In this chapter Lilly is seventeen years old still, and we see her interacting with Happy. As always I love hearing what you think about it. Oh and by the way, the language Lilly swears in from time to time is Italian.

Lilly sat with her legs crossed underneath her on the old, black, worn out leather couch, her eyes studying the man sitting in the chair opposite to her. Tan skin, lean body, shaved head, a hell of a lot of tattoos, dark eyes and an emotionless facial expression.

Frankly, he reminded her slightly of her uncle Gio. The two men shared the same harsh exterior, which would make most people flee if the men as much as directed a look towards them. Lilly wasn't most people though, growing up the way she did, she was more than used to being around people who seemed harsh and cold on the outside, but who were actually some of the most loyal and giving people she'd met in her life.

Over the years she had learned not to judge people on the way they looked. Hell, if people judged her based on her appearance, ninety-nine percent of them would be wrong. Lilly was sure of it. The brown soft curls, the freckles spread across her nose and cheeks, the bright smile and ocean-blue eyes fooled most people.

"So how come you're the one to baby-sit me today? Most times it's the prospect's job" Lilly asked, curious as to why the man they referred to as the killer was tasked with baby sitting someone as unimportant as herself, when it was usually Juice's job.

The man, Happy, turned his gaze from the TV to the young girl sitting on the sofa. She had been studying him for the last minutes, but for some reason it hadn't bothered him. Had it been anyone else, it probably would have. There was something special with this one though, he just hadn't figured out what it was yet. "Prospect is at the clubhouse" he responded vaguely, not sure how much he should tell her.

Lilly raised an eyebrow. "I ain't dumb, alright. I know that you would not be here, baby-sitting me if it wasn't anything serious going on" she told him.

Happy looked at her, his face blank. "I do what Clay tells me to do" he responded.

Lilly rolled her blue eyes at his vague answers. "Obviously Clay is not going to tell someone, who is known as killer, to baby-sit a seventeen year old, unimportant girl if it ain't something serious going down" she reasoned.

She could have sworn she saw the corner of his mouth twitch, but the rest of his face remained expressionless. "You're one curious bitch, ain't you" Happy stated.

Lilly nodded, not taking any offence to being called a bitch. It wasn't like it was the first time someone called her a bitch. "Yes, as a matter of a fact I am. And as you just told me you do what Clay tells you, my guess is that he told you that you are not to leave me alone until whatever is going down blows over, am I correct?" Lilly said, leaning forward, her elbows on her knees and her head resting in her hands as she studied the man opposite to her with an amused smirk.

Happy merely gave her another one of his blank looks.

"I'll take that as a yes" Lilly stated. "All I'm saying is that I ain't stupid, I know that something big is going on, otherwise they wouldn't put the probably most capable and dangerous Son to baby-sit me. I can go on with all this shit forever" she stated, knowing that he wasn't a man who appreciated a lot of rambling.

"You trying to blackmail me, little girl?" he questioned her with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Lilly shook her head. "Nah, listen, whatever is going on I've probably been around worse shit in my life. It's not like I grew up all innocent and shit. I might be seventeen, but I've been through more shit than most of your brothers. I am more than capable of taking care of myself, but it would be much easier if I knew what I was dealing with" Lilly laid all the cards on the table, then waited for him to respond.

"You think you've seen worse shit than the Sons have?" he questioned.

"Not all Sons, but I mean seriously, that idiot Kyle who was ex-communicated because he left Opie behind. He pissed himself at the sound of sirens and left a brother behind. What kind of coward does that" Lilly responded.

"He ain't a Son anymore" Happy replied. For some reason he found himself enjoying listening to her thoughts and rambling about all this shit. Usually it would have pissed him off to have someone so up in the Sons' business.

"Nah, he ain't, but where I come from, he would be six feet under the moment we knew what he'd done" Lilly shot back.

Once again she noticed the small twitch in the corner of his full lips. "You're one tough little girl, ain't you?" he stated, sounding slightly impressed with the girl.

"Not by choice, I've been forced to be tough. So can you please just tell me what the fuck is going on. Gotta' know if I need to get my gun or not" Lilly told him.

"You've got a gun stashed around here?" Happy asked.

Lilly nodded. "One in the piano over there, one behind some of the books in the shelf, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom" she accounted for some of the guns she'd hidden around the house.

Happy's eyebrows shot up. "Chibs know about those?" he asked.

"Of course" she responded.

Happy nodded slowly, going over his options in his mind. Obviously she'd been raised in a way that lead to her being able to take care of herself, and he hadn't been told to keep her out of the loop. But she was just a kid, seventeen fucking years old. Should she really know that the Mayans had threatened her life?

"Some of the Son's enemies might have found out about you, might have threatened you in one way or another" Happy stated, not telling her too much, but still letting her know what was going on.

Lilly nodded. "Guess I'm getting my gun then" she stated as she pushed herself off the couch and headed towards the piano.

Happy leaned back and enjoyed watching her hips sway back and forth as she walked, really liking the way her ass looked in those jeans.

She might be a kid, a seventeen year old, but she had one hell of a body.

Happy was in the kitchen getting himself a beer when he heard the knock on the door. Placing his bottle on the counter he grabbed his gun and headed towards the living room and the door.

As he walked into the room he saw that the door had already been opened by Lilly. His gaze darkened at the thought of her being so damn careless. It could have been anyone on the other side of that door; Mayans for example.

Walking swiftly across the room, he pushed Lilly backwards as she was about to pay for the Chinese food they'd ordered earlier.

"What the hell" Lilly cursed in objection, as Happy paid the delivery guy who had been scared shitless when he saw the scary looking man walk across the room. The girl had been hot as fuck, but no girl was worth dealing with a father like this man.

As Happy slammed the door closed, Lilly snatched the plastic bags with food out of his hands. "Thank you for that humiliating episode" she snarled at him and headed towards the kitchen.

Happy, who was kind of angry himself, walked after her. "Don't open the fucking door the next time" he barked at her.

Lilly raised an eyebrow at him. "Please, it's not like I ain't on the safe side" she said, turning her back towards him and pulling her white t-shirt up, revealing a gun tucked into her jeans waist line.

"Did something right at least" Happy muttered himself, earning a glare from Lilly.

"Che coglione" Lilly muttered in Italian as she walked over to the kitchen table, card box with Chinese food in her hand and a bottle of Coca-Cola in her other.

She sank down on one of the chairs and began eating. Happy sat opposite to her and ate his own food. Lilly once again took to studying the man in front of her. During this single day she had heard him talk more than she had since she first arrived in Charming.

Lilly thought back on the night she'd been walking around the cemetery and what Jax had told her about the club, and it's values. "You're all about the club, ain't you?" she asked him as she wrapped some noodles around her fork.

Happy looked up at her, and then nodded after a moment.

Lilly nodded thoughtfully and continued eating. A few minutes of silence passed between the two before Lilly once again broke the silence.

"So what do you do for yourself?" she asked him.

"What you mean?" Happy asked.

Lilly took a gulp of Coca-Cola before answering his question. "I mean, you do all this shit for the club. What do you do just for you? Something that doesn't include the club, just you" Lilly explained her question.

Happy shrugged. "I don't know" he replied.

Lilly sensed that he wasn't ready to talk about himself just yet so she let it go for now. The two of them continued eating in silence.

Later that night as Lilly sat in the sofa, her legs pulled up and her arms wrapped around her legs, her chin resting on her knees. A book laid open on the table in front of her. If there was one thing she could always turn to, it was her books.

She hadn't heard from Chibs yet, and was starting to worry about him, as well as the rest of them, to be honest.

Happy had received a call about five minutes ago on his prepaid and had headed to the backyard to have the conversation in private.

The sound of a door opening and closing caught the attention of Lilly. Half a minute later, Happy entered the room once again. "Chibs is on his way" he informed her.

Lilly let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. "Alright, that's good. It's over then?" she asked. Happy nodded in response as he sunk down in the leather chair.

Lilly continued reading her book, however a small smile spread across her full lips as she felt Happy's eyes on her.

"Drawing" Happy suddenly stated.

"What?" Lilly asked, confused by the sudden statement.

"You asked me earlier, what I do for me, I love to draw" he explained.

Lilly's smile widened. "Really?" she asked.

Happy noticed that she actually sounded genuinely interested. "Yeah" he confirmed.

"That's awesome" Lilly replied enthusiastically, before the two of them fell into a comfortable silence once again.

Che coglione - What a jackass