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Catch of the Day

The battlefield between Heaven and Hell; Earth, Daten City. Where angels appear to rid the city of unholy creatures, where demons lurks in the shadows, and ghosts rampage every so often. Today was no exception, as a small army of ghosts was wreaking havoc on the civilians, but as always, the two guardian angels arrived to save the day. Seethrough, the angels choice of vehicle, dashed into the scene, effectively destroying a handful of ghosts in the process. Panty, the blonde older sister of the Anarchy Angels, guffawed loudly as it happened while firing a bullet at another nearby ghost.

"Fuck yeah! Right in the face on that one! Complete fucking bull's-eye motherfucker!"

"Panty, its bad enough that I have to hear you shout whenever you got guys in the church, think you could shut the fuck up for once?" Stocking, the younger, gothic angel said in an neutral tone while undressed herself of her stocking, turning them both into her katanas; Stripe I and Stripe II. She removed her own panties in order to give them to her sister, who effectively turned them into another gun. "Oh shut your face! If it feels good, I wont hold it back; sucks for you if you cant handle some grown-up stuff you fat hog."

"What did you call me? !" Stocking shouted back, fuming at her older sister who simply flipped her off. "Is the fat beginning to plug up your ears? Want me to write it down and tape it to your wide forehead?" Stocking was angry, but it quickly subsided as she replied with a smirk. "At least I'm not a mobile dumpster."

"What was that? ! That's it!" As the two sisters was about to clash head-on, a ghost of grotesque appearance landed right on the hood of their car, earning their attention.

"Truce?" Panty asked. Stocking replied just as quick. "For now." Cut in half and blasted in its face, the ghost was defeated, but the remaining ones quickly gathered around the angels. "Looks like they made a larger amount of fake ghosts this time Stocking. Shall we do them a favour and send them back to their makers?" The gothic angel smiled slightly. "Lets!"


Meanwhile on a rooftop in the distance, the angels were being watched through a binocular, held by a red-skinned demonette with a wicked grin. She carefully sipped a little of her tea, watching the angels fight off the ghost in the meantime. "They've swallowed the bait, dear sister. The ghosts we sent out as decoys are keeping them occupied." The demon said nonchalantly, taking another sip of her tea. Another demon with green hair skipped her way to her sister cheerfully with a mocking laughter. "I knew it! Those smelly toilet-angels wont even know what hit them! Shall we begin Kneesocks?" Scanty said.

Kneesocks, the demon who was watching the entire thing through the binoculars, turned to her sister and nodded. "Yes sister. This time, those upstarts will pay for their chaotic freedom!"


Stocking cut two ghosts in half as she ran forward into the crowd, while Panty fired bullet after bullet into the heads or chests. The ghost army was depleting, and barely anyone was left standing as it was. The angels assaulted the remaining ghosts with joy, striking them down with ease until the last one finally exploded into nothingness.

"Hah! That's all you got, fuckers? !" Panty laughed out wholeheartedly, firing another round into the air for the sheer joy of it. Stocking rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You know Panty, shutting up for even five minutes wouldn't hurt you. Seriously, the only time you can keep quiet is when you've got a dick down your throat, and while that does happen more often than you can blink-"

"Oi Stocking, watch out!" The blonde yelled, and as the younger sister turned around, all she could see was black. From Panty's point of view, it was all happening so fast. A ghost with the appearance of a shadowy mass of water emerged from nowhere, and engulfed itself over the gothic angel, trapping her. As Panty was about to shoot, she heard a faint bubbly noise from behind her; out of reflex, she swiftly turned around and fired a few rounds into a similar ghost. The second it had exploded, Panty looked back, only to find that Stocking and the ghost had vanished.

"Stocking..? Oi Stocking! Come out, it isn't funny! Stocking!" She cried out, fear slowly growing strong within her.



´Where… Where am I..? I… I remember that ghost appearing suddenly…and..´

"Oh, I think she's coming around, sister! Rise and shine Cinderella."

´That voice… who is it..? It sounds.. Familiar…´ "Goodness gracious, I thought she would sleep through all the fun. Miss toilet-angel, wakey wakey~"

´Another voice… It sounds familiar as well… No, it couldn't be.. ´ Stocking tried to move, but found herself unable to move her arms. They were tightly handcuffed together, the metal almost cut into the skin. Her arms were above her head, while she was sitting down on a smooth, cold surface. Like a stone floor. She couldn't see, so she assumed she was blindfolded.

Suddenly, a snicker right next to her ear was heard. Whoever it was, the person was invading personal space. "Maybe we should remove the blindfold so she can see just what kind predicament she's in." Another snicker. "You're right, sister. Go ahead."

Smooth fingers trailed down her skin and behind her head, and the cloth was loosened up. At first, Stocking had to adjust for a few seconds before her eyesight returned. As she could tell the colours and objects, it all quickly dawned upon the angel. "You two! Scanty and Kneesocks! What are you two whorebags up to now? !" The demon sisters cringed, but quickly assumed their smirking visages with shared laughter.

"Oh dear, it appears that she still doesn't get the predicament, sister." Scanty said, letting out another chuckle. "Indeed sister. Then again, she's a bottom-feeding angel of the lowest IQ; its only to be expected that she doesn't understand unless we spell it out for her." Kneesocks answered, grinning even wider when the angel glared daggers at her.

"Well then, oh angel of the sewers.." Scanty began as she walked up to Stocking, taking a seat right next to her, patting her cheek in a mocking-affectionate manner. "Here's how it is; You've been kidnapped, by us truly, and you're not getting out of here anytime soon. Granted, our plan was to kidnap your sister as well, but it looks like there was an unfortunate misfire, so she got away."

"Not that it matters though," Kneesocks continued, sitting on the opposite side of Scanty, next to Stocking. "We only need one of you for information, and just having one of you gives us the opportunity for a hostage-situation." The demon sisters began laughing yet again, mocking the angel and her fate, which filled her with seething anger; she began to try and kick violently but the demons jumped back with no effort. "See how barbaric an angel are. One little word or two and they'll want to brawl." Kneesocks said smugly, adjusting her glasses with her fingertips very delicately. "Oh do go on Kneesocks; besides, what else can she do, her weapons have been disposed of."

"Laugh all you want!" Stocking yelled. "I'll just break out sooner or later, and that's when I'll cut you both up!" The demons continued laughter made the angel seethe even more, but the chains prevented her from doing anything.

"Oh dear me, look at the time! I suppose time does fly when you have fun!" Scanty laughed again. "Looks like we have be on our way; we have a lovely dinner waiting for us, and plans to scheme; Until next time, oh angel of the toilet!" Scanty laughed wholeheartedly the entire way to the door and beyond, with Kneesocks right behind her. The glasses-wearing demon however stopped at the open door, and turned around with a wide grin that made the angel feel nervous, uneasy.

" I'm looking forward to interrogate you, maggot. Enjoy your stay."

The room had suddenly turned darker than a blindfold ever could as soon as the door was closed.

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