It started off as an ordinary day. Pony woke up, ate breakfast, and went to school. He has felt fine until science class came along. It was his third class and after that he had lunch. He didn't eat though, he felt rather sick. Throughout the rest of the day he felt worse. He figured walking home in the fresh air would help, but it didn't. The second he got home, he rushed to the bathroom to try to vomit anything, but nothing came out.

"Probably the flu," Pony mumbled to himself. He got himself a glass a water and put some soup on the stove. It wouldn't be good to get sick now when track was starting soon. Pony sat on the couch with his soup and water when Soda walked in.

"Hey Pony, what are you doing?" Soda asked kicking off his shoes across the living room.

"I don't feel too good," Pony said sipping some soup.

Soda placed a hand on Pony's cheek, "Wow you are freezing." Soda picked up a blanket off the floor and wrapped Pony in it. "I can't even tell if you have a fever you're so cold. You will have to take a hot bath when you're done eating."

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

"When did you start feeling sick?" Soda asked.

"Before lunch, I was in science class and..." Pony trailed off.

"What?" Soda asked, "What's wrong?"

"I think..." Pony began, "I think I know what happened."

"What's that?" Soda asked walking in the kitchen, "I wonder if we have any cold medicine in the cabinet."

"Well we were doing experiments, and I was being curious with all the mixes and trying things out on my own," Pony explained.

"Yeah?" Soda asked walking back in and sitting in the armchair, "No medicine buddy, Darry will have to go to the store later. So was it anything dangerous?"

"No," Pony shook his head, "I don't know, maybe I whiffed something too much and am just feeling off. I thought the fresh air would help when I walked home, but it didn't really."

"Just sleep it off tonight and I'm sure you will be fine in the morning," Soda said.

Darry walked in to the smell of chicken and potatoes. He peered into the kitchen, surprised that it smelled so nice with Soda cooking. "Hey," Darry greeted, "You're cooking?"

Soda nodded, "Just getting dinner ready as soon as I can."

"Why?" Darry asked, "Where's Pony?"

"He's taking a hot bath. He doesn't feel well, so I made dinner so he could eat and go to bed. Speaking of Pony, you need to go to the store and get some medicine. We are out."

"Is it that bad?" Darry asked.

Soda shrugged, "I don't know, it was kind of weird. He didn't have a fever, I think anyway. He was just freezing cold. So I had him go take a hot bath. But I've gone to check on him twice now and when the water got cooler, he would be freezing again so I changed out the water."

Darry went to the cabinet, "I'm going to check his temperature."

Upstairs, Darry knocked on the bathroom door and walked in. Pony was in his trunks in a water filled tub. He held his legs close to him and his face looked pale. "Hey buddy, how are you feeling?"

"Not good."

"Let me check your temperature," Darry said placing the thermometer in Pony's mouth. He placed his hand on Pony's cheek and forehead, "Wow you are cold." When the thermometer beeped, Darry removed it and read it. He just stared at it though.

"What does it say?" Pony asked.

"It says ninety-six," Darry said tapping at it.

"Is that bad?" Pony asked.

Darry just shrugged and shook his head, "This thing is old, why don't you get out and get into some winter clothes to keep you warm."

He left the bathroom and went downstairs back to the kitchen.

"Fever?" Soda asked.

"It said ninety-six," Darry said placing the thermometer back in the cabinet.

"Ninety-six?" Soda repeated, "That's rather low ain't it?"

Darry nodded, "I think that thing's old. If he feels this bad tomorrow I'll take him to the doctor."

"No, I have the day off, I can take him," Soda offered.

"Well," Darry said, "Alright you take him." Darry peered in the living room as Pony placed himself on the couch. He laid down and hugged himself with his legs bent. Pony was wearing one of Darry's oversized sweaters with a pair of his own sweats. "Pony," Darry said walking in, "Why don't you wear one of your sweaters so it's closer to your skin to keep you warm."

"No, I'm okay," Pony said. Darry nodded and went upstairs. He grabbed a pillow and blanket and covered Pony on the couch.

In the middle of the night, Soda awoke and needed some water. He went downstairs and quietly walked past the couch where Pony slept and wandered into the kitchen. After getting himself some water, he curiously felt Pony's face. It was still ice cold. Soda shook his head. He was getting frustrated over this chill Pony was having. Soda took the blanket off he already had. He was going to bring the comforter down from the bed for his little brother.

Looking down, Soda noticed something. His little brother seemed...thicker. Soda pressed slightly on Darry's sweater. "What the hell?" Soda said to himself. He peered inside the sweater. Pony was wearing a second sweater under Darry's oversized sweater. Soda couldn't believe it. How was Pony not sweating to death? Soda looked around the living room. None of the windows were open. He couldn't decide whether to remove one of the sweaters or not.

Soda went upstairs and brought Darry down. "What's wrong?"

"Look," Soda said pulling the sweater a little, "He put on another sweater. He still had this blanket on too. He's still freezing to the touch. There isn't any sweat on him or anything."

Darry scratched his head, "Okay, early in the morning, you are taking him straight to the doctors. This isn't right at all."

Soda nodded, "Are you sure you don't want to take him to the hospital now?"

"No, he's sleeping at least, and I'd rather him get as much rest as he can. Who knows, maybe that will help," Darry said.

"I was going to switch this blanket for the comforter on our bed," Soda said, "Do you think I should?"

Darry sighed, "I really don't want to risk overheating him, so no. Let's just get back to bed."

The older brothers went back to their beds. Neither of them were getting any sleep though. They both worried about Pony deeply, unsure of what was going on or how to help. Every hour or so, Darry would sneak down to feel Pony, and each time he was freezing to the touch. Darry almost believed he was getting colder each time. He wish he could take Pony to the doctor's, but if something serious was wrong, he couldn't miss a day of work. He prayed the rest of the night hoping for the best.