Unexpected Joy and Heartbreak Chapter 1

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16 year old Bay Kennish broke up with her boyfriend Emmett Bledsoe after breaking up with him because he cheated on her with Simone "Slut"Clair. He came over one night to say how sorry he was. This was a night she will never forget, it was the night she lost her virginity to the guy she thought she loved at one time, but most importantly it was the night their first child was concieved.

She can remember the night perfectly, how he come over to her house and told her how sorry he was, and how if she gave him one more chance she would see he loves her and only her. Bay didn't want to hear any of it she had heard how sorry he was a million times and each time the only thing that she was really hearing was 'Bullshit'. Bay was a loose cannon when it came to her anger, if she was angry at you you would know. She kept yelling at him while signing about how she didn't believe anything he was saying, and that he needed to leave her house. Then instead of talking Emmett did something Bay wasn't expecting. He kissed her. He pulled away afterwards expecting her to slap him at any moment, but she didn't. She kissed him back. And soon their innocent kisses became more intense as they fell back onto the couch in her art studio, then made love for the first time. They both didn't know what it was, maybe their anger fueled their first time, maybe it didn't all they knew was it was what they had been waiting for. Sure Emmett wasn't a virgin but they had both longed for something since they started dating, even when they were broken up and that was to express their love for each other. Afterwards Bay didn't know what to think, what did she do? she just slept with a guy who cheated on her! what was she thinking last night, did she drink to much cherry coke or something and the caffiene went to her head. Whatever it was that caused it, it shouldn't have happened. She got up and quickly got dressed, Emmett looked at her concerned,"Bay what's wrong?"

She put her shirt on and started to sign, "This shouldn't have happened Emmett, we're broken up remember."

"But you can't tell me you didn't feel anything between us when we did that, you know in your heart that we are meant to be together, just please think long and hard about us," he pleaded.

"Fine I'll think about usbut for now you should go."

"Ok," he got dressed and left the Kennish home. He figured it would be best not to argue with her right now, if he ever wanted a chance at getting back together with her.

It was now 3 weeks later and Bay still hadn't decided what to do about Emmett, he hurt her so much but there was also that sweet side to him that she was attracted to, he didn't push her to make a decision right away and he was willing to wait to move on until she figured out what to do.

Unfortunately Bay couldn't keep Emmett out of her life for good now. Lately she had been feeling sick to her stomach, she had thrown up a few times, and ok maybe she did put on a few pounds. Even though she didn't believe she was, she decided to go buy a pregnancy test, which by the way in case you are ever in this situation, the cashier will give you a dirty look like your something she just scraped off of their shoe. after paying for her test she gave the cashier her famous Bay fake smile and, "Thaaanks".

She got home and immediately went to the bathroom to take the test, it was times like these where she was glad she drank so much water. She took the test and waited for the results to come back, god this was the longest 3 minutes ever! Toby started banging on the door causing her to jump. "Bay would you hurry up, I know you a girl and everything but a dudes gotta pee."

"Toby there are 4 bathrooms in this house go find another one I'm busy!"

"Gosh why are you so moody," he mumbled before walking away.

Well I guess she was about to find out why she is so moody; the timer on her phone beeped and she picked up the test, and there it was clear as day that little pink plus sign that people either hate or love, she was undecisive about it, everything was happening at once and it was stressing her out, so she did the only thing she could really do, cry.

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