Liam's Last Day

This is my first ever fan fiction hope you like it. This is how I think the end of episode 'Big Brother' should have gone.

Chapter 1

'Oh the irony' exclaimed Elektra at the fact that Liam, residential trouble maker, was going to be living with his big brother, a police officer.

'I'll miss you too Elektra' Liam sniggered playfully.

'I bet you will' she snapped back not quite so light heartedly.

'Are you having a good party Liam?' Carmen and Tee asked him.

He smiled and nodded in reply. He could feel tears filling his eyes, with everyone he cared about around him Frank, Gus, Carmen, and Tracy everyone had become a sort of family. The Dumping Ground was the first place that ever truly felt like home to him. He was just sad to see the back of it really.

'A bit of Tracy's hay fever there' Mike the lead care worker pointed out.

'I'll just be outside for a minute'. Mike nodded as Liam slipped out of the room unnoticed.

As Liam walked through the kitchen, heading for the garden, he caught a glimpse of someone through the window trying to climb the wall. They were running away. He knew he probably shouldn't let them get away, and he might as well end his last day at Elm Tree House on a good note. Running out to the back wall, the first thing he noticed was the shiny blue Doc. Martens, Elektra.

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