My first fan fiction, but fear not! I am somewhat a good writer, and I promise I won't spell anything wrong (update 4/11/14: I LIED. IM SORRY)- I know my grammar and punctuation… and I know the story quite well. I know the characters, setting, and everything else. What can go wrong? I can't imagine anything else that could go wrong, other than characters being O.O.C. But fear not yet again! I'm good at making characters not O.O.C. NO PAIRINGS! Its all friendship here! (And no definite signs of yaoi! …I'm not into that kind of stuff, don't judge me. We all have our opinions, right? But yaoi fans, please do not get offended.) Anyway, I had this story in my mind for a while. Time to write it down!
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Neku sat in his living room of his apartment. Waiting for someone to come by his house, to drop off their kid while they go do whatever they had in mind, and come back in an hour to pick up their kid and go home. Neku wouldn't watch a kid for nothing, right? Doesn't it seem O.O.C? Well, Neku obviously must be doing this for money. What was Neku planning to do with this money, perhaps to buy more music?

_Flash back_

Neku held a magazine. A magazine that contained music. One of Neku's favorite composers (Music composers, not city composers) released a new smash hit. (Mix between Calling, Hyrbid, and Twister). Neku's mother leaned over his shoulder. "Neku, I out to take that magazine from you. Day after day you ask me for money for more music!"
Neku gave her a quick glance. "Then how do I get it?" And that, his mother left and got some kind of paper she picked earlier from the mail. She tossed it to him like a Frisbee, and Neku, while looking at the magazine, got hit in the head with it. He grumbled and took the paper from behind his back and looked at it.

Neku scanned the paper up and down. 'Babysitting? That involves… babies… I'm in the city, so leave raking and food selling don't count. Man! This looks like a set up. As if someone wants me to suffer…' "Choose wisely" His mother winked, and walked out the door.

A knock on the door was heard. Neku stood up and walked to the door. Reached his hand out to open it, and did so. He looked to see a woman and a boy standing there. "Okay, He's yours now." The woman said, handing him a black bag of things that are possibly for the child. "I'll be back in two hours." She turns around on her (high) heel, and leaves, leaving Neku and the boy. Neku takes the bag and throws it to a couch. He closes the door, picks up his headphones and sits down. The boy stands there, looking at him. "Go entertain yourself. If you need anything, call me." Neku said casually, and the boy, half understanding what he said, turned around and looked out the window. The moon was half way up the sky. The kid turns back around, and digs in his bag. He picks a few things out of there. One of the items that where in the bag were a Japanese leap-frog thing and the other was a kid-safe doodle pad… and chose the leap-frog thing. The kid pushed a few buttons blindly, and happened turned it to the ABC mode, and started pressing a few buttons. He liked the sound it came out, so he pressed it over and over again, quickly. Neku couldn't help but notice. He turned his music louder, but it only messed up the song terribly.

(AN: Neku is playing Twister on his MP3 player)

"Morning rays- A MAKES aah SOUND! - Hair-spray queens,- B MAKES THE BAHH SOUND! -Honest, th-"

Neku turned off his headphones. He couldn't stand the horror. Why listen to Twister when annoying Leap-Frog ABC started repeatedly playing? So he stood up, and walked right towards the boy, and stopped right in front of him. The young boy looked up at the orange-haired teen. Neku took the Leap-Frog, and simply put the toy back in his bag. The boy got up and ran towards the bag, but a loud "Stop" was heard from Neku. The boy froze. Neku went into his room, and came out with his iPad. Why wouldn't Neku have an iPad? How else would he entertain himself besides his phone and music? TV, but that always doesn't do the trick. "Let's choose a different game." Neku said, and the boys' eyes beamed. He must like games, then. He ran over to Neku. Neku sat on the couch, and pulled up the app store. The kid sat next to him, and his eyes was glued to this device. Neku spotted an easy game, where fruits fly out of nowhere, and your finger slices right through them, and you get some points. I believe it is called Fruit Ninja. Neku pulled up the app and gave the iPad to the child. "What you need to do is, move your finger across the fruits to slice them." Neku picked up his headphones and put them back on, and resumed the song. Nice and quiet, like it should be.

"They once had a dream," Neku looked at the kid. The kid started huffing. Neku tilted his head in confusion. "The sound, flows, follow till they're home. Dragged by the power of the dreams, that power" AHH, AAAAHH…. CCCHOO!

Was that…. a sneeze? Neku examined the kid and his iPad. The kid SNEEZED on the IPad! His special iPad! He sneezed on it! Now it's all gross and yucky, and that kid continued to play the app, moving his fingers across the screen. He was spreading his snot! Neku started freaking out, looking back at the kid as if he had suddenly grow three heads. Neku jumped up forcibly, making the kid jump, and racing towards him. Neku grabbed his iPad, which screen was all slimy and gross, then Neku rushed to his room. The kid in the other room started looking around, and that could cause him to sneeze on other things that were valuable. Neku knows that. So Neku put his iPad on his dresser and walked into the same room the kid was in. He'd have to clean his iPad later, but this kid is merely impossible! Maybe he could call his friends. Neku was given two hours to watch this kid, and it's been 5 minutes.
Shiki was obviously not on the list. She'd gone to some other town with Eri. Perhaps the city, Shinjuku. Beat and Rhyme where somewhere, and Neku didn't have contact. Joshua was the one left on the list. Could Joshua even help this situation? Or make it worse? Neku mentally face-palmed, knowing the impossibility. 'Anyone but him. He'd sarcastically make fun of me the whole time…" Or maybe it's not an impossibility. Neku ought to give it a try. He picked up his phone and dialed the numbers to Joshua's cell. It didn't take long at all for him to answer.


"Hey, it's me."

"Oh, hi Nek-un. Calling to tell me how right I was about-"

"Ugh, I just need your help, Josh. I'm being paid to watch this kid, and he's impossible."

"So you came to me?"

"Well, everyone else is un-available."

"Sure, I can help. Do you have any entertainment devices?"

"For what?"

"The kid, silly."

"yeah, he has that stupid gay leap-frog thing. He also has a doodle-pad, and I gave him my iPad and he sneezed on it. FYI, don't bring an iPad, he'll just sneeze on it."

A giggle was heard from the opposite side of the phone. "It'll have to do."

Neku hung up the phone, and sighed. It was just a matter of time before the prissy composer showed up. Instead of knocking, he just helped himself right in. That annoyed Neku a bit. The little boy that was being baby-sat looked up at Josh. "So this is the kiddie you were told to watch?" With Neku on the brink of answering, Josh already knelt down to grab the kid's bag. The kid just watched as Josh rummaged through. Neku's soon-to-be-answer was morphed into a sigh. Josh picked up the Leap-Frog toy, examining the device. There was two buttons, one was imprinted with the "ABC's" and "123's" Josh set it back down and picked up the second toy. The doodle pad had a "pen" attached to it. Throughout the bag, there were a few books and snacks. Neku looked at the composer, wondering what he was up to. "I need to go to the bathroom!" Was the earnest plea of the little boy. Neku shrugged and turned on his music. "Neku, aren't you going to do something?" Neku looked back at Joshua. "Uh… what am I supposed to do?" "Take him to the bathroom, silly!" Joshua explained. Neku stood up and took the little kid's hand, and started forward to a hallway that leads to a bathroom. The kid went in the bathroom, and Neku shut the door and walked back to the couch and sat. A face-palm hit Joshua with full force. Neku stared at Joshua "Did I miss something…?"

After a few minutes of helping the little kid "go to the bathroom" Neku plopped down on the couch. He's probably thinking that he will NEVER babysit again… or maybe he'll babysit five year olds. They should be potty-trained. Josh stood up and went to Neku's room. Neku glared at him. 'He didn't even ask.' Neku slowly put on his headphones, still watching the entrance of which Josh walked through. 'He better not do anything stu-' . Josh came out- "Your room is boring." Yeah, I couldn't finish my own sentence. And yes, indeed his room is boring. He has a dark-blue painted walls, a bed, and a shelf to hold his computer and all his disks. But the thing is, there is no computer. Instead, theres only disk cases and a stereo. No books at all. Neku rolled his eyes and switched his music to something else. The little boy was getting recklessly hyper, and this annoyed Neku greatly. "How about we all have snack-time?" Joshua suggested. The little boy stopped, and started nodding his head agreeing to Joshua's suggestion. Joshua walked into Neku's kitchen, and started looking for good food in the fridge and cabinets. "Tsk tsk, you have no good food!" Joshua picked up Neku's house phone and started looking though Neku's yellow book (You know, the address book that has all the address and phone numbers and crap?) "Uh Josh, what are you doing?" "Where are going to buy pizza." Was the direct reply. ''


The smell of pizza lingered around in the room. Neku put a box full of pizza on a table that was in his kitchen. When the boy smelled it, he ran straight toward the box, quickly opened it and jammed his fingers in. He yelped and pulled his fingers out, and his other hand held the hand that was burned by the very hot pizza. Joshua grabbed a towel and handed it to the boy. The boy snatched it and started tending to his "wound". Neku went into his room and plopped down on his bed. "I can't do everything for you, Neku." Josh said, knowing that Neku went into his room. Neku grunted, basically refusing to get up. So far it's been 30 minutes.

"What if the boy's mother comes by early?"

"What if?" Neku replied, obviously not caring.

"Then I might as well get the money."

Neku didn't like that idea, so he got up. The boy, done tending to his hand, started grabbing a piece of pizza. Josh handed him a plate, but the boy declined it and ran off the piece. Neku happened to be watching. If that kid got sauce or anything else on his stuff, he'd be pretty mad. First off, he doesn't like to clean. So Neku does stuff that would prevent him from having to clean. Neku chased him and stopped when the boy stopped. "Get a plate, kid." "NO!" The kid yelled, but Josh already arrived with the plate. Josh grabbed the kid's pizza. "I guess you can't have any pizza without a plate then." Neku watched Joshua. Is he on to something here? "NO!" The kid started throwing a fit. "Okay then, I might as well go put this pizza back in the box!" Defeated, the kid slowly murmured "okay…" Josh put the pizza on the plate and handed it to the boy. "I'm going to wash my iPad." Neku said as he started walking off towards his room. "What would the kid do then? How will he entertain himself without sneezing on things?" Neku rolled his eyes, and grabbed his remote that controlled his TV. As he turned it on, Japanese SpongeBob started playing the screen. The little kid's eyes grew as he started watching. And I thought SpongeBob's English voice was horrifying enough.

There were two episodes of SpongeBob. Giving Neku enough time and having about 10 minutes pass by. So far it's been 33, adding 10 = 43. 43 minutes- not even an hour! Neku's cell started to ring. He picked it up.


"Hi! What are you doing Neku?" Her cheerful voice once again ringed in Neku's ears. For once, Neku hasn't been happier.

"Babysitting this little kid with Josh." Neku said. Wait a second…. 'Maybe Shiki can help me!'

A giggle was heard from the phone. "Ah, I see! Cya later then?"

"Um, mind helping me out?" Neku quickly said before she could hang up.

"Sure!" If she could, then she's obviously back from that one part of town.


It took her 5 minutes to get here. 49 minutes so far… This is going to take forever! A knock on the door was heard, and Josh quickly got up and answered it. "Hello!" Shiki gave a cheerful greeting. Neku nodded his head in return. "Where's the boy?" She looked around the room and found the kid sitting at the table eating pizza.

"CATCH!" The boy suddenly yelled. Neku jumped and felt something warm against his face. It fell and hit the floor. "…." The two teens started laughing, and an angry teen stomped over to the little boy.

"IF you EVER do THAT again I swear I'LL-"

"Now, now Neku theres no need-"


CLIFFHANGER! 1 Hour is done! The rest was to calm Neku down.

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