Lois and Clark were just about to enter the room when an arm went across in front of them to stop them.

"Can I have a quick word?" They looked up to see a doctor smiling at them.

He ushered them off to a side room. "Is this about my father? Is he ok?"

"He's fine, Ms Lane. Can I introduce myself?... I am Emil Hamilton. I am a doctor here at Metropolis Gen. Apart from that I also have a side-line working with a particular friend of yours." Just then, John entered the room.

"So, go on Dr Hamilton." Clark told him.

"Right, Ms Lane. Your father is fine and can come out in the morning. He may have a bit of a hangover from the drug I just gave him." Emil explained. "Basically I don't think your father is ready to hear why you and your fiancé have superpowers so I gave him a shot of a new experimental drug which will wipe his memory from the last day or so. I have planted the idea that he was hit over the head very hard and blacked out. "

Lois was in shock. She had spent the last hour or so working out how to tell her father about the events of the last 24 hours, but now was so relieved she didn't have to. That would be a story for a later date.

Lois and Clark headed into see the General to see how he was. He was his usual gruff self; he hated being reliant on others and wanted to be back on duty as soon as he could be. Luckily he fell asleep mid conversation due to the side effects of the drug he had been given.

As they walked out of the hospital, Lois turned to him. "Do you have any idea why Jor-el wants to see us tonight?" she asked him.

"No, I have no clue. We will find out soon enough considering sunset is only an hour away in the Arctic. "Race you there!" Clark winked at her.

They arrived just as the sun was starting to disappear behind one of the Ice Mountains.

"Thank you for coming! I summoned you here to make you an offer."

Clark was worried. "If this is about training, I would rather not start it now considering what we have been through in the past week. "

Jor-el's voiced boomed across the structure. "Be patient and listen to what I have to say. As I have stated previously, my faith in humanity has been restored fully by the actions of Lois Lane. I would not have asked Lois to help you, if there was any doubt about her ability and her love for you, my son. I have two offers to make. You are free to accept or refuse but one is dependent upon the other."

"Firstly I would like to offer to bond you together in a Kryptonian Bonding Ritual."

"What would that mean?" Lois asked curiously.

"It is a ceremony that is carried out prior to a Kryptonian Union, and it would allow my second offer to be available to you."

"What second offer?" Clark asked.

"Once bonded, there is the option of Lois retaining her powers. However this would be permanent and would be irreversible. There would be benefits. If in the future, Lois was to carry the heir to the El Family, she would have no problems in doing this safely."

"Talk about jumping the gun." Lois whispered to Clark. "So Jor-el, would this mean I wouldn't otherwise be able to carry a Kryptonian baby, or at least half-kryptonian?"

"We would not know that until it happened."

"Jor-el, can we have a few moments to discuss this with Lois."

"Of course, my son." The light in the Fortress dimmed a little.

"Lo, this is a lot to take in. What do you want to do?" Clark cupped her chin.

"I would love to have your powers, but not to be equal with you, just so I can feel closer to you, and know how you feel and what you are going through." Lois explained. "But don't think for one moment that this is some power-trip. I am happy to go back to being plain old Lois Lane."

"There is nothing plain about you, Lo; there never will be. I will love you whatever decision you make." He kissed her gently.

"I have already made my decision." Lois added. "Jor-el, I would like to take you up on both offers. I want to become Lois-El." She joked.

"So it shall be!" Jor-el replied, as both of them were engulfed with a light.


a/n: There may be a sequel to this but this will not be in the near future due to other stories to complete…