So we skipped some more time because I can't think of anything else to do with this story. I am so sorry. It didn't turn out the way I planned way back when. Supernatural just comes easier to me these days.

This features established!Destiel and established!Sabriel because I like them.

December 2009

Dean and Sam had been looking into a possible normal hunt in Louisiana when it turned out to be a sign of the Apocalypse—a plague of frogs. It didn't seem to bother the locals all that much because money could be made from hunting the slimy things and allegedly they made good eating. They'd called in Cas when they discovered that it might not be an ordinary plague of frogs.

He confirmed that it was more likely an attempt of Lucifer's to wreak havoc instead of the events in Exodus. But the frogs were at least safe to eat. Now the three were at a diner discussing how to get the frog population back to normal levels. Sam was eating salad, Cas was eating nothing and Dean tried the frog legs, deciding anything was good battered and deep fried. With Tabasco and ketchup.

"These aren't half bad" Dean said around a mouthful. He swallowed "they actually do kind of taste like chicken."

Sam pushed his salad away "I'm not hungry anymore."

"Wanna bite Cas?" Dean held out a leg to his angel who was sitting closely next to him.

Cas blinked "I do not require sustenance."

Dean rolled his eyes "Well neither does Gabriel but he eats all the time. Come on, babe, give it a try."

Cas was butter in Dean's hands whenever he called him babe "Very well" he lowered his head and took a dainty bite from the frog leg. He grimaced as he straightened up, chewed and swallowed "I find the taste displeasing. I've never enjoyed swamps."

"I'm really not hungry" Sam mumbled.

"That's okay, babe" Dean planted a quick kiss on Cas's cheek "maybe you'll like the dessert."

"Dean" Sam whined "we don't have time for dessert."

"There's always time for dessert, Sammy."

"And one wonders why you and Gabriel don't get along better."

"Castiel?" a young man, looking around Sam's age and wearing a suit approached the booth. "That's you right?" he had an accent Dean couldn't place. Three people were hovering behind him, two dudes and a hot Japanese chick. One of the dudes was dressed like it was still the 1940s.

Cas stared up at the suit, cheeks turning a little pink "Uh, yes. Hello Ianto."

Dean nudged the angel "Friends of yours Cas?"

"Absolutely," said 1940s "we met at a party a couple years back. Captain Jack Harkness" he held out a hand. And his grin was practically blinding.

Sam shook the hand "I'm Sam and that's my brother, Dean."

"Wonderful to meet you both."

"So you're the famed Winchesters?" said the other dude, he had one of those English accents you always heard on TV.

Dean was already on edge and now he was even more so "How do you know that?"

Sam cleared his throat "Maybe we ought to take this somewhere else?"

The seven of them stepped outside and once Dean chased all the frogs off the Impala introductions were made. Ianto and the English dude, Owen were half-brothers and apparently Celtic gods (Cas assured Dean and Sam they were not a threat to humans), Tosh, the Japanese woman was Owen's wife and Jack, was Ianto's partner as well as leader of their monster fighting team. They were based in the UK and had come here to the States for a piece of the action.

They wanted to prevent the Apocalypse as much as Dean and Sam.

"So what's with all the frogs?" Jack asked.

"It's a plague" Ianto and Owen said at once.

Cas nodded "Yes and it was caused by a demon."

"How can we help?" Jack seemed raring to kill something—Dean could relate.

Cas shook his head "This demon is powerful. I'm afraid only an archangel can properly defeat it."

Dean groaned "Great. Lucifer's out of the question and Michael and Raphael probably don't give a damn."

Cas nodded "That would be a correct assumption."

Dean looked at Sam "Well?"


"He only listens to you."

Sam sighed "Fine. Gabriel" he called "we could use your help."

"This is exciting" Jack said "we get to meet an archangel."

"Arch-dick more like it" Dean muttered.

"I heard that Dino" Gabriel materialized "and if anyone's an arch-dick in my family it's…" he saw Ianto and company and his mouth dropped open "Holy fuck."

Ianto's eyes were wide "Loki? What? You're really…oh my god, Hermes said that you could be a real angel when…"

Gabriel's cheeks were red and he waved a hand "Yeah, he was hinting…the little brat."

"Bloody hell" Owen muttered.

"This is absolutely unbelievable" Tosh's voice was filled with awe and Gabriel winked at her.

"Wait just a minute here" Jack stepped closer to Gabriel "Not long after Ianto met you, Owen and I were the victims of several creative and at times rather malicious pranks. Were you responsible?"

Dean hated to admit it but Jack was looking rather imposing. Gabriel didn't seem to agree because he was smirking up at Jack, eyes twinkling "Maybe" he said that sing-song voice that grated on Dean's nerves.

Owen strode forward "You dropped a bloody desk on me! If I had been human…"

"Yeah my desk" Jack said, "my stuff got everywhere."

Sam stared at Gabriel incredulously "What is with you and desks? Do you have a kink or something?"

Gabriel grinned at Sam lasciviously "You should know, Sammykins."

"Oh God" Dean groaned "I don't need to hear that."

Sam's cheeks were as red as Ianto's shirt "Uh, no, Dean, um Mystery Spot, one of the ways he killed you was by dropping a desk on you."


"What?" said Jack and Owen.

Gabriel chortled "Oh it's a deliciously long but entertaining story."

"It was not entertaining!" Sam's arms were crossed "You try watching your brother die over and over again."

Gabriel held up a finger "But in varying degrees of hilarity."

"He got electrocuted by his own razor. That was not funny! I saw his freakin' skeleton."

"That only happens on TV" Owen said "I'm a doctor."

"But that's why it was funny" Gabriel materialised a chocolate bar and bit into it.

"Can we not discuss how many times Dean has died?" Cas put in.

Dean slid an arm around him "Thanks Cas."

Tosh whistled, getting everyone's attention "We do have more important things to worry about don't we?"

"I should say so" Ianto said, kicking at a frog.

"Frogs, wasn't that one of the Plagues of Egypt?" Tosh asked.

"Give the lady a prize" Gabriel said, snapping his fingers and a lollipop appeared in Tosh's hand.

Rolling his eyes Cas said "Gabriel was the archangel put in charge of them."

Gabriel bowed "Some of my best work. They were just desserts, don't ya know? Especially the water and wine into blood, that was one of my favourites. I of course had a few seraphs helping out, it was a big job after all. Castiel here came up with the locusts."

Cas blushed "I actually wanted bees but Gabriel said locusts would make more sense."

"Still" Gabriel said, giving Cas a fond expression "your input was highly valued."

"Thank you Brother."

The eight of them regrouped in the cabin Jack had rented—the town was too small to have a nice hotel suite. The cabin was okay, it was just that Ianto was a little spoiled, he had to admit. Oh well. He still couldn't get over the fact that Loki was really the Archangel Gabriel, talk about a revelation. Especially when it was damn apparent he was an angel when he threatened Torchwood to remain silent about his identity or he would smite them all. Even Owen had been too frightened to be snarky and Jack, while he winked playfully at Gabriel he didn't have a comment either. He didn't even mutter "you can try" under his breath.

"Would anyone like coffee while we discuss the plan?" Ianto offered the group.

Gabriel smiled "I'll take a cup" he turned to Castiel and the hunters "you need to try Ianto's coffee, it is the best in all creation, I swear to Dad."

Ianto flushed and looked down shyly at the praise "Thank you, sir" he said.

Gabriel waved a hand "None of that sir stuff, Ianto. Makes me feel old. Not a word out of you Dino!"

Dean held up his hands "I wasn't gonna say anything. I could do with some coffee" he added to Ianto.

"Me too, please" Sam said.

Ianto already knew the rest of Torchwood wanted coffee so he looked to Castiel "How about you Castiel?"

Castiel blinked and tilted his head "I remember trying it at that event we attended. I enjoyed it highly. I will have some, thank you."

Ianto smiled and got to work on making eight cups of coffee.

"So" Jack cleared his throat "how do we kill this thing?"

"We don't" Gabriel said "I do."

"What is the creature called?" Tosh asked.

"I like to call it frogman."

"Frogman?" Sam asked.

Gabriel shrugged "Well his real name is hard to pronounce by human standards. I thought I'd make things easier on everyone."

"It is also fourteen syllables long" Castiel added.

"Right" Dean cracked his knuckles "So while you're killing this thing, Gabriel, what are we supposed to do?"

"Frogman always has an entourage. You can kill the minions."

"Ooh, minions" Jack said excitedly and Ianto knew without looking he had pulled out his gun "can we shoot them?"

"Oh sure" Gabriel said "it just won't kill them. You'll need to take off their heads."

"Well that's fine" Owen said lazily "I'm good at chopping heads."

The coffee was brewing now and Ianto turned back to the group "Lo—Gabriel, you're not going to add disgusting amounts of sugar to my coffee are you?"

Gabriel looked properly chastised "Once was enough, Ianto. I know your coffee doesn't need anything" he looked at his companions "remember that guys."

"I take my coffee black anyway" Dean said "It's Sammy who drinks girl coffee. No offense, Tosh."

Tosh giggled "None taken."

Sam shot Dean a look which could only be described as bitchy and then he looked at Ianto, features softened "I trust Gabriel's judgement."

"Glad to hear it."

The angels and hunters raved over Ianto's coffee. Well, Owen pretty sure Castiel would have raved if he possessed the capability—he wasn't so sure. The black-winged seraph seemed to be rather stoic, except when his gaze was directed at Dean. It was damn obvious the two were romantically involved and Owen had his suspicions about Gabriel and Sam too. How do two humans snag a couple of angels?

The Winchesters were good-looking as far as men went and Owen could see the attraction but he hadn't seen enough of their personalities to have a final opinion. Maybe the question was, what in the hell did they see in the two angels?

"Lucifer's not gonna show up is he?" Dean asked suddenly.

"Doubtful" Gabriel said.

Sam sighed in a long suffering way "Even if does, I'll be fine."

"What makes you think I'm worried about you?" Dean said defensively.

Gabriel scoffed "Because you always do, Dino. You are way overprotective of your little brother."

Ianto sat on the armrest next to Jack "I can relate to that" he stared pointedly at Owen.

Owen sputtered "I am not overprotective of you."

"You are too. You remember how you were when Jack and I got together."

"Well I had my reasons. He's a…" he cut himself off.

Jack smiled at him sweetly "I'm a what Owen?"

Owen sighed "Omnisexual egotistical self-righteous playboy."

Sam laughed "Except for the omnisexual part that's pretty much Dean."

"Hey!" Dean exclaimed "I am not egotistical!"

"I don't know Dean" Gabriel said "you're Michael's vessel, egotistical is kind of a requirement."

"You're egotistical!"

Castiel sighed wearily "Can we please not argue? We do have more pressing matters to attend to."

The Frogman and its minions were easily defeated with Gabriel's help. Jack was quite impressed with the Winchesters' fighting abilities and looks. Those were a couple of pretty boys. They wore a little too much denim and flannel for Jack's tastes but damn were they hot. But for men their age there was way too much weariness in their eyes and it broke Jack's heart. Sam and Dean had seen far too much.

Castiel's vessel looked very much like the form Jack had been allowed to glimpse at Hermes' party two years ago, just minus the wings. Though why he was dressed like Columbo Jack couldn't fathom. And Gabriel, well the only word Jack could describe him with was adorable.

"Your suit doesn't fit you properly, Castiel" Ianto told the seraph over drinks. Jack had rented out the private room in a local bar so the group could celebrate their win against frogs.

Castiel looked down at himself "It doesn't?"

"No, it's about one size too big. Had your vessel lost weight before you took him or something?"

"No, Jimmy has always been slight."

"Well clearly he didn't believe in tailors. Also, your tie is backwards" Ianto reached out and flipped the tie around "God, where did he buy this suit, Sears? It's horrible."

"Hey!" Dean said "Leave him alone. I like his suit."

"Well you have no fashion sense."

"I will stake you" Dean growled.

Ianto scoffed "A wooden stake does not kill a sea god, idiot."

"Then what does?"

"Like I'm going to tell you."

Jack stretched his arms "If you two are going to fight, can you do it naked and in oil?"

"Gross!" Owen and Sam exclaimed at once.

Ianto and Dean backed down from each other.

"Jimmy was a man of simple tastes" Castiel said as if the confrontation didn't just happen.

"I think we need more booze" Gabriel snapped his fingers and everyone's glasses refilled.

"I wouldn't mind watching naked oil wrestling" Tosh said quietly.

Jack put an arm around her "I'm with Tosh."

Owen strode up to Dean "Don't threaten my brother again" his brown eyes flashed blue.

"Owen" Ianto rolled his eyes.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and two naked buff men appeared in a kiddie pool of oil "Being an archangel has its perks."

The group parted ways after that. The hunters and their angels had their own problems to deal with and they didn't want Torchwood to get caught in the crossfire. But they were more than welcome to have fun with regular monsters and things.

Jack handed his number to Dean "Keep in touch, guys. Let us know if you need anything. Oh! I know what we can do for you." Torchwood had been told of the Winchesters not only being "dead" but on the most wanted list of almost every law enforcement agency in the country "We can remove you from all wanted lists and make you alive again."

Sam perked up "You can do that?"

"We can do anything."

"Dean" Sam put a hand on his brother's arm "we wouldn't have to hide anymore."

Dean looked to be mulling it over "We'd still have to use fake ids for hunts."

"We can make you better ones of those too" Jack offered.

Dean shrugged "If you're offering, why the hell not?"

To quote the great Chuck "Endings are hard". I'm sorry this sucks so much. This story kind of went off the rails didn't it? I'm sorry. But like I said Supernatural is just easier for me these days.

Speaking of, if you're a fan of Supernatural and Destiel then please check out my new story "Look Into My Eyes.". I posted the first chapter this morning. The story is completely done, (surprised, ain'tcha?), I just need to separate it into chapters. Here's the summary and excerpt:

Summary: AU from the end of "Changing Channels". Castiel spends a lot of time with Gabriel, mostly getting advice on how to woo Dean. Cas also continues to help the Winchesters and tells them about angelic family structure. Team Free Will gets help from an unexpected source who makes things easier (slightly). Dean realizes his feelings for Cas but is a coward about it initially, thinking himself unworthy of the angel. There is also a line of folks willing smite Dean's ass if he breaks Castiel's heart.

Castiel found himself in the warehouse next to Dean and Sam.

"Cas, you okay?" Dean asked.

"I'm fine" he told him and then focused on the Archangel "Hello Gabriel."

The Archangel stood in the middle of a ring of Holy Fire, looking a combination of smug and agitated. His white wings were arched and his feathers ruffled "Hey, Munchkin. How's the search for the Big Guy going? Let me guess. Awful."

Castiel glared at him. Brother Gabriel had been one of the most popular and loved of the Archangels; Castiel himself had admired him. It had been a painful blow when Gabriel left Heaven and to know what he'd been doing with his time…not to mention how he had tormented Dean and Sam.

Dean looked at Castiel "Munchkin?" he asked.

"Don't ask," Castiel sighed and kept his gaze on Gabriel "I know what that means now. I was waiting for that word to exist and I don't believe it applies to me."

Gabriel rolled his eyes "Were you always this literal? Oh wait, that's right, you are a Thursday angel. What's that saying? Thursday's child has far to go."

"Okay" Dean said harshly "we're outta here. Come on, Sam." He turned and began to walk away.

Gabriel blinked "Uh. Okay. Guys?"

Sam followed Dean, after giving Gabriel one of his "puppy dog bitch faces".

"So, so what? Huh?" Gabriel said.

Castiel turned and followed the brothers, but watching the older angel over his shoulder.

"You're just gonna, you're gonna leave me here forever?"

Dean stopped at the door and turned back to look at him "No. We're not, 'cause we don't screw with people the way you do. And for the record? This isn't about some prize fight between your brothers or some destiny that can't be stopped. This is about you being too afraid to stand up to your family." He pulled the fire alarm and the sprinkler system went off, extinguishing the fire "Don't say I never did anything for you."

Castiel followed the brothers outside after one last look at Gabriel. He stayed by the door while Dean and Sam went up to the Impala.

Sam turned to Castiel "So it seems like you and Gabriel know each other pretty well?"

Castiel breathed in deeply "When I was a young angel he was one of my teachers."

Sam nodded, almost as if he expected this answer.

He needed to talk to Gabriel…before he changed his mind "Excuse me," he said to the Winchesters "I need to speak with him" he went back inside.

To his surprise, Gabriel was still there, standing where they left him and looking miserable. "Hello Gabriel."

Gabriel's arms were crossed and his wings drooped "You said that already. There a reason you came back in here?"

Castiel went up to him "I want to know why."

"Why what?"

"Why everything, Brother Gabriel? Why you left Heaven? Why you've masqueraded as a Trickster? Why you've targeted Dean and Sam?"

"I think you're the only one who refers to them as Dean and Sam instead of Sam and Dean."

Castiel blinked "The way I refer to the Winchesters is not of import." He tilted his head "Brother Gabriel, I used to admire you, look up to you. I want to understand why."

Gabriel regarded him for a long moment and sighed heavily "Oh, kiddo, I never could resist that confused puppy look. All right, if we're gonna talk about this I'm gonna need a drink. Let's go somewhere a little less warehouse themed."

The story contains, fluff, romance, fun with Gabriel, smut, angst, Dean being an idiot and my own version of angelic family structure. It's the first in a trilogy.

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