I've been lurking for a while in this fandom so I decided to finally give it a try. This story is… rather different from the usual SYOT fic- whether or not that's a good thing is for you to decide…

Disclaimer: I don't own Hunger Games, blah, blah, blah...

"Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my latest Hunger Games fanfiction! Yeah, the intro chapter to the 2978th Hunger Games is finally up over on fanfiction! It's a SYOT too- just like most of the stories in that fandom (unique, I know!)- so make sure to go come up with some awesome tributes as I kill them off for our entertainment!"

"I'm also so excited to go see the Hunger Games movie! It's gonna be great! I'll give you a review the VCC way as soon as I get back! If the trailers are any indication, it's gonna be totally squeal worthy and a great belated birthday treat to myself! Until next time, I'm out!"

My fingers raced across the keyboard in excitement, finishing up my latest Journal post on deviantArt. Perfect.

I was a fairly well-known Hunger Games fan artist on there and although I had been writing fanfiction for a long time, I had only started writing Hunger Games fanfiction about a few weeks ago. Took me long enough!

Yep, VioletCanadaChick, known as Violette Gardner in real life is a really big fan of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Possibly the biggest fan in Montreal. No, Canada. Nope, the world!

Some people call me obsessed, but to tell the truth, I really don't give a shit.

Like my pesky older brother Louis. I threw his lame "collectible" Star Wars figurines in the trash compactor last month after he threw my books into the pool saying I needed an intervention. He's still not talking to me. Apparently what I did was unforgiveable…

I mean, who cares if my walls are covered floor to ceiling in movie posters and their eyes stare at me all the time when I'm in here? I mean, Katniss is so brave and strong; Rue and Prim are adorable, Peeta and Gale are major hotties…

Especially Gale.

I love him with the passion of a thousand burning suns and I'll kill anyone who says otherwise.

Why couldn't Katniss have chosen him? No offense, Peeta. I think you're really hot and all, but I ship Everthorne. Besides, Katpee/Peeniss is too weird a couple name…

Whatever. I've got a movie to go get ready and see.

I flung open my totally fabulous closet and flicked through the various fashionable choices for every occasion.

After a few minutes, I pulled out a cute multi-layered white jeans miniskirt with a dark blue sash running through where the belt would be, a pink sleeveless halter top with white heart outlines printed all over it and shimmery pink flats with little bows on the big toes.

A cute outfit for a cute, no, beautiful girl like me, just like the flower I was named after. Perfectly tanned skin, gorgeous dark blue eyes, silky, smooth light brown mid-back length hair held back by a twisted pink headband…

No wonder I had all the boys at school chasing after me.

Of course none but Gale would be worthy…

"Violette! Tes amies sont ici! Hurry up and get down to them!"

Okay, okay, mum! I'm coming! Jeez, what a pest.

"Violette, you look gorgeous!" My best friends squealed when they saw me.

Of course. I always look gorgeous.

"Thank you! So do you!" I squealed back.


I wouldn't be seen with anyone that had an appearance deficit disorder aka was an ugly little fu…

"Let's go, shall we?" Ginger, a name which quite suited her because of her mane of gorgeous red hair, fished out her car keys. All our friends call her Foxface because she really does look like her, but with hazel eyes.

"TO THE HUNGER GAMES!" We cheered as we ran out to the car.

"That was awesome!" Ginger squealed as we walked through the mall after the movie.

"I know…" Blonde-haired, light-blue eyed Melissa squealed. "I cried so hard when Rue died though. Why'd she have to die?!" She wailed.

"Because Katniss is the protagonist. Of course she had to win!" Gina, being the smartass Asian person of our group answered.

"Yeah. Besides, we would have cried even more if Katniss died, wouldn't we?" I said.

They all made noises of agreement.

"Guys, I'm really feeling the need for some food right now. For some reason, I really want some pizza…" Ginger moaned.

"Fatty. I want some Chinese grub." Gina said.

"Aren't you of Japanese descent?" Melissa raised an eyebrow.

"Doesn't mean I can't eat Chinese food, stupid…"

"Okay girls. We don't want a bloodbath in the mall, do we? I have an idea. Why don't we just get the foods we want and meet back here to go back to my house?"

"Great idea, Violette! You're like, so smart!" Melissa smiled.

"Okay, you. Stop proving your stereotype and let's get moving…" Gina dragged Melissa off while Ginger went in search of pizza and I looked for whatever looked good.

Soon enough, I came to a branch of the French café that my mother is so fond of since she claims it reminds her of her native France. Papillion.

It must be new. I've certainly never seen it here before…

What catches my eye is a woman with wavy hair that's a darker shade of red than Ginger's, pulled into a ponytail by a black bow reading… a Hunger Games book, though it's the European French translation. She has good taste, so I head towards the café, ordering some food to go, including some éclairs for my mum.

I'm thoughtful, I know.

"You like ze Hunger Games series, oui?" She looks at me with brown eyes, speaking with an accent similar to my mother's as I move to pass her table.

"Oui. Very much." I nodded. Mum and Dad always told me not to talk to strangers, but if this stranger likes Hunger Games, she can't be so bad, now can she?

"You just came from seeing ze movie? I am about to go to ze next showing." She flashes her ticket.

"Yeah, I saw it with some friends of mine. It was fantastic!" I cheered.

The woman laughed. "I wonder sometimes how long I would last een zese Games. I think I could win zem. What about you?"

"I don't think I could- and if I did, I'd probably come out of it like Annie…" I chuckled.

"Maybe one day you will really be able to experience somesing like it. Zey will build stimulators or somesing…"

That would be pretty cool…

I checked my watch.

"Oh! I have to meet my friends. Enjoy the movie!" I walked off, smiling.

Little did I know that that was no ordinary woman I had come across…

After I had gone, a petite girl with thick black hair pulled into a ponytail, blue-green eyes and a major acne problem walked over to her.

"Dominique, zat ees ze 'orrible girl who 'as been teasing me at school..."

"Is zat so, Claudette?" The woman raised an eyebrow.

"Oui. Violette Gardener. She feels she ees so great, but she ees not! She ees 'orrible! I don't know 'ow she even 'as les amies!"

"Hmm…" Dominique glanced down at the book and glanced at my quickly disappearing figure.

"Claudette, how would you like to make sure she never bothers you again?" Dominique stood up.

Claudette followed her gaze down to the book and then looked her in the eye, seeing something harden in there.

"Oui. I will do it." Claudette's face hardened as well.

"Good. Come now, we will go see ze movie. Afterwards, you will need practice and we need to collect ze right ingredients. We will see how much zis Violette likes le Hunger Games after we're done with her…"

Monday afternoon, I strode into cheerleading practice with Ginger, Melissa and Gina, commanding the attention of everyone else there.

Claudette, our water girl stood on the side-lines watching us intently. She wishes she could be one of us. Beautiful. Admired.

Not with that ugly mug she wouldn't…

After several vigorous routines choreographed to the latest music, the coach dismissed us.

"Hey Violette! Do you want a ride home?" Ginger called out.

"No thanks, Ginger. I'll be running a few errands of my own before I go!"

"Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow!" She said, waving.

I waved back cheerfully.

As I walked down the street to go to a nearby store to get some Hunger Games posters I still lacked, I heard footsteps behind me.

When I turned to look, I saw Claudette standing there, looking as ugly as she always did.

"What is it, Claudette? I have to time for people like you." I spat.

"Oh I know you don't care for people like me. You like to make my life a living hell. Not anymore, Violette. Not anymore." She said bitterly.

I laughed. "Oh please. What can you do to me?"

"You like Hunger Games so much, oui? How would you like to experience it for yourself?!" Claudette began to glow dark purple.

"What the…" My eyes widened and I took off into a nearby park. I knew she was a freak but never that much!

I turned into a clearing of trees, but Claudette was already there, waiting for me.

"What the… b-but how?" I stammered.

"Tricks zat Dominique taught me. You know, ze lady reading le Hunger Games book in ze mall on Saturday?" Claudette told me the entire story and I felt myself quavering.

This is not how I pictured spending any evening in Montreal…

"You like le Hunger Games so much? Fine!" She made a copy of my favourite book appear in her hands though I certainly wasn't feeling any joy at the sight this time...

"Enemies of mine by hook or by crook,

Let them become trapped inside this book!"

I tried running away but a combination of gusts of wind and some sort of purple energy pulled me towards her.

My screams were the last thing I heard as I sunk into darkness.

I sat up in my bed, startled.

"Wow that was some really trippy dream…" I groaned, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

I blinked and looked around the room. This didn't look like my room at all…

It was much… simpler and darker that what I was used to.

The curtains were some sort of grainy looking yellow and the carpets were a darker shade of yellow.

I looked at my sheets. Instead of the lovely pinks, purples and whites, they were a horrid dark brown. Come to think of it, the bed felt harder and smaller as well….

"Am I high?" I wondered, getting out of the strange bed slowly and exploring the room.

I went over to the dresser with an oval-shaped mirror hanging above it and sat on the little stool in front of it, inspecting its contents.

"What… What are these? These aren't the clothes I'm used to at all! They're so… plain!" I thought in disgust.

Looking down at my clothes, I was no longer wearing the cute pink baby-doll mini-dress, black leggings and white sandals I had changed back into after cheerleading practice. Instead, I wore a peach coloured nightgown that looked like something my grandma would wear…

I looked at my reflection and ran my fingers through my messy bed-hair, shuddering.

I looked out the window.

It didn't look like Montreal out there at all.

It was still somewhat dark, but I could see that there were large fields covered in all sorts of grains and people dressed rather simply and wearing broad hats that looked like they came from China or something had apparently just finished tending to them, judging by the tools they carried as they left the fields.

Large factory-looking buildings loomed over the far side of the fields from what I could see.

Around me, there were lots of other two-storey houses and though many looked rather old, they still looked sturdy.

Not like me.

I wobbled back to bed.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God. What did Claudette do to me?!" I thought.

I wandered over to the other window, still on unsteady legs.

Through this one, I could see even more grain fields, though I could also see a large building that looked like it had leapt out of an old English town. Workers around it were working on what looked to be some sort of platform, setting up screens and speakers, etc.

"Perhaps if I go back to bed, I will wake up from this dream…" I mumbled to myself, tumbling into the tiny bed.

Minutes later, I heard my mum and dad's voices talking downstairs as they rustled around, probably getting breakfast.

Ah. It was all just a dream…

I opened my eyes.

The room was the same.

Or not.

"Oh my God…" I whispered.

I opened the door to my room and looked out into the hallway.

Definitely not my hallway.

I treaded around wearily, trying to get a feel for my new "home".

I headed downstairs, hesitant of what I might find.

I found myself in a small hallway and I could hear my parents' voices a bit better so I began to head in that direction.

"Hello…" I said hesitantly as I followed their voices into what appeared to be our kitchen.

"Hello Violette…" The first thing I noticed was that somehow, my mother was no longer speaking with her French accent that sometimes made it hard for even me to understand her English.

I blinked.

"Your brother's about to come in from his shift in the factory. They're ending his shift early so he and the others who work with him can attend the Reaping…"

Wait, Reaping?

I must have said it aloud because my father looked at me looking slightly puzzled, but also with a hint of worry.

"Yes, Violette. Reaping. Today's Reaping Day for the 73rd Hunger Games, remember?" He said softly.

My mind blanked out for a few seconds…

"This year and the next are your last years of eligibility. I really do hope the odds are in your favour. District 9 hardly does well in the Games…" My mother said in an equally quiet voice.

Wait… I'm in District 9, it's Reaping Day and I'm eligible to participate in the Reapings?

Oh my goodness. This has to be a nightmare, it has to be…

Has to be…