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Shion had looked everywhere Lili went to find what they looking for but no hope.

Only 5 minutes left… I am sorry Safu…

"I am sorry Shion… "

"Don't worry Lili… I will go and explain to your mom!"

"But she will hate.."

"No Lili she won't, the ring might importance but it couldn't more importance than you…"

Shion knees down and wipes Lili tear.

"To her, you are most importance the symbol of her love to your dad"

"Believe me" Shion sound was clear and strong like the beautiful gemstone. Enough to erases Lili worry.

The girl stops crying. And then they heard someone running to their direction.

"Lili!" The woman voice so broken almost crying…

"Mom!" The girl runs, almost falls but her mother caughte her on time.

"You almost give me heart attack darling, where have you been?"

"I am sorry mom I lost your ring!"

"Ring? But it's on the table in the living room"


Lili eyes wide open with wonder. Shion smiled happily and said

"May be because you are the good girl so some dwarf help you out"

… Not dwarf but mouse…

Nezumi corrects Shion word in his mind.

"Sorry Lili and Lili mother I have to go!"

Shion dashes from that spot when he realizes what time is.

He uses the short cut and rundown to the road. Trying to recover the time he lost.

"May be on time … Arhh!."

Shion angel got twisted. He rolls over on the ground with pain. The airhead lay there for a few second before get up slowly.

"I must go to see Safu…" The soft voice is so fragile and painful. The light pant echoes into the mouse ears. Make his heart twisted with anger.

...DAME! Does that girl mean so much to you?...

"I must… Argh!"

The word was faded away from micro-phone. Nezumi feels something bad happened to his airhead. He waits for a second which so long like an hour. But he hears nothing.

…What happened Shion?...

He tries to clams his frightened heart. The 2 thoughts are fighting inside his mind. Half want to ignore and go back before someone caught him. Another wanted to rush to the Shion side.


Shion painful low moan caught Nezumi attention. The mouse legs began to run on its own. Rushing to Shion.

He forgot to hide…

He forgot that he is inside No.6….

He forgot how dangerous it is…

He forgot everything…

Except Shion…..

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