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One hour of babysitting, and a Neku isn't very happy. Joshua and Shiki try to cool him down. 1 Hour left.

A little kid restlessly runs around in circles. A little circle at that… about a 3x4 feet circle. That's a bit odd… Neku stands up and storms to his room, leaving the teenagers clueless. Okay, maybe Joshua isn't clueless.
"I'll go talk to him." Shiki volunteered. "If you talk to him, he might start throwing sharp objects at you…" I understand that. Josh did shoot Neku two times. And with that, Shiki went to Neku's room, leaving Joshua alone with the boy. After the door closed, the boy ran on the couch that Josh was sitting at. He started jumping up and down. What is up with this kid? Was he like this when Neku first started babysitting him? Before he knew it, the boy fell backwards, his back hitting the soft cushion of the armchair. As he started going down, his legs went up. Josh leaned forward quickly grabbing his legs. The door opened.
"Josh… what are you doing?" Neku scanned the current scene.
The kid looked around from his hanging position. And had a very silly grin on his face.

A phone rang from the counter. Neku quickly answered it.
"Hey, how's your babysitting coming along?" It was mother.
"Alright…" Neku lied.
"Okay. I'll be home in 3 minutes." And Neku ended the call. But lo and behold, another call emerged.
"Hello..?" I don't think he heard this voice before.
"You know that kid your babysitting? I'm his sister. Our mom told us that she needs 20 more minutes." '20 MORE MINUTES. DAMMIT.' Wait a second. Isn't this K+?
"Okay." Neku hung up again. And then another call!
"Hello!?" Wow. That was fierce.
"Hey Neku~!" And Neku hung up. Endless giggling can be heard from the living room. "Dammit, Joshua!"

Ever since the game, I believe that Neku's mom has met Shiki. I can bet 1000 yen that his mom has not met Joshua. Let's find out!
This time, the front door opened. And in came a rushing mom with 6 grocery bags on each of her arms. "Neku, mind helping me out?" She pleaded while setting the bags down. Neku walked over and took things from the bags, and set them in the right place. Little do they know, a boy was there two, steeling stuff from the bags and stacking them from the floor. Once Neku's mom finally put everything (that was not stolen) from the bag, she said, "Well that was faster than expected." The moment she turned around, about 3 bags worth of groceries where on the floor.

"Neku, isn't he supposed to be home?" 'I don't think she likes this…'
"His sister called and said they needed 1 more hour." 'Hopefully his mom will be okay with it.'
Disappointed, his mom walked into the living room and froze. "You brought company?" Before Neku could say yes, her mom started to… rage. "Why two?! A little kid couldn't be that much work!" And, almost if on cue, their whole entertainment center behind them fell (things broke and shattered, but no one got hurt). Defeated, she walked back to her own room.
"Oh, what a shame. We didn't even get to shake hands!" Joshua's voice was the last thing Neku needed to hear.
"I think its naptime."

While the kid was fast asleep and drooling on his pillows, Neku paced in his room.

'20 more minutes? My ass! I just can't stand this kid. No wonder they had me babysitting! I'm just about to jump in a car, drive 10 blocks away, throw that kid out of the window, and then drive off without a trace. That's just what I'm going to do!'

"I don't think you should do that, Neku." Joshua stood in the doorway with his arms crossed. He sounded serious. Neku whipped around, almost yelling, "How could you do that?! Read my thoughts?!" 'Oh yeah… He is the composer.'

After being shushed, Joshua had his little chat.
"Neku, this could affect your own future."
"I still have a future!"
Shaking his head, Joshua still continued. "Give up on yourself, give up on the world."
"What does that have to do with this?" Neku couldn't understand. Give up on himself? Why would he do that?
"I was quoting myself. If you give up babysitting, you would give up… many things."
"Like what?" Neku wasn't pleased.
"Think about it Neku. It would teach you things you would never learn on your own."

And with that, Joshua left. It left Neku standing there, unsure of what to do next. Then he looked back, where the kid was sleeping. The kid had nowhere else to sleep, but Neku had to let him sleep in his… It took two teenagers to make him agree to that idea. It was Shiki's idea to start out with. 'Maybe, if he sleeps long enough, his mom will come home and there won't be a problem.' Neku walked out into his living room, and, of course, expecting to find a huge mess. But instead it was all picked up, everything fixed… almost as if it never happened at all. Neku looked up to see Joshua put his phone away.
Neku knows he's supposed to say something here… something that's so rare, not everyone can hear it. "Thank You" Neku briefly said. He had a new respect for the guy, maybe he wasn't so bad… they can be decent friends. Joshua nodded and sat down.

And then, Joshua addressed Neku again. "Hey Neku…"
"Sense he had to stay one more hour, maybe you can get extra the payment. Doing stuff like this isn't so bad." He had a point. And Neku was too exhausted to be cynical right now. Neku layed back in his chair and put his head up, almost smiling. Yeah, that seems nice. He might get just enough for the new album… It's getting released tomorrow anyway.

From the last chapter it came up to 50 minutes. After the first part of this chapter it came up to an hour. Only 20 minutes remain! Can Neku make it?! NO CLIFFHANGER!


The kid got up from Neku's room after a few minutes (completing the first hour) and walked out into the living room, where the three sat and watched TV. "Do you need something?" Neku asked, being more patient this time. The kid pointed to his mouth. "But I thought you just ate…" Neku replied, confused. "Maybe he could be thirsty." Joshua piped in. Neku got up and walked towards his kitchen to give him a drink. Neku had orange juice in the fridge, so why not? While he was in the kitchen the boy believed that no one was watching him for the time being. So he turned around and got his hands in a plant. Shiki came over and got the kid away from the plant. And of course, she scolded him, like any "mother" would do. Neku gave him a drink, and the kid was finally satisfied. He climbed in the couch, and wiggled between Joshua and Neku, who were sitting next to each other.

And believe it or not, the rest of the minutes where peaceful.


Before the night ended, Shiki went home before the kid's mother came and got him. And Joshua stayed over. The next day Neku decided to go shopping for his desired album.

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