Unexpected Joy and Heartbreak

4 weeks later...

Bay was putting some books in her locker when Toby came up to her."Hey Bay." She sensed some tension in his voice.

"Toby, what's going on?" she hesitated asking.

He sighed,"Well people are kind of talking about you."

"Oh please Toby, someone is always talking about someone at this school, what else is new." said sarcastically.

"No I mean they are talking about how that shirt that your wearing shows your baby bump."

Her eyes got really big,"WHAT! WHO!"

"I don't know Bay but it doesn't matter because you can't really do anything about it, you are having a baby and you are going to get bigger."

"Thanks Toby I didn't know that," She snapped back.

"I'm just trying to help."

"Well you can't ok, so just leave me alone, me and Emmett can handle this ok?"

"Alright," He agreed only because he knew it was the hormones talking.

Later on that night...

"Mom I'm going to my doctors appointment, Emmett is going to meet me there." She yelled.

"OK honey be careful."

She didn't want to tell her that Melody was going because she was afraid her mom would be upset that she couldn't go, she thought it would be a good bonding thing for her and melody.

Bay got in the car and drove to the doctors office. When she got there like she greeted Emmett and Melody and they walked inside.

The office was packed with screaming kids, it was sort of a reality check that in 7 months she would be having a baby, this just made her more nervous than she already was. She looked over at Emmett and started telling him about her day,"Emmett do you think I'm getting fat and ugly."

"Bay your not fat your pregnant and you are going to get bigger, its what happens. As for ugly, you are far from it, you are the most beautiful person that I have ever laid my eyes on."

Bay laughed,"Thanks." Emmett put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder while he played with her hair, she feel asleep pretty quickly.

"So Emmett I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for sticking by Bay, most guys would just hump then dump."

Emmett looked at her weird, "Ok mom no comment on that, but thanks"

"No problem and when she wakes up I'm going to let her know that I'm proud of her too, it takes alot to be a teen mom." Melody smiled then started looking around trying to hold back from asking something.

"Mom go ahead, ask what you want to ask."

"OK! Well I had some ideas for baby names, but of course I will her yours first then I will give some suggestions."

Emmett nudged Bay knowing she would want to be a part of this conversation,"Hey sleepy head, my mom was talking baby names and I figured you would want to join us."

Bay's face lit up like a christmas tree,"OK! So for a girl I really like Julianna, Caitlyn, Anya or Victoria and for a boy I like Owen, Lucas or Jack."

"What about you Emmett, what names do you like?" Melody asked.

"I really like Julianna, Anya and Jack but I also like Cierra, Hannah, and Angelina and Nathan, Toby, and Keegan." He smiled.

"Oh I really Angelina and Keegan, ugh this is so hard there are so many cute names." She pouted.

"Hmm if I may I really like Anya, Julianna, Nathan or Toby, But Bay why dont you ask your parents as well they came up with a beautiful name for you, they will know thw best name." Melody smiled.

"Bay Kennish!" A loud annoying nurse called.

They walked back to the room and Bay got up on the table. "So Bay you are 2 months along now right?" The nurse asked.

"Yes about 10 weeks to be exact."

"Ok well lets get a look at your baby and she how everything is doing in there." The nurse began moving the wand over her slight bump on her stomach."Alright there's your baby , The baby is alittle small for this age but will probably catch up, we will just monitor the baby more."

"Ok." Bay sounded nervous, she didn't want anything to go wrong with her baby.

"Well you should be all set, here are your pictures."

"Thanks." Bay said as the nurse walked out. She looked to Emmett and started crying,"Emmett I don't want anything to go wrong."

"Don't worry the baby will be fine and if he/she is on the small side well good things come in small packages."

Bay laughed,"Ya I guess your right." She looked at Melody,"How didyou like seeing your grandchild for the first time?"

"It was amazing I'm so happy for you guys."

"Come on Bay lets get you home." Emmett helped her off the table.

"Emmett I love you, you are so good to me."

"I love you too," he smiled and kissed Bay before heading home.

A/N: Ok so we are going to have a poll for names here are your options

Girl- Julianna, Anya, Caitlyn, Victoria, Cierra, Hannah, or Angelina.

Boy-Owen, Lucas, Jack, Nathan, Toby, or Keegan

Just comment on what name you want and the winner will be revealed when she has the baby :)