A Universonaught, a member of a team of same sent out to explore the very edges of the universe, goes about his daily duties since leaving Earth's solar system some fifty thousand terrestrial years ago. But for those on board the S.S. COSMOS, only a dozen or so years have elapsed.

Colonel Winslow Deed enters the arrow-shaped bridge of a much larger vessel, streaking through space at the equivalent of several thousand times the speed of light.

He addresses himself to his crew of six, in a tone that told the tale of day-after-day of essential boredom since leaving Earth's part of the universe so many ship-years ago...

"Current speed and location, Major Evans," heaved a weary traveler from a time and planet long since evolved into something much grander, or having collapsed into a devolved state of widespread destruction and death for the human race.

Checking over the myriad of holographic instruments encircling his seated position on that self-same arrow-shaped bridge, Major Leland Evans readily responded, with as much weariness as his Colonel, "We are approximately four billion light-years away. Traveling at a constant velocity akin to eleven thousand, five hundred and twenty-two speed-of-light multiples. ETA, until the outermost edge of the universe: approximately two more months, sir."

"Two more months," sighed Colonel Deed to himself, as the consistant state of boredom would continue, unabated, for another sixty ship-days. "I can't wait."

"The time is the distant future. The place is the far-flung cosmos containing countless star systems within billions of galaxies that have existed for about fourteen billion years, spread out of a near endless sea of starlight seen, from different vantage points on different planets, by any and all intelligent life-forms conscious of this seemingly endless vastness called the cosmos. Colonel Winslow Deed was the commanding officer, for a number of years, of this contingent of officers sworn to carry out this grandest of space-time experiments...the traveling to, and eventually reaching, the outermost edge of what had, until this time, been considered the ultimate in eternity. Little did they know that they were going to uncover a true mystery of mysteries once the passing of two more months winds up with the S.S. COSMOS actually reaching the edge of the universe. Heading straight into...the twilight zone."

The Universonaught in charge of all things dealing with communication, Lieutenant Asher Brahms, saw fit to relay the facts of said communication between starship and Earth space, as such had stood as fact for numerous years, since leaving Earth space, as well as the Ort cloud of asteroids, planetoids, and comets that existed past the orbital path of Pluto...

"Sending out the latest in a long line of statis reports culminated from the COSMOS' flight from Earth orbit. Now, as before, there is no new transmissions, sent by Earth's center for space-flights, established in the Twenty-Fourth Century, has been beamed back."

"Same as it was yesterday," murmured Colonel Deed, more to himself than anyone else on the bridge. "And the day before that. And the day before that. Month after month after month." Then louder, and directed to his right, "Thank you, Lieutenant. Maintain standard communications, for the standard number of passing days during our super-luminary flight."

"Yes sir, Colonel," came the almost bored voice of communications officer Lieutenant Brahms, as his hands, as did the hands of everyone on the bridge, manipulated the holographic circle of station-situated controls.

Only Colonel Deed, from his centermost seat on said bridge, did not have a holographic circle of station-situated controls.

His eyes strayed back to the strange display playing out on the vast holographic viewscreen, dominating the foreward-most point of the arrow-shaped bridge. Which consisted of a small blue-red tinged point of seemingly compressed space amidst a utterly black-beyond-black field of view.

Such had been the sight seen ever since, after leaving via the Ort cloud encompassing the entire Earth-based solar system, whereupon the special negative energy engines were switched on so that seemingly faster-than-light velocities could be reached and maintained.

Colonel Winslow Deed took a moment to look about at the six Universonaughts accompanying him toward this titanic trek through Space-Time: Aside from Major Leland Evans, at the station wherein the actual flight controls for the S.S. COSMOS were located, and Lieutenant Asher Brahms, seated at a seemingly useless, since reaching a point in known space that was a few billion light-years away from Earth, station of communications, there were four others.

Four more Universonaughts: Lieutenant-Colonel Harland Nevins, the executive officer, or XO, seated at the holographic station for scientific observations and calculations, which came in handy for gleaning details regarding surrounding Space-Time as it pertains to the galaxies past which the S.S. COSMOS streaked; Captain Orlando Rogersmith seated at the holographic station for precise Space-Time navigations; Lieutenant Graham Utanizki seated at the engineering holographic station for keeping up with the constantly strumming negative matter engines, whose output had to maintain a steady stream of such energies to keep the S.S. COSMOS streaking through time and space; Chief Medical Officer, Major Ingrid Battle, in charge of all things medical, when it came to this crew, and the only female in the bunch, and beautiful at that.

Such made up the Universonaught crew that had already outlived generations of humans, on Earth, since those who constructed, in space, the S.S. COSMOS and sent it on its unbelievably distant trek past stars and galaxies. Humans whom had long since died, to be replaced by generation after generation of more humans whom have either evolved into beings of great mental prowess, or fallen into the abysmal pit of death and destruction wrought by their own human hands.

Such seemed insignificant, since the journey through the universe need not include a return-trip back to Earth. For, to do so, would mean either returning to a long-dead planet, or appearing as apes stumbling in from the jungle into cities of light and sheer mentally-motivated Man.