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Epilogue - Of Cakes, Rules, and Hell on Earth

Daten City - The battlefield between the forces of Heaven and Hell, catching the humans in-between.

Since the day of Stocking's betrayal, now known by few as "Day of Fallen", it has been a week. A week of sudden, and drastic changes for Daten City, the church, and Hell.

New angels from Heaven descends to protect the humans and battle the new horde from Hell; freshly spawned ghost-soldiers of endless shapes and attributes, that now appear more frequently and wrecks a lot more havoc than before. The church, still inhabited by Garterbelt, Chuck and occasionally by Brief, serves as a headquarter of sorts for new angels that now has taken up the mantle of protecting the town while new ghosts shows up daily.

The day is still young, and the weather is grim - light rain showers down as a group of ghosts violently makes their way to the centre of the city, destroying everything that stands in their way. They could be clearly seen, with the help of binoculars, how they smashed and flipped cars, tore walls down and ruined the concrete with their march, which proved to be making a demon giddy as she watched them from her spot on a hill far away.

"This is extraordinary!" Scanty said with a fit of giggles. "These powered up ghosts are so much better than the old ones we used to unleash! You just got to see it!" She handed the binoculars over to her sister, who accepted them with a small grin before calmly observing the scene. "You are so right sister. They are a lot more organised than I thought them to be. Looks like the winds are finally blowing in our favour, for once." Her grin widened slightly. "It would seem that you were our needed lucky charm the entire time, Stocking-chan~"

The demonic sisters turned back and watched their lover, clad in a black and dark-red frilly Lolita dress, sitting and happily munching a cupcake with her own pair of binoculars with a small smirk on her sugar-coated lips. Her dark and violet hair waved with the wind, a few locks stuck in her set of darkened horns and her crimson skin giving off a clean, soft surface. Her eyes, through the binoculars, radiated with a satisfied look of joy through their green/yellow centres whilst the long devil-tail wagged from side to side underneath her seat. Stocking Anarchy, now known as Stocking Akuma, snickered to herself before taking another bite of her cupcake, her one protruding fang piercing the sweet texture. "I guess I should take that as an compliment. So thank you Kneesocks-sama~" She replied, before eating up the last of her cupcake. Kneesocks blushed furiously, but her grin remained on her face. "Oh, please. No need to speak in such a formal way… Save it for the bedroom Sugar-Pill."

"As you wish Kneesocks-chan~" Stocking paused. "By the way… Why do you think I was turned into a demon? I've been meaning to ask you for a while now." Scanty and Kneesocks turned to each other briefly before answering their lover.

"Honestly? On the top of our heads, I would guess that you lost your… angelic goodness the second you committed sins. I mean, yes you already broke gluttony and lust, but you did have sex with demons. And you did kill your own sister, so somewhere along the line you got cut off from Heaven. Fell from grace. That's what we think anyway."

"Huh.." The former-angel nodded before looking through her binoculars again. "Oh look! The new angels have finally shown up and they're trying to take on the ghosts!" She said while motioning towards the city; Kneesocks quickly gazed with her own binoculars, catching up just in time to see ghosts and angels alike fall to the ground during what seemed to be a harsh battle. It made her feel giddy with excitement as she allowed Scanty to look for herself.

"This is hilarious!" Scanty exclaimed barely a second later. "They appear to be losing too!"

"As expected.." Kneesocks remarked, adjusting her glasses delicately. "They don't have enough of a force to stop Hell. Finally, we will be able to settle the score, once and for all."

"That reminds me.." The former angel stepped up to the sisters, snaking an arm around them both to grope one of their breasts teasingly outside of their clothes. "I have a score to settle with you~"

"W-whatever could you mean- Ahn~ Stocking-chan~?" Scanty moaned out, squirming in arousal. Kneesocks moaned silently at the touch, simply enjoyed the contact as Stocking giggled. "Last time, you two tagged up on me… But this time I want you two, to be on the more… receiving end." Her scarlet hands slid underneath the shirts, touching naked breasts underneath as she pulled the sisters closer to herself. "No underwear?"

"Just for you…" Kneesocks panted out, grinning at her lover before planting a wet, but passionate kiss on the lips. Scanty chuckled and mimicked the action shortly afterwards while a free hand roamed without restraint underneath the gothic-Lolita dress with a wide smirk. "I see that we think alike."

"Just for you~" Stocking would tease, before letting go and starting to walk back. "We should probably get back. The angels have taken out a few soldiers that needs to be replaced, and I rather not act out our fantasies here for the whole world to see."

"How sweet of you, wanting to only show your birthday-suit for our eyes only." Kneesocks said with a snicker. Stocking turned around, a smile on her face that remained quite angelic, despite the fang. "Mhm. And that's a rule~"

"Rules aside," Scanty began. "before we spend the next three-five ours in the bedroom, I was thinking of ordering back some cakes for us, to celebrate a little."

"Oh my, did I just hear the demon-sisters ignore rules?" Stocking said jokingly. "I'm just kidding… So, Scanty dearest, what kind of cake did you have in mind?"

Scanty glanced over at Kneesocks, who nodded back with a grin at her sister. The mint-green haired demonette let out another chuckle. "We were thinking of Devil's food cake."