Just a quick little drabble that's been bouncing around my head for a while. I hope you enjoy it.

There were times when Pete Lattimer forgot just how young Claudia was. Today was not one of those days. They'd thought they had finally caught that bastard. They must have been off by minutes. But Sykes, that rat bastard, was in the wind. No real traces were visible right away. But his vibes were going like crazy. They hadn't felt this bad since. . since his dad had died. Pete hoped he was wrong. As he ran through the place though, he was fairly sure he wasn't.

"Please let me be wrong, please let me be wrong." It was almost a prayer. It only took a few minutes to verify that Sykes had flown the coop. And there was the worst part, finding Steve. Dead. Pete wanted to scream, but he knew that would be a bad idea. Claudia and Myka were there, and a loud yell from him would bring them right to Steve's corpse. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He'd seen the growing friendship between the two young agents. He couldn't let her see this. Deep down, though, he knew there was no way to stop her, unless he knocked her out. He couldn't bring himself to do that, though. He'd just have to go down there and be calm. Should be a piece of cake. Sure, and his aunt was the queen of England.

Steve had had them all fooled, except for Claudia. And even she'd had a few moments where she'd believed he'd betrayed them. Pete'd thought Steve had killed her, and he could still remember thinking he'd shot her. The terror racing through his mind as he heard the shots. And Claudia wasn't responding. But she'd been fine, nearly giddy after learning that Steve was still on their side.

Then he was going down the stairs, hoping like hell he'd be able to satisfy their questions. Without telling them what he'd found in that little room. Pete honestly didn't think Claudia would be able to take it. She'd gone ballistic when they'd found out Steve had turned on them. She'd defended him, saying Steve would never betray them. The sad thing was, she'd been right. Jinks had been fooling Sykes, playing double agent. And now, he was gone. Another wrong to lay at Sykes's feet. Another person gone, as Sykes had gotten what he'd wanted and thrown them away. The man treated people like they were garbage, everyone was disposable.

Pete stumbled out of the small room, his mind reeling from what he'd found. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep Claudia from running up. He couldn't even tell Myka what had happened. Then, he heard Claudia's tortured scream,

"No!" God, if he could never hear a sound like that again, he'd be happy. Then Myka was running up there, worried for Claudia. He joined the girls in that small room. Claudia hadn't said anything; she was almost catatonic, holding Steve's hand. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn't have anything he could say. Myka took over, taking care of business. Pete knew it needed to be done, but damn. They had just found Steve's body, not even cold. He'd been dead for a short time; they'd probably missed Walter Sykes by half an hour, at the most. This had to end. Walter Sykes had to be stopped.

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