A/N Hey there despite my last promises of keeping those FF's going that won't happen but this time it is something I believe in. On a side note you will see how I view a world (not this one) in which one country follows our path of technological achievement and dedication to such, whilst other country's government's believe in deity's and strict emphasis to fundamentalist idea's. I'm not trying to say science is the way as the to go although I am simply saying in this world, development of such has happened in one country and they are 'ridiculed' for it and have been victims of great atrocities from those countries who believe it's their deity's will. Now I want all religious people to understand me on this. A few hundred years ago the world rather believed that 'their' specific religion was the actual one to be worshipped and so wars spouted to 'cleanse the world of heretics' that is simply my moving of it to a more modern setting on a different world within the Civ franchise. I believe that if this type of fundamentalism and imperialism had stuck around there wouldn't be science as we know it but a more tortured and horrific version designed to oppress the enemy whilst instilling that these creatures were demons to bring judgement onto the non-believers and they wielded them as instruments. The kind of idea came from Time Rider's: Eternal War, where the American civil war never ended and we went down a different technological path (read it its interesting). So this is the result for many nations whilst still having access to (WW1 era weapons and below, minus aircraft and replace with floating ships and/or flying monsters, which I may add are sterilised something I might change in the future if I'm beginning to come to the end and want to continue I'll just start a new arc with that involved). I'll explain more if people are unhappy.

"You refuse to surrender, yet we have the ability to conquer your civilisation a thousand times, our military now out numbers you 1000 to 1 and we have the infrastructure to field 10 tank battalions in a mere 2 weeks, I have no time for such nonsense. As now your nation teeters on the edge of history and shall be forgotten under our feet you refuse to end this bloody conflict for no gain and all loss. Such is the enigmatic ways of your society to proud to surrender yet to dumb to consider, what if. My nation alone treads the path of technological achievement whilst yours focused on purges of those not worthy of your eugenic system, a so called super race soon to be forgotten. Your captials fall won't be a great standoff where we lose the will to fight and lose the will to win. It wasn't your tactical essence that 'Forced' us to bypass your capital and conquer the rest of your land's, it was all planned. Too long have the racists of this world played a part in politics, too long have we aided others who have fallen victim to your ways. Now we have the ability to suppress a warmongering nation in one blow. For the 3.7 Million Esvians dead, I have become death, destroyer of worlds and in their name I shall have revenge!" roared Alexander Caldwell, his face red, veins sprouting from his neck and forehead each conveyed rage and sadistic glee. The crowd in the plaza had been deathly quiet hanging on his every word, that changed when their leader sprouted the last lines of his speech directed at his enemy's and his people. The crowed jeered and roared each one emphasizing a burning patriotism that had been suppressed for centuries under a burning fear of destruction.

The Esvians had become a taboo, a pus filled spot that represented everything wrong within a non-believers society. A nation had taken their call and struck, to clean this irritant of this planet for the name of their god yet their glory and honour bound affairs brought them to their knees and many nations watched as a supposed follower of the one slowly disintegrated under the power of sinners. Yet other countries revelled in their rival religions being twisted turned and contorted at the power of the devil. Now two years on the Esvians had advanced hundreds of miles not in the name of anyone except their dead. Alexander Caldwell slowly recovering from his adrenaline fuelled rage turned his back on the civilian's and walked through several corridors and security checkpoints in the building to reach his office. To give the command. To end a nation. Sitting on the leather seat, letting his muscle's relax he reached his telecom. "Did the world see it did they see the broadcast?" he questioned each word slowly dragging, edging with anticipation.

"Several agents have reported in, others haven't, that would be normal due to there being only a few satellites orbiting the planet and they have been given time's when they will be able to report in just before they were sent out into the field," responded the man over the intercom his voice steely and deep, a voice Alex couldn't help but be a little jealous of.

"I'm well aware of operating procedures for field agents but at least there's some good news," Alex inserted with a slightly berating tone to instil who was in charge, not that he needed to.

"If we could call it good new sir, permission to speakā€¦"

"Freely, sir? Of course man we are a nation of prosperity and personal expression," interrupted Alex Caldwell, doing so in a proud commanding tone.

"If I may, what makes you sure this will work, I mean I was one of the few to see the tests and it something that wouldn't appear in even the worst nightmare's but I thought at the Execution of 100,000 they would have given up."

"I thought so too, sending the body of their largest creation, easily 30-40ft tall, and with more holes than brain cells, parading through their Capital before sending the terms of surrender, that should have convinced them but this time I am sure. Give Overcast the word it is time to split the atom."

~~[Request Received]

~~~~Accessing File##* Summer_Dawn_War~~Part 1{ Statistics

The Summer Dawn War

The Esvian Democratic Commonwealth

Military strength prior to hostilities:

205,842 Volunteer's

52,894 Part-time

78,522 Reserve

542 MBT's

823 LBT's APC's CV's etc

700 Helicopters of Varying roles

- 189 Designated as land attack helicopters.

- 126 Designated as naval assault helicopters

60 Ship Fleet

2 Designated Aircraft Carriers

55 Aircraft Each, 42 Combat Role

1 Super Dreadnought

4 Helicopter Carriers (25 Helicopters each)

13 Cruisers of varying classes

22 Support Ships of varying roles

7 Destroyers

11 Frigates

Around 45-60,000 Personnel

Submersible Fleet

11 Submarines of 3 Varying Classes

Around 200 Personnel


892 Aircraft

Of which 289 are of the Strike role

Or offensive support

82 For Territorial Defence

Space Assets

1 Geostationary Space station 5 personnel stationed

4 Recon/Spy/Mapping satellites

Hegemony of Rendaya

Border flashpoints with Aloray's before conflict.

Military strength prior to hostilities:

758,791 Volunteers

122,578 Part-time

89,274 Reserves

Echelon's (MBT equivalent)


Creature Calvary


1782 Echelon Terror's (Helicopter Equivalent)

254 Echelon Carriers

242 Naval Ships

42 Metalclad's of varying sizes and classes

138 Galleon's of varying sizes and classes

Around 200,000 personnel

20 Creature Oblivion's


50 Balloon Galleons

200 Echelon Cloud Screamers

56 Creature Ravagers

146 Air Kraken