Zelgadis sighed trying to get used to the way the suit felt against his skin. He was not used to such delicate fabric but this was a royal ball and his traveling gear was simply not acceptable in this situation.

"Zelgadis-san-please stop fidgeting…" Amelia whispered, giving him a sympathetic look.

"I can't help it" He grumbled, "This suit is so confining I feel like it's trying to strangle me."

Amelia laughed. "Don't be so dramatic, it's only for tonight. You do look quite handsome in it though." She blushed and he straightened at her remark.

"Well…as long as you think so." He conceded.

Zelgadis stared out across the many people that flooded the ballroom. Some were foreign dignitary's their first time ever being in the Kingdom of Seyruun. Amelia wanted to make sure that her kingdom was represented properly. She had asked Zelgadis to accompany her to the ball, but had also said that she understood if he wished not to attend, she knew that crowds made him rather uneasy. Zelgadis sighed; which they did, but how could he refuse her anything? A foreign voice yanked him from his thoughts.

"Pardon me, Princess, would you care to dance?"

Amelia blinked, turning her attention to a rather attractive man with sandy hair and green eyes, he had his arm extended towards the Princess, a smile on his face. Zelgadis could not help the twinge of jealousy that sparked inside him. True the two still had yet to make their relationship official, most people saw him as the princess' bodyguard, only a select few knew the truth, he should have known that she would have been called upon.

"Uhm…forgive me, I'm actually here with someone else—"

The man frowned in confusion and then turned to look at Zelgadis, whose arms were crossed and affixing him with a stony look.

"The bodyguard? Surely you jest Princess, you don't have to stand here keeping the golem company, come, let us dance." He grabbed Amelia by the arm pulling her towards the dance floor. Zelgadis growled, his hands dropping to his sides in fists. How dare he, never mind the fact that this man had completely disrespected Amelia's answer, but he just had to throw that 'golem' remark in. Zelgadis' jealousy morphed into anger.

"Hey, she said she was here with someone else." Zelgadis growled walking to the man and grabbing him by a shoulder to halt his movement.

The man, still holding onto Amelia's arm only gave the chimera a side look.

"Unhand me you freak! You expect me to believe that the princess is here willingly with you. She may be kind but you don't belong here, you are her bodyguard, not her lover, or did you really think you and the princess shared something special. Learn yo-"

"How dare you!" Amelia yelled giving the man a resounding smack across the face, stunned the man let her arm go; she immediately went to Zelgadis, taking his hand.

"Princess, you don't have to defe—"The man started to say, holding his hand to his face, he gave Amelia a bewildered look.

"Yes I do! I told him that people did not look at him and see a monster that he did not have to hide his face here. This man may be my bodyguard, but he is also my guest, my friend, and—" Amelia paused looking to Zelgadis for confirmation before she continued, he nodded silently in response, completely in awe by her. He should have known Amelia would be able to handle herself.

"And we are in a relationship!" Amelia said this to the man but she also spoke to the room, daring anyone to challenge her claim. Wisely, no one else did.

"You are no longer welcome here, leave now and do not return." Amelia's attention turned the man.

"You two belong together, who could ever love a freak like th—" Zelgadis grabbed the man by his suit jacket lifting him into the air.

It was fine for the man to insult Zelgadis, he had grown used to it, but he would be dammed if this spineless excuse for a man insulted Amelia.

"You were told to leave." He growled angrily, tossing the man to a set of guards who wasted no time in escorting the offending patron from the premises, when he was out of sight the rest of the ball members continued as if nothing had ever happened.

Amelia squeezed Zelgadis hand tightly when the man was no longer in sight and turned to him, an apologetic look on her face. "I'm so sorry—"

"Don't be." Zelgadis interrupted her, giving her a smile. "The princess of Seyruun…slapping a delegate across the face." He chuckled.

Amelia blushed "He deserved it…I should have Visfafaranked him into the next century." She huffed.

Zelgadis laughed. "Now that, I would have loved to see."

Amelia could not help but to laugh as well. "Somehow, I pictured making our relationship official differently."

Zelgadis simply shrugged, at least they would not have to hide it now, sneaking around corners, exchanging secret notes on where to meet, he was getting rather tired of the secrecy. He was sure he would have a lot of explaining to do before the council, but that was another day, today there was a ball, and Amelia had dressed accordingly looking as fantastic as ever in her purple dress. It would be such a waste for her to stand on the side watching.

"Princess, may I have the honor of asking you to dance?" He grinned watching her face light up.

"You may." She blushed taking his arm and following him to the dance floor, everyone else completely forgotten about.