Fatal Frame 2

Written By: Caryn

Remembering all the times my sister and I used to play in the area. All the good times we used to sit by the stream watching the fish swim by, the times we tried to actually catch the fish, and even the bad times, when she fell down that cliff and permanently crippling her right leg for the rest of her life. It was my fault; I left her behind, even after she called for me to stop.

I blinked, coming back to the reality of sitting by the stream. Knowing what is going to happen to this place must have made me think about the years we spent here. "Mio?" my sisters' soft voice asked. Turning to see my sister, who was just staring at me, concern in her eyes? "Is your leg alright?" I ask, ready to stand and help her. "Just a little…" she says sitting on the rock I was sitting on, only she faced the forest, instead of the stream. I went back to my thoughts, concerned for Mayu. I never understood how she could forgive me for all those years ago. She never even blamed me for it. "Mayu, about that time…" I started, before turning to see she wasn't there. Looking into the edge of the forest I see her following some sort of reddish butterfly. "Mayu…?" I called, chasing after her.

Chasing Mayu through the forest, wondering where she was going. That butterfly, why chase that of all things. She's never followed anything but me. I was worried about her, and before I could blink it was suddenly so dark. Wasn't the sun just out? It was barely midday. I didn't stop to think about that for long, I had to find my sister! Looking up in the distance I saw smoke and the tips of a fire. There must be others here. Quickly I ran towards the only sign I could see, calling for my sister. I looked again and saw a Shinto gate, and a girl, standing before it with her head down, as if crying. Walking beside the girl, I could hear her sobs. "It's all gone…" she says softly, before vanishing. Confused by the disappearing girl, I carried on. Mayu was somewhere and maybe she ran here? Walking beside the large alter surrounded by sacred markings I saw my sister, standing at the edge looking over the apparent village. "Mayu…?"I asked cautiously. She quickly turned around, bright red butterflies coming from her. "The Lost Village…" she said softly.