I dedicate this chapter to all the members of Underground Fanfictioners as today March 13th, 2013 is the 1st anniversary of the group!

The rooster crowed loudly outside the window, signalling the arrival of the morning as sunlight began to stream into the room.

"Grim…" Mandy muttered from her bed.

A swipe of Grim's staff and a green light went straight through the window and hit the rooster, killing it instantly.

"I hate those creatures…" She yawned and stretched before slowly getting out of bed.

"Oh well. Another day perfect for Vicky torturing…"

"Get up, Timmy. You have school to go to. And I have another plan to put into action since Vicky hasn't cracked yet, surprisingly enough…" Mandy hauled him out of bed roughly to some mild objection.

"Well, at least school will be better now that everyone knows you're related to me. Even Crocker is behaving himself!" Timmy exclaimed.

"I'd expect nuttin less after Mandy was done with 'im…" Grim muttered.

"Enough of that. Let's go get some breakfast." Mandy said.

As they walked down the stairs and made their way to the kitchen, they found the house unusually quiet.

"The house is way too quiet…" Timmy commented.

"No wonder. No one's here!" Cosmo exclaimed after he, Wanda and Poof did a sweep of the house.

"Look. Here's a note!" Grim found an envelope addressed to Timmy and Mandy.

Mandy opened it and began to read.

Dear Timmy and Mandy,

We adults have gone out to Lenny's for breakfast. Eat what you want for breakfast.

-Your parents.

"Cool!" Timmy exclaimed.

"Great. So can your fairies get us some breakfast?" Mandy asked as she took a seat at the head of the dining table.

"They sure can! I wish that we all had the best breakfast ever!" Timmy exclaimed.

One flash of light later and the table was laden with a veritable array of breakfast foods.

"This is good! Grim started filling his plate and reached for a pancake, but Mandy slapped his hand away as she took the stack.

Even Saliva had a dog bowl filled with pancakes and bacon.

"Normally my parents don't leave the house before breakfast. I wonder why…" Timmy spoke through a mouthful of waffles.

"That's a frequent occurrence at Mandy's house. They probably wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible…" Grim suggested as he cut through his cheese and sausage omelette.

"So, what's the plan, Mandy? What's up on the "Torture Vicky" list today?" Eris popped in suddenly; startling Timmy and making him fall out of his chair.

"Well, if Grim gets me the Thromnambular again, Vicky can make a few wishes of her own…" Mandy actually smiled a smile so evil that the kitchen windows cracked and a bird who was about to sing fell out of his tree and died.

Grim's eye sockets widened "Oh no. Not after the trouble it caused last time. No way…"

Sometime later…

"I hate you…" Grim muttered as he crawled out a river of acid in the Underworld, holding the Thromnambular in one of his hands which actually wasn't burned away by the acid.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's new?" Mandy waved him off as Eris helped him out and restored him to normal with a flick of her wrist.

"Okay. Let's go back up to the Surface World..."

"Well, you're finally back…" Mandy opened the door as Timmy strode in, accompanied by his fairies who were currently in the form of various accessories.

"Yeah, Crocker wanted to give me detention, but I showed him a picture of you with a threatening glare and he decided to wipe it off my record…" Timmy smirked.

"Good. Now, Vicky should be here any second…" Mandy said.

As if she were cued by Mandy's statement, Vicky slammed open the door and slammed it shut.

"I'M HERE!" She called out.

She spotted the cousins, Eris, Grim and Saliva sitting only a few feet away from her so she walked over to them, obviously looking to cause them more trouble.

"Hey look at this interesting skull! Isn't it interesting?" Mandy called out in an obviously-fake tone of excitement.

Obvious to everyone except Vicky, that is.

"Yes, it sure is very interesting indeed." Eris added.

"I sure hope Vicky doesn't take it from us!" Timmy said.

So of course, Vicky had to take it from them.

"GIVE ME THAT!" She snatched it out of Timmy's hands.

"Hey! Give that back!" Timmy cried out.

"NOPE!" Vicky yelled.

She turned it around in her hands, inspecting it closely.

"What kind of skull is this thing anyway?" Vicky asked in disgust.

"It's a wishing skull. It's supposed to give you nine wishes…" Timmy explained.

"Wishes, huh? Well then, I think this skull is mine now…" Vicky cackled.

"Bu-" Timmy objected.

"MINE!" Vicky ran into a nearby room and slammed the door shut.

A few seconds passed.

"Who knew you guys could be such good actors? " Grim asked in surprise.

"Yeah, Timmy's usually about as horrible at acting as I am at math!" Cosmo laughed.

They all turned to look at him.

"Cosmo, no one is as bad at anything as you are at math." Wanda pointed out.

"Sure. Be like that." Cosmo pouted.

"Come on! Let's go see what CHAOS Thromnambular will create!" Eric cackled, leading them up to Timmy's room aka the place they'd all decided to monitor Vicky's torture from.

Wish # 1…

"I wish to rule the world!" Vicky cackled.

There was a flash of light and when it cleared, she found she was ruling the world alright.

Just not this world.


"Aaahhh! Too many rainbows and cute things! Help! Get me outta here!" Vicky screamed.

She realised she still held the Thromnambular, but the number of wishes left had gone down to eight.

She used her second wish to go back to Dimmsdale.

Wish # 3…

"I wish to be rich!"

Vicky suddenly found herself in her living room swimming in all sorts of currencies from around the world. American and Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euros… Not to mention all the precious metals and gems…

And more just coming and coming.

She was literally drowning in money. She never imagined that she'd have this money, yet she was drowning in it. When she thought of "drowning in money," she never imagined that it would be literal.

As the weight of gems, coins, precious metals and several wads of the different currencies started to crush her; she barely managed to breathe out her fourth wish- to not be drowning anymore.

Of course, that meant that the money had to go away.

In her tears at losing all that money, she didn't realise that her little sister Tootie had managed to snag the small pile of riches left in a corner of the living room…

Four Wishes Later…

A battered, bruised Vicky had gone through eight wishes and was now down to her last one.

"This one can't go bad, right?" She said to herself, not out of confidence but out of reassurance.

"I wish to be able to be mean to all the world's children! MUAHAHAHA!"

Vicky found herself as a slave master, whipping the children under her supposed care to do all sorts of menial, gross and generally humiliating tasks.

One little girl with a Southern accent started to cry as the scrub brush she was using on the floor broke.

"Now how will I clean the floors?" She wailed.

Vicky whipped her and she cried out in pain.

As Vicky was about to whip the girl again, a giant fist came out of nowhere and punched Vicky clear through the wall.

The girl looked up with happiness in her eyes.

"Uncle Chuck?" She said in awe.

Chuck Norris walked up to her and held her in his arms.

"That evil babysitter isn't going to hurt you anymore. I made sure of that…" Chuck gestured to the Vicky-shaped hole in the wall.

"Thanks for the favour, Chuck." Mandy shook hands with Chuck Norris as he sat with them in Timmy's room watching the results of Vicky's wishes on the wished-for television.

"No problem, Mandy." Chuck Norris said. Mandy was one of the few people in the world he actually respected and vice versa.

"When I take over the world, Chuck can be in charge of training my legion of soldiers- and in security, though I don't know who would be dumb enough to try and break into my citadel…" Mandy muttered.

"That's right. I don't know who would want to hasten their appointment with me…" Grim agreed.

"Hey Chuck, can I have your autograph?" Cosmo, starstruck, held out his notepad and pen and squealed like a little girl as Chuck signed it.

"How much money do you think we can make if we sold tickets to this?" Eris gestured to the television, which was playing a recap of Vicky's wishes.

"Enough that we'd all be richer that we ever dreamed!" Wanda exclaimed.

"Poof, POOF!" Poof agreed.

"Next time, I'm selling tickets. Who do you think would be interested?" Eris asked, conjuring up a notepad and pen.

"You're including me in the profit list, right?" Mandy turned to them, from her conversation with Chuck and Timmy.

"Of course!" Eris waved her off nonchalantly.

"What's next on your "Torture Vicky" list, Mandy?" Timmy asked eagerly.

Mandy checked her list, while checking "Thromnambular" off the list.

"You'll see, Timmy, you'll see. Pity for her that she still hasn't learned her lesson yet…"