It was a typical day in the Turner household.

Timmy Turner's parents Mom and Dad Turner had gone out to their favourite local restaurant the Cake & Bacon, leaving their most unfortunate buck-toothed pink-hatted son alone with the evil babysitter.

Poor Timmy had just been cleaning the upstairs section of his house and was about to take out a surprisingly large amount of trash when Vicky kicked him down the stairs, just because she was bored, cackling as he bounced off each individual step.

"Oww…" He moaned, getting up to inspect the various bruises and scratches before continuing to haul the garbage outside.

"I hate her! I hate her so much!" He exclaimed as he threw the bags in the bin.

Three flashes of pink, green and purple light later and his fairy godfamily appeared around him.

"Cheer up kiddo! It won't be like this forever!" Wanda changed into a nurse's outfit and began to tend to him.

"Yeah, she'll be off to college in two more years!" Cosmo cheered. "And besides, at least those stairs didn't put you into a coma! Comas suck even more!"

"So I'm supposed to put up with that for two more years?!" Timmy fumed as he made his way up to his room.

"At least we'll be here to help you deal with it, right?" Wanda said hopefully. Poof nodded in agreement, babbling cheerfully.

"I just wish she could be nice." Timmy moaned.

"Uh-uh! After the last time you made that wish, Jorgen put it in Da Rules: No wishing Vicky nice." Wanda reminded him.

"Isn't there some way that she'd at least back off me?" Timmy complained.

"Wait. Suppose there was someone that could scare her into not being mean to me? But who? I don't know anyone fouler than her that could teach her a lesson…"

Cosmo glanced at Wanda worriedly. "I sense a stupid wish coming up. A wish stupider than me!"

"Oh boy…" Wanda's eyes widened.

"Poof, poof?" Poof sounded worried as well.

"I wish… That there was someone who could teach Vicky a lesson!"

Cosmo, Wanda and Poof grimaced as they waved their wands and rattle.

Suddenly the door flung open and the three fairies poofed into their fishbowl.

"Oh Timmy!" Mr and Mrs Turner sang in unison.

"Guess what? Your mom's sister and her family are stopping in town for the week! The adults are staying in the guest room, but you, the ten year old boy will have to share your room with their twelve year old girl!" Mr Turner said.

"Last time they came to visit, you and Amanda were just babies!" Mrs Turner threw a picture at him.

"They'll be here in a few minutes so be ready to share your room… with a girl!" Mr and Mrs Turner laughed as they shut back the door.

"Ooh, we should take them to the Cake & Bacon!" Mrs Turner suggested as they moved away from the door.

Timmy blinked as his fairies appeared above him, looking at the picture he held.

In it were two young children, him, a tiny little thing with a single brown curl, signature buck teeth beginning to show and what he assumed to be Amanda, a grumpy looking toddler with dark eyes and a few blonde curls.

"That kid scares me…" Cosmo cried, flying into Wanda and Poof burst into tears.

"Do you think that she's…?" Timmy trailed off as the doorbell rang.

"TIMMY! Get down here! Our guests are here!" Mrs Turner called up.

Timmy looked at his fairy godfamily as they poofed into a purple watch and a purple and green wristband to join him.

As soon as Mrs Turner opened the door, thunder and lightning began to crackle and rain began to fall.

When a certain blonde girl with her horn-like hair held back with a black hairband walked up to the door with Saliva at her side, all the plants along the pathway died and the hedges shrivelled up.

The taxi driver immediately sped off, looking rather relieved to finally have her out of his car.

"Wow, so Amanda still does that, huh?" Mom Turner chuckled nervously.

The girl spoke in a monotone, "Call me Mandy or you die."

"Okay. Glad to know you changed into a cheerful little girl…" Mom backed away into Dad.

"Hello there. You must be my cousin Timmy. You look wimpy and pathetic…" Mandy scoffed as she looked him up and down.

"We'll be getting her parents settled. Why don't you get Mandy settled, Timmy?" The adults sped off.

"Um, okay. My room's up here…" Timmy took off up the stairs, he and his fairies failing to notice her luggage floating behind them.

"So… What do you think of Dimmsdale so far?" Timmy asked nervously as he watched Mandy fix her sleeping bag and put out Saliva's dog bed.

"Dull. Not at all like Endsville. Not what I expected when I agreed to come. I heard that all sorts of weird things happened here, though not like the weird stuff back at home…"

"Yeah…" Timmy chucked nervously. "Weird stuff…"

"Dis room feels weird, like I'm not the only paranormal presence in here…" A disembodied, Jamaican-sounding male voice said.

"Really, Grim? Interesting…" Mandy raised an eyebrow at Timmy.

"I would know. I am de Grim Reaper after all!"

A swirling black and red vortex appeared in the middle of the room and it suddenly became very windy as a pile of bones formed in front of the vortex and assembled into a skeleton.

The vortex warped into a black cloak and draped itself around the skeleton as it reached into the air, reaching for a scythe that had appeared there seconds earlier.

"AHH! SKELETON! SKELETON IN MY ROOM! AAH!" Timmy scrambled to run, but tripped over the carpet.

"Cool it, Buckteeth. Grim won't hurt anyone here unless I say so."

"But… but… the Grim Reaper! How, but... how? The Grim Reaper only shows up to kill people!" Timmy exclaimed.

"Not when you make a bet with him and he loses…" Mandy smirked.

Timmy stopped running around the room in a panic. "Wait, you made a bet with the Grim Reaper?"

"Yep. I won, so he has to be my slave for all eternity."

"Interesting bet…"

"You mean horrible bet. I've regretted it every day, mon. Mandy be a real slave driver…"

"Wimp." Mandy rolled her eyes.

"Calling the Grim Reaper a wimp? Wanda, she scares me…" Cosmo whimpered.

"Cosmo, shush!" Wanda exclaimed, sounding nervous.

"What was that?" Mandy asked.

"Nothing, nothing really. Must be a radio in the house or something…" Timmy chuckled nervously.

"Oh really? My guess is that those voices I heard might be the "paranormal presence" Grim felt. He may be dumb…"


Mandy ignored him. "But he's never wrong when it comes to the paranormal. He knows his stuff."

"Nope, nothing paranormal here! Hehhehheheh…"

"Really…" Mandy took a step towards him, pounding her fist.


Downstairs with the adults…

They sat nervously together eating leftover cake and bacon.

"It sounds like Mandy's playing nice up there!" Mrs Maxwell chuckled nervously.

"Just like when they were babies, huh?" Mrs Turner's hands shook as she poured glasses of water for them.

"That niece of yours scares me!" Mr Turner wailed.

"We l-live with her every d-d-day. Plus she has that creepy p-p-pet of h-h-hers. My n-nerves are s-shot…" Mr Maxwell stammered.


"More cake and bacon anyone?" Mrs Turner held up a plate.

Back in Timmy's room…

Timmy quavered in the corner.

"Mandy, leave de poor boy alone mon! You scarin' 'im!" Grim chewed on his finger bones.

"I want answers, dear cousin." Mandy folded her arms and stared him down.

"G… guys…"

A purple poof of smoke surrounded him and Poof appeared in front of his godbrother, pointing his rattle at Grim and Mandy bravely.

"Aww! Ain't he cute? I haven't seen a fairy baby in thousands of years…" Grim cooed.

"Huh?" Cosmo and Wanda poofed on either side of Timmy.

"You're not going to hurt us?" Cosmo asked nervously.

"No mon! I made a contract wid Jorgen so long ago. I can't reap fairies."

"Fairies?" Mandy raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Their names are Cosmo, Wanda and Poof…" Timmy pointed to each one.

"Timmy, don't!" Wanda exclaimed.

"And they're my fairy godfamily…"

The house shook as a cloud of smoke filled the room.

"Timmy Turnerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Downstairs with the adults…

They had finally finished eating when the shaking of the house threw them off the chairs.

"M-must be Mandy's pet a-a-again…" Mr Maxwell stammered.

"What the hell kind of pet is that?!" Mrs Turner's eyes widened.

Back in Timmy's room…

"How many times do I have to tell you to never reveal your fairy godparents to another human?!" Jorgen Von Strangle roared down at him.

"B…but…" Timmy pointed behind him.

Jorgen turned around and spotted Grim.

"Grim! Hey, how are you doing? I haven't seen you in centuries! How's the betting going?" Jorgen chuckled.

"Not very well." Grim muttered.

"That bet is the reason fairies are immortal, heheh…" Jorgen chuckled.

Then he spotted Mandy.

"That face! Amanda Maxwell is on our "Never Assign A Fairy To" list! What is she doing here? I'm going to have to wipe her memory for sure- and then I'm wiping yours, Turner!" Jorgen roared.

"Nobody's wiping my memory here, bub." Mandy glared up at him and Jorgen glared right back.

He pulled out his memory wiper and tried to use it on her, but it failed to work with an… interesting side effect.

"AHH! OH MY GOD! THAT GIRL IS TRULY EVIL! NO WONDER SHE'S ON OUR "NEVER ASSIGN A FAIRY TO" LIST! Those… those memories of hers… They will give me nightmares!" Jorgen burst into tears.

"Turner, you can keep your fairies, just keep that little demon girl away from me!" Jorgen teleported quicker than anyone had ever seen him while still crying.

"Whoa. She scared Jorgen!" Timmy said in awe.

"Yeah, so? He doesn't look so tough…" Mandy scoffed.

"If Mandy can scare Jorgen, you'd definitely scare Vicky!" Timmy exclaimed.

"Icky Vicky?" Grim asked. Poof had floated over to him and was being cuddled by the talking skeleton and said skeleton even engaged in baby talk.

It was indeed an odd sight.

"Wait… Like the song?" Mandy asked.

"Yep! Chip Skylark wrote that very song about her! I've even met him a few times! He's pretty cool!" Timmy exclaimed.

"Yeah, he's so niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeee…" Cosmo said, wandering over to Grim, now that he knew he wouldn't hurt them.

"Pretty- and talented!" Wanda, gaining a little more courage and moving closer to Grim.

"Of course, I've also unfortunately met Vicky several times…" Timmy shuddered at the thought.

"Oh, I'm waiting to get her soul. I can't wait until she dies. Sadly, she's destined to grow into a miserable old woman…" Grim sighed.

"What is this Vicky like really?" Mandy asked, curious.

"She's my evil babysitter. She does all sorts of horrible stuff to me and my parents never seem to notice or care when I try to complain! She's gonna kill me someday!" Timmy exclaimed.

"No she won't." Grim muttered.

At this statement from Grim, the fairies moved away from him quickly.

"She's the most evil creature I've ever met! And I'm supposed to be babysitted by her again tomorrow!"

"What has she done?" Mandy asked.

"Well…" Timmy started.

Several hours later…

"Dat is… a lot." Grim's eye sockets widened.

"I think I like you Timmy. Plus you and your fairies could become very useful when I take over the world… and you're much smarter than Billy…" Mandy thought aloud, petting Saliva idly.

Cosmo laughed. "Timmy? Smarter than someone else? That's hilarious!"

Mandy glared at him and he flew off for cover.

"Not to mention she wants to take over the world. That's my job..." Mandy shook a fist.

"So… You'll help me?" Timmy asked hopefully.

"Yes, I will. I can't have anyone else taking over the world, now can I?" Mandy said.

"I feel sorry for this Vicky girl." Grim said.

"Don't. She's horrible. Anyone who teaches her a lesson is fine in my book!" Wanda exclaimed.

"I agree. Mandy can't be that bad… Can she?" Timmy asked, unsure.

"You have no idea…" Grim muttered.