Here's another little experiment of mine that I have mostly done.

I hope this little prologue peaks your curiosity.

This starts during Ianto's suspension after Cyberwoman.


He told himself that it was because he wanted to make sure Ianto didn't do anything nefarious. But if Jack was honest with himself, he was following Ianto to make sure he was all right and didn't try to do anything stupid like commit suicide in his emotional state.

So he was especially concerned when, in the second week of his suspension Ianto went to the beach. It was a gloomy evening and no one else was about. Jack was worried Ianto might try to drown himself and was about to step out of his hiding place when he saw Owen.

Owen sat on the sand next to Ianto and put a hand on his shoulder after a minute or two. Jack wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying but they looked awfully chummy. What was up with that? They weren't friends were they?

Jack ducked down when he saw Owen about to turn his way. When he put his head back up, both men were gone. What the…?

Jack went down to where they had been but there was no sign of them, not even a single footprint. Where the hell had they gone?

Ianto didn't think Jack had followed him today but one never knew with that guy. It was obvious Jack was worried about him but just what kind of worry was it? Did Jack truly care or was he just concerned that Ianto might do something else traitorous?

When Ianto got to the thankfully empty beach, he sat down and just stared out at the water. What had he been thinking? He knew in his head that it was too late to save Lisa but his stupid heart had to disagree. He just had to try and fight the alien technology. Damn aliens, why'd they have to come to this planet anyway? What was so fascinating about it? Life would be so much easier without them, then Ianto would never have met Jack and that would be ideal. Wouldn't it? Of course it would, Ianto told himself because he was not in the slightest bit attracted to that hypocritical bastard. He knew Jack had his secrets too, dark secrets, he just didn't know what they were. Though there was something off about him.

"When you weren't at your flat, I thought I'd find you here" Owen approached him.

Ianto didn't look at him "I thought you weren't speaking to me."

Owen sat next to him "I wasn't. Now I am."

"It's been two weeks, why now?"

Owen sighed "Jack's gonna let you back, I'm gonna have to talk to you sometime. Besides, I'm your brother."


"Still" Owen put a hand on his shoulder "I can't condone what you did the way you did it but you know I understand why."

"I regret the way I went about it."

"You should have come to me."

"I know and I'm sorry I didn't" Ianto sighed miserably "You think we should tell them about us?"

"That we're brothers or…"

"Both. Owen, I'm sick of lying and if Jack finds out on his own…" he shuddered "I don't know what he'd do."

"I know but what makes you think they'd believe us?"

"We have to try."

"Well" Owen looked in all directions "we have to clear it with Father first." He stood and pulled Ianto with him "let's go."

And the two of them walked into the waves.

What was that about? Did they just walk into the waves? Please review if you want to know why. There will be more explanation in the next chapter but only if you want to see it.