A/N Hey there despite my last promises of keeping those FF's going that won't happen but this time it is something I believe in. On a side note you will see how I view a world (not this one) in which one country follows our path of technological achievement and dedication to such, whilst other country's government's believe in deity's and strict emphasis to fundamentalist idea's. I'm not trying to say science is the way as the to go although I am simply saying in this world, development of such has happened in one country and they are 'ridiculed' for it and have been victims of great atrocities from those countries who believe it's their deity's will. Now I want all religious people to understand me on this. A few hundred years ago the world rather believed that 'their' specific religion was the actual one to be worshipped and so wars spouted to 'cleanse the world of heretics' that is simply my moving of it to a more modern setting on a different world within the Civ franchise. I believe that if this type of fundamentalism and imperialism had stuck around there wouldn't be science as we know it but a more tortured and horrific version designed to oppress the enemy whilst instilling that these creatures were demons to bring judgement onto the non-believers and they wielded them as instruments. The kind of idea came from Time Rider's: Eternal War, where the American civil war never ended and we went down a different technological path (read it its interesting). So this is the result for many nations whilst still having access to (WW1 era weapons and below, minus aircraft and replace with floating ships and/or flying monsters, which I may add are sterilised something I might change in the future if I'm beginning to come to the end and want to continue I'll just start a new arc with that involved). I'll explain more if people are unhappy.

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"The Rendayan refusal to surrender shouldn't come as a surprise to us! Whilst I still mourn the loss of our men, women and children it is now apparent that this already long war shall inevitably continue.

To what aim? I hear the people of Esver ask and by now the horrendous reality of the world should be apparent. Even now powers who have seen our might conspire against us as they always have! In the name of their religion and their bigotry they deem us sub-human. Even when their largest conspirator teeters on the edge of non-existence they still continue these actions.

These racists have played a part in world politics for too long and they have given us a resource superior to any steel or fuel. They gave us Time! Time to prepare! Now we as a nation can set right the wrongs of this world! We have the industrial capacity to do so and the willingness to do it!

We will for the three million seven hundred and two thousand five hundred and sixty three dead Esvians' finish this war and renew the world for them in the way that they deserved to live! In peace and acceptance of their neighbours! We shall educate the world to accept the peoples for who they are!" Alexander Caldwell roared, his speech was a lot different from the one he'd originally planned but his seemingly benevolent cause for resumed conquest against the Rendayan's had whipped the Esvians up into a frenzy that burned with the fires of patriotism; one that had been suppressed with their national identity for centuries under a fear of destruction.

Alexander drowning out the cheers of the plebeians below contemplated his rise to power. He had been aggressive in his politic and such aggressiveness was as a result of discontent towards the politicians of the commonwealth that had been elected during his 32 years of life before becoming Vice-President of the Commonwealth. The discontent was one echoed by many True Esvians and one silently by the exiled masses of displaced populations that called the outskirts of the Commonwealth their home. Yet Alexander's inexperience and his apparent hatred for the financial Aristocracy was what stooped him from winning his campaign to become President. It would have been a loss if the man who took his place wasn't secretly sympathetic to Alex's aims and many instituted policies centred around balancing Alex's extreme but effective views and placating the financial elite.

Inyitus Hendrix was the man that had balanced Alex and he'd come to respect the man who was 30 years his senior and his death at the beginning of the Summer-Dawn War had ensured Alex's rise to presidency and the cementing of his power. Yet casting Hendrix down still brought bile to the back of his throat, no matter how much he would have gained from killing the man he'd never really considered it yet one of Esver's enemies did it for him and whilst a part of him was grateful he knew his visits to the man's grave became harder and harder to do each time he stripped democracy from the Commonwealth.

Whilst still maintaining his thought process Alexander made his way inside the capital building and sat on a leather chair pouring himself a Keat Brandy. His centralisation of power around him excluded the senate on all things military and diplomatic but not public it hadn't gone unnoticed by the more politically aware members of society but there were no rumblings of discontent yet, the constant threat of attack by Hegemony agents meant that he could place tight restrictions on the populace but he kept them lax. Yet as he sipped the Keat Brandy the liquid he held at the back of his throat so it could burn his tonsils as was customary for the first sip of the Brandy he couldn't but help realise that his speech had been somewhat too revealing. He needed to incite aggression from other regional powers quickly if he were to maintain his power. It was a well-established fact that wartime leaders didn't last long outside of a war so his turning of the Commonwealth to Autocracy had to be sped up. He knew his political clout was waning as the war drew to an end and with the Esvians hand played and the largest singular entity that had been a threat to the sovereignty of Esver was nearing its swansong he was unsure if he would be able to achieve the world that had been promised to him by the liars that had stood where he now stood.

Taking a gulp of the Brandy the Presidents eye's narrowed in concentration on paintings that adorned the pale creamy room. They depicted darkness that enshrouded the figure of Esver. Esver himself was a small man well-built and on the surface unassuming yet the stories told of the man's great intellect and supposed frailty in the face of Gods and the painting itself had adorned Esver with hellish features supposed to represent the Devilish reputation emplaced upon the Esvians, each picture showed him in various states of flight and the locations were very real, the places of battles lost by the Esvians towards foreign aggressors. Then came the penultimate picture, it depicted the embodiment of Esver lying close to the edge of a cliff yet the maelstrom of red, black and brown that had been attacking Esver in his long retreat was held at bay by a female and male figure. Reya and Keating. These embodiments of principalities were the saving grace of Esver. The legends were old really old and the embodiments had become god like yet the paintings only a century and a half old depicted a turning point in Esvian history 2000 years after it happened. Two small states had come to the rescue of the Esvian people as they were systematically destroyed and the small states were forever remembered and they had been subsumed into the Commonwealth over the 2000 or so years leading up to this point in time. The Cities of Reya and Keating perhaps the most populace and prosperous of the cities in the Commonwealth remained a focal point in the life of Esvian people.

They had contributed so much to the war effort which had expanded The Commonwealth of Esver's border several hundred miles. Pulling himself from the impromptu history lesson he gulped down the entirety of the brandy glass and stood up from the leather chair and made his way to his office. To give the command to remove a city from where it had stood for millennia, his office was grand in furnishings, it made him wrinkle his nose in mild disgust. He'd never really gotten used to the grandeur that came with being the deputy then head of state yet there was one thing he could forgive. The stupidly comfy chair that was at his desk, sitting down and letting his muscles relax and sink into the black material that made the chair, he reached for his telecom.

"Did the agents across the world see it? Did they see the broadcast?" he questioned to the telecom each word dripped with mild anticipation.

"Several agents have reported in, others haven't, although we should get confirmation later on according to the pre-set transmission times," responded a man over the telecom, his voice was steely and deep, something that made Alex a little jealous but such a thing was moot as it seemed every head Commonwealth Intelligence had such a voice.

"I'm well aware with the operating procedures for field agents," Alex inserted with a slightly berating tone that was unneeded but he continued in a much more friendly tone, "At least there's some good new then."

"If that were so…"

"You have doubts?" Alex responded quickly narrowing his eyes, not that anybody could see him do so but it helped him focus.

"About the bomb not so much," the Intelligence head paused before continuing, "Its about what it'd do to the Rendayan's morale. As we've seen before large defeats do little to dent their fervour and in occupied territory they've posed problems for our reserves who patrol the areas."

The Intelligence head stopped and let President Caldwell consider what he had said. The silence lasted around a minute before Alexander spoke up, "Either way this will push us towards victory."

"At the cost of more men!"

"They've lost more than us, the Execution of the 100,000 alone proves that they wont be able to fight," retorted Alexander.

"But they STILL DO! We both thought the Annihilation of their largest counter attack would bring this to an end but it didn't! They just fought harder!" Growled the Intelligence Head, Alex heard a thump that sounded like a fist being brought down upon a table. Ignoring this Alexander just gave his orders.

"Tell Overcast, Its time to split the atom."