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"... and he is just about this size." Jeremy's fingers were showing roughly ten centimetres. "His bright orange colour is so beautiful. Under a bright light he seems like glowing. And he's smart too." Band members were preparing for a performance and Jeremy's continual shuffling was earning him constant lecturing from stylist Wang.

Tae Kyung's sneer interrupted Jeremy's monologue and caused that Jeremy's face turned into pained expression. Maybe too pained. Like it ever work on Tae Kyung. Jeremy glared at Tae Kyung for a while, but the older boy didn't even look at him. After all, his intention to silence Jeremy was a success. At least for a while.

It was already more than two weeks when Jeremy had brought home his new 'friend' and a single day didn't pass without Jeremy's excited chatting about Brad. At first it was fun for Shin Woo to watch how it makes Tae Kyung crazy, but after a week of constant listening about what that fish ate or did or how disapproving he looked at Jeremy when the boy by mistake put on different socks, Shin Woo started to be fed up with it too. After two weeks he seriously thought about committing fish-slaughter. The only thing that stopped him was the image of Jeremy, whining for weeks for his deceased fish.

"You can mock us all you want, Tae Kyung hyung, but fact is a fact. He always welcomes me when I come home. He's always watching me to let me know that he cares. You just don't understand, hyung, because there's no one caring if you ever come home." The make-up girls, to whom was the previous monologue meant to, were barely holding their laughter.

"But seriously, Jeremy, how long will you keep up with this? All you talk about all the time is only Brad." When Shin Woo saw Jeremy's 'you-too-hyung' face, he added: "Don't you think that Jolie will be jealous?"

"You don't have to worry, hyung. She loves him even more than I do. After all, he's Brad." Jeremy looked content with the fact that Shin Woo was actually worried about Jolie. He can be so simple.

"I think it's cute how Jeremy oppa cares about his pets." Tae Kyung flashed a piercing glare on the make-up girl, who dared to take Jeremy's side, that the girl dropped on the floor all the things in her hands. Shin Woo just let out a silent sigh. It's cute because you don't have to listen to it day by day.

When they left for their performance, Tae Kyung came to Shin Woo. "Why are you supporting him? Don't speak about the damn fish. He's like this because of your unnecessary attention. You spoil him too much all the time. If we don't give in to his stupid game, he'll become tired of it and in a few days, everything will be normal again." With this said Tae Kyung took the lead to step on the stage.

My attention? It's you who always provoke him. But hopefully you're right and he become obsessed with something else soon.

Surprisingly, Tae Kyung was right. After a few days, Jeremy stopped with his constant chatting about Brad. Actually, he stopped talking about him quite suddenly. Shin Woo didn't give it much thought until he asked during one breakfast.

"By the way, Jeremy, how's Brad doing? We haven't heard about him for a while. I hope you didn't starve him to death." Shin Woo meant it as a joke, but after seeing Jeremy's face, he wasn't so sure about it. "Your fish is still alive, isn't it?"

"Looking at his face, something did happen to it. Maybe this unbelievably smart fish of his committed suicide after realizing how dumb its master is." What is with Tae Kyung and mornings? He's always so grumpy. Shin Woo was preparing for consoling Jeremy, but the blond drummer had completely different reaction from what Shin Woo was expecting.

"For your information, Brad is fine, Tae Kyung hyung. And weren't you two complaining about me talking about him too much? So why do you ask suddenly? Mind your own business and leave me alone." After this outburst Jeremy left his unfinished breakfast and rushed off of house.

"That's odd. He's usually not so jumpy. What happened to him?" Looking after Jeremy, Shin Woo seemed concerned.

"Don't know, don't care. If something did happen, he will come complaining sooner or later." Tae Kyung took his unfinished breakfast - bottle of water - and moved to his much quieter room. Shin Woo was wandering why Tae Kyung didn't turn into a fish himself with the amount of water he could drink instead of food.

The 'sooner or later' came the next night. At the moment Shin Woo turn off the lights, he heard someone lightly knocking on his door with a shy 'Are you sleeping, hyung?'.

When Shin Woo opened the door, he saw the blond drummer hugging his blanket and watching the ground. "Can I sleep in your room tonight?" He rose his head and with large puppy eyes looked at Shin Woo. His expression was so pleading that Shin Woo started to suspect him of practicing beforehand.

"Sure, you can. Come on in." Shin Woo let Jeremy pass into the room and watched him, while Jeremy was making himself comfortable in Shin Woo's bed. Like a little kid sneaking to his parents. Shin Woo was amused about this thought. But not so much about the following. But what does it make of me? "What happened? I suppose you didn't get some sudden urge for sleepover without a reason."

"I have a little misunderstanding with Brad, but don't worry, it's nothing big." It was obvious how much Jeremy didn't want to talk about it.

Hm, misunderstanding with a fish. That's new. The statement boosted Shin Woo's curiosity. "What happened? Can I help?"

"It's little embarrassing, hyung." Jeremy tried to avoid direct look at Shin Woo. "I think that Brad is stalking me."

That wasn't exactly what Shin Woo expected."Isn't this going too far? Jeremy, do you realize that Brad is a fish? It's physically impossible for fish to stalk people. Brad is stuck in an aquarium and can't leave it, so how could he follow you?"

"You don't understand, hyung. He's watching me in a very disturbing way. It's almost like he's planning something. I can't sleep when I'm under surveillance. I have nightmares. Could you go see him tomorrow? You will understand then."

"Ok, I will check on him tomorrow." Jeremy ignored Sin Woo's resigned sigh. I'm sighing too much lately. Living with those two isn't a bit easy.

In the morning Jeremy sent Shin Woo for a quest to check on Brad. And feed him, bring Jeremy's clean clothes and... What was the third? Oh, yes, to bring the blue leash for Jolie. Why am I doing this? This was really only a rhetorical question, because Shin Woo knew exactly that the reason was the combine power of Jeremy's puppy eyes and begging accompanied with 'it's just for this once, pleeeeeeeease'.

Jeremy's room was a complete mess of dirty clothes all around the floor. Shin Woo looked at Brad, who was comfortably swimming around his aquarium not giving any sign of attention to him. So much for staring fish. Where am I supposed to find the leash in all of this?

As Shin Woo was proceeding through the jungle of clothes, he noticed a VHS tape under the television. I didn't know that Jeremy was into this old stuff. Where did he get a player for this? He picked up the tape and read the title. "Piranha" from 1978. At least now I know where this crazy idea of his came from. "Not that it's your fault, Brad."

After a while, Shin Woo found all he came for together with another movie with the same title, this time from the year 1995. I understand that with Brad´s arrival Jeremy started to develop interest in fish. But why horror movies for god's sake?

When Shin Woo returned to his room, Jeremy was already impatiently waiting. "Here are the things you wanted, Jeremy. You should think about cleaning your place from time to time. But considering your fish problem: I think that Brad is completely normal healthy pet fish. He didn't give me a second glance. To be accurate, he didn't give me even the first one. You just have too vivid imagination."

This news obviously wasn't what Jeremy wanted to hear. "Thank you, hyung. But you didn't realize one thing. I told you that he is extremelysmart. He just doesn´t want to reveal his true intentions." Jeremy put on a bit sulky face and gave off nobody-understands-me kind of aura.

"Jeremy, I probably know where this came from..." Shin Woo saw this coming and was already prepared. "Let me ask you some simple questions. When exactly did Brad start to act suspiciously?"

Jeremy reluctantly answered. "About a week ago." He was clearly disappointed that Shin Woo didn't believe him. "I had a bad dream and I woke up in the middle of the night. When I turned on the light, Brad started to swim around an aquarium frantically. Like he didn't have a clear conscience." You probably woke him up and scared him with the sudden light.

"And when did you watch the Piranha movie?" Shin Woo was determined to prove Jeremy how silly his behaviour is. After all, if he wouldn't solve this now, it could end with Jeremy giving up his bedroom to Brad and moving to Shin Woo's. Shin Woo liked the younger boy, but after spending all days together he was glad for a little bit of quiet time.

"A week ago, but what does it have to do with anything? And how do you know about it?" Jeremy looked suspiciously on Shin Woo. And now he'll become paranoid about me. Sigh.

"What do you mean 'how'? It was lying on the floor." Shin Woo didn't want to sound like he was giving Jeremy a lecture so he chose a bit kinder voice. "Let me give you an advice. When we'll come back in the afternoon, go to your room, clean your place and then, before you go to sleep, watch "Finding Nemo" or another tale about friendly fish. You'll see that everything will get better soon. Brad is misunderstood and I think that he must be very sad about it." Jeremy had always soft spot for pitiful animals and Shin Woo was aware of this fact and ready to use it.

"Do you really think so?" Jeremy didn't sound much convinced about it, but hearing that Brad might be suffering because of him made him waver.

"Trust me. You know I wouldn't lie to you." Another Shin Woo's secret weapon.

"Ok, hyung. I'll trust you."

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