August 2027

The garden and fields behind The Burrow are abuzz with people, young and old alike. Great Aunt Andromeda (who isn't really anyone's great-aunt) is sitting beneath the boughs of the old oak tree to keep away from the sun, deep in conversation with Victoire and Renée about Merlin knows what. Her grandson is watching them wistfully from the drinks table where Grandma Molly had no doubt allocated him earlier in the day, his attention is jerked away from them by the ten-year old Scamander twins crashing into the table in their hast to escape from Finn Thomas, who is currently sporting an array of mismatched feathers on his robes and looking as furious as a fourteen year old boy can look. Dean and Rolf watch their sons in amusement while their wives are distracted by something Luna had brought with her.

Castor roars with laughter as Ted is drenched in an assortment of pumpkin juice, butterbeer and elven wines, earning him a slap across the back on his head by his wife. Molly cannot keep a straight face herself however and grins at him, pecking him the cheek before telling him to sort Ted out. Nodding solemnly, Castor runs a hand over her protruding belly before giving her a kiss of his own and then turning back to laugh at Ted's outraged face a little more.

Charlie, George and Angelina, Ron, Seamus and his wife Niamh have started up a Quidditch match in the back field which Sammie and Jenn Longbottom and Erin Thomas are quick to join, the former pester Lucy until she caves and comes with them, dragging her new boyfriend Mark Campbell along with her. Lily and Keegan are swift to follow, holding hands and laughing as they try to trip each other up on their way.

The man of the hour is sitting on his mother's lap, gargling away in all his four-month old glory: Jasper James Potter. Evanna is beaming at him, an expression she is rarely seen without these days, while James twirls her hair around his finger absentmindedly and pulls faces at their son. Whilst they had technically promised not to get married too young, the couple had ignored that promise and the wedding had occurred on the first of June the two years later. Jasper had been born in April of the following year and the couple had never looked happier.

Mara Thomas comes over to chatter away with Evanna, the two having formed a strong friendship after James introduced them the summer after his engagement. Behind her, Rich March was eying Jasper warily, no doubt afraid he was going to put ideas in Mara's head. Amelia Goldstein, one of Jasper's godmothers, who had been in the same year as Albus and Rose at Hogwarts but a Ravenclaw, was sitting quietly in she shade talking to Sam Perks – a development no one who knew the pair was expecting.

Sitting somewhat to the side of the chaos were the Macnairs – Elenora and Vincent – as well as Evanna's uncle Theodore Nott. Mr and Mrs Malfoy were there almost by default because three of their children were linked with members of the Weasley brood. Astoria and Ginny had formed a strong and somewhat terrifying friendship over the years and constantly looked like they were plotting when the bowed heads on conversation.

Evanna's brother was there as well, being forced onto the Quidditch pitch with Maeve Finnigan, finally seeming to relax when handed a broom. Fred is standing on the side of the pitch listening to Albus' complaints about his new teammate – Anninka Osmond – while his wife, Renée, is talking to Roxanne in the shade of one of the huge elms in The Burrow's back yard. Serena, Roxanne's daughter has taken to pestering her father for piggyback rides around the garden.

Ophelia, the only other Nott in attendance beside her father and her brother and his family, is causing havoc with her niece. Yvonne is two and a half and every bit as much trouble as her grandfather predicted, her bright silky red hair the only thing that allows anyone to keep track of her now that she has discovered the use of legs. Dominique and Alec are watching the two in amusement, the latters arms around his wife's waist as she rocks Selene back to sleep.

Harry and Hermione are trying to defuse yet another argument between Audrey and Bill over the correct way to deal with magically inflicted burns whilst spouses of both simply laugh and let them get it over with. Hoping it won't end with a practical demonstration again. Neville and Hannah are also watching but with far more apprehension that either Percy or Fleur is showing.

The barbeque is being manned by Hugo and Logan, moving around each other with an ease the belies the year and half they spent apart after Hugo decided he want to explore his sexuality, only to end up right where he started: in Logan's arms. Grandma Molly is watching them with mistrust, while Grandpa Arthur is asking his usual run down of questions about the muggle device.

"Ladies and gentlemen," James' voice bellows over the noise. "I would like to make a toast!" Everyone lets out a collective cheer except for Selene who cries and Dominique who curses. "Today, as you all know, is a very special day for it is the official name day of this piece of trouble," he chuckles, bending down to poke Jasper in the stomach. "Jasper James Potter – I will have you know it was my wife who insisted on the middle name!"

"Liar!" Molly exclaims. Jasper squeals in delight at all the attention focused in his direction.

"I want one," comes a soft whisper from beside Rose. She turns her head to see Pollux with his arms around Louis, whispering in his ear. Louis makes a noncommittal noise and leans back into his boyfriend.

"So anyway," James continues, pulling all attention back to him. "I just wanted to make a toast to my beautiful wife and my troublesome child who I hope – and I mean this in a very unliteral sense, in the latter's case anyway – will continue to give me sleepless night for the rest of my life."

"James!" Evanna jabs him, her face aghast as her father chokes on his drink.

From the seat next to Rose, Andrius stands up and slips back into the house, thoughts of what could have been plague him.

"Sorry hun," he chuckles. "Anyway, this is not the only thing important that I have to say, even though it is pretty important if I do say so myself-"

"Get on with it!" Mara jeers.

"Today it is also my special privilege to inform you of another very important event that has occurred…" He pauses, glancing towards where Rose and Scorpius are sitting.

"You ready to face the music?" Scorpius whispers to her, slipping his arms around her and pressing a kiss to her hairline.

"For you? Always," she smiles, twist the engagement ring on her finger and wandering if she will ever not get butterflies when she thinks of it there.

~The End~

Author's Note:

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