Lilly was sprawled across the couch in the clubhouse; trying not to think about how many of the men she considered her uncles and brothers who had been fucked on this very couch because it was a quite disturbing thought honestly.

This day had been a real pain in the ass day.

First, her alarm clock didn't go off this morning which meant that she was late for work.

Second, the office had been a fucking mess when she got there since neither she or Gemma had been there for two days.

Third, almost of all most of her mechanics had taken her off for the day to handle some club business leaving her with two mechanics and a whole lot of work to do when she arrived after school.

Fourth, she had one of the most disrespectfull clients ever who had called her a whore among other things.

Fifth, her head was pounding and she couldn't wait to get home, but Jax had borrowed her car earlier that afternoon without informing her which lead to her being stuck at the clubhouse as she really didn't have the energy to walk home right now. So over-all this day had just been crap.

The sound of the door opening made Lilly look up from her place on the couch and she saw Jax walk through it with his usual confident stride. "Hey Lills" he told her as he sunk down in the chair opposite to the couch.

The young woman on the couch glared at the blonde biker. "Don't you 'Hey Lills' me. Where the fuck did you take my car Jackson Piermont Teller?" she asked him as she sat up and crossed her arms.

"Oh that, just needed to borrow it" he said with a shrug.

"Have you heard of fucking asking?" she questioned him.

"Yeah about that" Jax said as he scratched the top of his head; not a good indication as Lilly's glare grew more fierce. "There were some problems, nothing too serious, but you car needs some maintance" Jax informed her.

With an annoyed sigh Lilly pushed herself off the couch. "What the fuck have you done this time?" she asked as she headed towards the door with Jax following behind her knowning that all hell would break loose once she saw the car.

"You better take a look for yourself" Jax suggested.

"Where is it then?" Lilly asked him with a frown on her face. Jax pointed towards one of the hangers.

As she approached it she could see a few of the Sons surrounding it. Jax trailed behind, not too closely as he didn't know what her reaction would be once she spotted the car.

Lilly froze in her step as she saw the wreck she'd once called her car. For a moment she stood in complete silence; shocked by how badly they'd managed to fuck up her car.

Suddenly she swirled around and headed for Jax, spouting of curses in foreign languages which most of the Sons didn't understand shit of. "Vafffanculo! Ma' va te ne a fanculo!" she said as she approached him.

Jax on the other hand was backing away from her, his hands held up in surrender. "Calm down, Lills" he told her which made her completely lose it.

"Calm down?! Ti ammazzo! You wrecked my car, you pezzo di merda!" she shouted and just as she was about lunge herself at him a strong arm wrapped itself around her narrow waist and held her back.

"Let go of me, segarsi!" she shouted angrily, but the arm remained around her waist until it's owner suddenly slung her over his shoulder. "What the fuck. Put me the fuck down!" she ordered whoever was carrying her.

"Cazzo di merda!" she yelled towards Jax who just stood back and looked on as Happy carried away the seventeen year old girl who was still shouting at him in some other fucking language that he didn't understand shit of; although he'd managed to pick up on the fact that she was royally pissed at him.

"Damn" Tig stated from where he was leaning towards the wall outside the hanger. "That's one crazy bitch" he said with a bit of admiration in his voice.

Vaffanculo - Fuck off

Ma' va te ne a fanculo - Go fuck yourself

Ti ammazzo - I'll kill you

Pezzo di merda - Piece of shit

Segarsi - Jerkoff

Cazzo di merda - Dickfaced piece of shit