Chapter 4

Eventually they had to go inside. To avoid any questions Liam said he was just taking Elektra up to bed, because she wasn't feeling very well, which was technically true. While Elektra was getting changed and brushing her teeth, Liam made sure she never locked the door in case of a dizzy spell. Once he had tucked her into bed he sat with her on the end of her bed. 'I thought you were meant to be leaving today?' she said.

'Not quite yet' he replied leaning over her, 'Sleep now you'll feel better in the morning'.

'Will you still be here, as in the Dumping Ground?' she asked concerned

He laughed 'Of course I will I've got to look after you remember' he touched her cheek softly. Her smile softened at his touch, as she took him in his eyes, his scent everything about him.

'It's getting late now, you should get some sleep'. He leant forward to kiss her over her bandage ever so gently ever so sweetly. Just as he was about to pull away Elektra caught him by his t-shirt and pulled him down into the gentlest of bittersweet kisses. 'Goodnight Liam' she spoke softly. He smiled gently. With that he turned out her light for her and made himself comfortable in her chair by her bed, ready to watch over his fallen angel.


Liam awoke the next morning with a blanket round him, still in, Elektra's chair. He looked over to her bed. She was sleeping soundly, and for once everything was good, everything was really good. Liam couldn't believe what his mind was telling him that he Liam O'Donovan was actually going to miss Elektra Perkins. And I can tell you dear readers that I have on good authority that she would miss him just as much.

The End