It was an streamlined warm August as Rebecca recalled. She had just finished some demos at the recording studio. She stopped by the market on her way back to the apartment. She shifted her bag of groceries and placed the key in the door. Rebecca nudged the door shut with her foot and walked into the kitchen to put the groceries away when she noticed a curtain flowing like a cloud.

" Huh, I don't remember leaving the window open." She wondered aloud. She walked over to window to close the it. Just as she put her hand on the window, she felt a tremendous pain rip through the back of her head.

" Uh..." was all that she could murmur before her vision blackened and her knees gave way. Rebecca was out cold.

Rebecca woke up to a rude smell that was close to her face. She could vaguely make out a figure holding a vile of something to her nose. She shook her head away from the smell and moaned in a great deal of pain. The pillow she was laying on was warm with her own blood. Her head was throbbing, she tried to massage the pain away but realized, to her own terror, that her hands were handcuffed to her bed. She tried to move her feet but they were bound.

" Glad to see you're awake Rebecca." Rebecca knew that voice. It was the deep. sadistic. voice of her ex husband.

" What do you want? Is this some kind of joke? Come on don't do this. Stefan I am bleeding." Rebecca spoke not fully cognascent of what was going to happen. All she knew was that she was tied up in her room.

" Sweetheart, what I am about to do to you is no joke." he told heras he grabbed a briefcase and placed it on the dresser next to her bed. He opened it up and pulled out what looked like a scarf.

Rebecca began to squirm and the closer he got to her the more she began to yell. She was aware that she was in a great deal of trouble. He placed the scarf around her mouth and tied it tight.

" wouldn't want you to get loud." he told her with a demonic smile on his face.

To Rebecca's utter horror, this human demon climec onto the bed, he had his hands wrapped around her throat.

" Did you really think, you could just get up and leave me." he said gripping harder and harder around her neck.

" I don't think so, you can't escape me Rebecca." he told her finally letting go of her neck.

She took in a gulp of air, choking on the gag, as the bruise formed on her neck.

Stefan grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her up slightly, only to smack her with the back of his hand.

" you are due for a punishment for leaving me. You deserve to be punished." He said, as he stood up and grabbed the belt off the dresser.

Rebecca yelped when the leather snapped across her chest. She pulled against the cuffs and tried to twist around. Stefan struck again, the lash scraped down her torso from her right shoulder to the opposite hip. He continued to hit her until she was covered in bruises.

He got back on the bed and pulled out a pocket knife. She felt the pain shoot through her body, when he shoved the knife into her chest. The tears formed in her eyes, as he kept stabbing her. She muffled a scream, before a final, sleepy sensation of her muscles surrending.