymore. And because I will take care of them both, everything..."

"You must be kidding me. Don't tell me that you are proposing to have another dog so that there would be not one but TWO shoe thieves whose best fun is to run off with your slippers just at the moment you return home after unbelievably exhausting day when the last thing you want is to be barefoot and have to chase a dog all around the house."

"But it happened only once, hyung." Jeremy looked like he will start begging. Shin Woo didn't expect such a strong reaction from Tae Kyung. "She matured since then. And I didn't say it has to be a dog..."

But it sounded like that. Shin Woo smiled for himself, but said aloud: "Jeremy, you know that another pet isn't such a great idea. You don't have as much time as you want for playing with Jolie already. What would you do with another pet? Be reasonable."

"See? Shin Woo doesn't want another smelly, loud and hair-loosing creature either." Tae Kyung stood up from the table as if everything was solved with that and headed to his room. But as if he suddenly remembered, Tae Kyung stopped in the door and turn to Jeremy again. "And don't forget to clean all the mess she did by the piano. The torn newspapers are disturbing my concentration."

"Yes, hyung." Jeremy said it more to himself. Obviously, this conversation didn't work out in the way he was expecting. "You also think that Jolie is smelly and loud, Shin Woo hyung?" The blond boy looked like he was about to cry.

"No. You know I like Jolie. And I know that Tae Kyung likes her too in his own way." Own, strange and very specific way. "You know how he is when it comes to cleanliness and his personal space. He certainly didn't meant what he said. But you must understand how difficult it would be to take care of another animal. And even Jolie might not be so excited about this idea. If she would have to share your love with someone else, don't you think she might become jealous?"

"You might be right, hyung." Replied Jeremy reluctantly and turned to his dog. "You know I love you the most in the whole world, right, Jolie?" Still with a trace of sadness in his eyes he turned to the older boy. "I think I'll go for a walk, Shin Woo hyung. I need to get some fresh air." And with that, Jeremy left the living room.

That was harsh even for Tae Kyung. I have to tell him to apologise to Jeremy soon or the mood between them will be unbearable. But that will have to wait till morning. It wouldn't be possible in the state of mind he is right now.

To be continued... :D