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Even if it may bore you, I want to say some things ahead. It's a translation (I haven't finished it in "original"), still some things will be changed, as the dialogues have to be different at some moment. Of course there are other stories around in the WitB-fandom, and probably my idea isn't a complete new one. So I want to say sorry if it accidentally meets with the idea of another writer. Furthermore sometimes Alex, Tony, Carol or anyone else might be a bit out of character, but I hope it won't happen too often.

Alex' team is the one Val McDermid created and at a quite early stage, so Don is still alive.

Alex POV

"There's someone new in our church lessons," informed me Ben while we had dinner. Shortly I glanced up from my dish. There was no case at the moment, so that we eventually could have dinner together.

"Again?", I inquired. „A week ago you already had some new member."

I watched Ben attempting to roll up his noodles on a fork. "True anyway. This time it's a small girl." He stuck the great noodle ball in his mouth and tried to chew in one great piece.

"Small concerning age or size?" I asked. He mixed it up several times…

"Well, she said, she'd be six years and something more; a few months, I believe. She may appear as seven. And she's quite good in remembering things, because as I asked our pastor about some things and he repeated it she interrupted and said his exact choice of words had been a slightly different one earlier.", he paused and chuckled. "She was able to repeat it word for word."

"This is called eidetic memory, yet not a photographic one. It might be passed on from one generation to the next or appear individually. Such a memory reacts to stimuli – that what you hear. As far as I know one may even know exact words up to a few days, depend on how often they repeat it to their selves and as how important the information may be rated. But I am not sure, whether its true." I explained to him and rolled up my noodles easily.

"She said the same…" Ben mumbled sheepishly.

"Yeah, such things exist in reality. What's her name?"

"It was a strange name too...maybe Cathy An or Ann Catherine. Her family name was something about G or J…could have been Jackson. I don't know." Ben gave a shrug.

"Seems to be a quite beautiful name anyway. It's probably a rare one." I noticed and emptied my cup.

„Might be. She said they moved down from Johannesburg some days ago."

„South Africa?" for a fraction of a second I felt some kind of a déjà vu, but I ignored it. "That's quite a long distance to move. And then someplace being so unimportant as Bradfield." I shook my head. Crazy decision. „How does she look like?" I wanted to ask but didn't manage to say it out loud, since the doorbell cut me off.

"One sec." called I at the door and intricately stood. Wasn't I allowed to spend at least this evening together with my son?

"Tony!" involuntarily I jerked backwards as I opened the door. I'd expected everyone, yet not him.

"Evening, Alex? Didn't interrupt you, did I?" He asked.

"No, we were talking. Ben and me were talking. What's up?"

„Got a black out."

"For heaven's sake, what happened." I cried.

Tony shook his head and forced a smile. "An electrical power outrage. It was a joke. Not a good one, as it seems." He paused. „I called a few times, just to say I'd be troubled with university for the next few weeks and if you'd need any help in a murder case you'd only reach me past eight p.m. However, no one reacted, not even the answer phone reacted and I was concerned." He finally added as sheepishly as Ben had been before.

Rolling my eyes I chuckled. "Oh yes, as if we suddenly would vanish… far away… without a chance for you to contact us… without prior warning." My voice had got a dark edge, I cleared my throat and then talked normally. "Whatever, come in. Ben cooked. Pasta this time."

Tony wasn't even able to sit down as Ben asked a question. "Where exactly lies Johannesburg? How far is it away from here?"

"Johannesburg, eh?" Tony asked and Ben nodded excitedly.

"Mh, let's think. Move away from England, quite to the middle of Europe and then way down to Africa. As south as you can. This country down there is named South Africa and in South Africa you have to move a bit north-east. Or south west of Pretoria, its capital. If my memory doesn't deceive me, it shall be at about eight thousand five hundred and twenty miles away from here. More or less five hundred miles. I'm not quite sure about that last point." He ended and turned his attention to the food.

During Tony's explanation I'd stopped to clear the table as far as possible. Explaining a city's location at such accuracy I'd been desperate for a map,. Though I didn't comment on his knowledge. This was one of the things you could never be sure about Tony Hill – his knowledge and the personality behind it.

"Why do you ask for Johannesburg." Tony wanted to know.

"There's a new one attending our church lessons. Her and her mum moved down from there."

"Just Mum?" I asked. Maybe I'd be able to help her get along with the new environment. Being alone and a completely foreign city… yep, maybe I could help her.

"She said so. Yet, nothing more. Quite secretive, if you ask me, even for her age." Ben said.

„See it the other way round, Ben. They are new. Would you run to the first stranger you meet?", Tony asked rhetorically. "Thus reaction is normal. In addition I suppose, that her mother is very worried about her girl being safe, if she really is a single mother. She's all the sorrow on her own."

Not even ten minutes here and he has found something to analyze.

I sighed.