Chapter 1: The Lost Village

"I've heard about this place. A long time ago, there was a village that disappeared during a festival. People who get lost in the woods are trapped by the village. Do you think this is that place?" Mayu says, gazing over the village. I glance at my sister and then move my gaze over the village. From on this hill the village seems cold, even distant. A light fog covers the ground of the village from here. I saw a few lights or lanterns so someone must be here. Maybe they can help us get out of here. Starting my walk down the hill, I glance to make sure Mayu is following me. Taking my time, so my sister can keep up we come upon a bag, lying on the ground midway down the hill. There was a black bag, with papers and photo inside.

Geological Surveyor Missing

With the start of construction for All God's Dam approaching, Masumi Makimura (26), a geological surveyor dispatched to the area, has gone missing. Mr. Makimura went to the area to investigate the site that would be submerged once the damn was built, but hasn't been heard from for five days.

Mayu and I stared at the clipping. Someone went missing here? Did this place take them too? So many questions were running through our heads until Mayu pointed to another paper attached to the first.

The search for Masumi Makimura (26), the surveyor missing since the fourth of this month, came to a close yesterday. Mr. Makimura had been helping to conduct a geological survey for All God's Dam. As of yesterday, he has been missing for ten days.

"Whose is this I wonder? Who else is here?" Could someone who was looking for this Mr. Makimura have dropped this bag? If so, where was this person now?

We get to the entrance of the village, looking at the two rundown houses. One was completely demolished, the other still standing and could most likely get inside. I could see inside the window, and a light was moving, there was someone here. "I wonder if anyone's here…" Mayu said softly, her hand lying on my shoulder. Gripping her hand back, I suddenly realized Mayu moved to stand in front of me. Worried I quickly looked behind me, but there was nothing there. "Mio…?" she asks pulling my attention back to going into the house. "Yeah..." I say before we go through the door.