I was walking through town with my friend Mary Margret when I noticed someone across the street. It was David. He stumbled in the snow and started to walk towards the woods.

"Uh, Mary?" I pointed at David and Mary took off instantly.

"David!" She cried after him. I followed her into the woods and I was surprised that she managed them effortlessly. Like she lived in them at one point. I caught up to Mary.

"Where's he going?" I asked.

"The Toll Bridge." Mary answered and sped up again.

"Mary slow down!" I cried but to no use. She just walked faster. I sighed and took out my phone.

In the woods will be late

I reread my text and sent it. He would understand. I hope. I ran after Mary and David as fast as I could. It was easy with Mary calling David's name every two seconds. I reached the Toll Bridge and found David by the water and looking at Mary like they were in a deep conversation. But neither of them said a word. Then, David started towards the bridge.

"David!" Mary cried out again. But he didn't respond.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked.

"He's having a blackout." Mary explained and ran after him. David was having an easy time getting up to the bridge. Just as he was about to walk on it, Mary shouted, "CHARMING!" that stopped David cold. He froze, turned around and fell into the snow. Mary looked scared.

"Go." I said as I ran over to David.

"But…" Mary protested.

"Go." I interrupted sternly, "I call for help. You go back to town and wait until I call you about him ok?" Mary sighed.

"Ok." She reluctantly agreed. She walked away as I prepared a text.

I need u at the toll bridge. David had a blackout need ur help. Leave alex with ur dad.

I walked slowly to David. He was lying in the snow face down. I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him over. I brushed the December snow off his face. He looked so peaceful. I've known him for a long time and have never seen him so peaceful looking. I took a deep breath.

He'll be here any minute. I thought and knew it was now or never. I leaned down towards David's face, took one last look around the area and leaned so close to his ear that my voice would ring through his thoughts.

"James?" I whispered and sure enough, his eyes opened.

"Ella." He gasped and I smiled down at him and when I looked up Th-Sean came into view.

Ok so I hope you guys like it. If you've read my other story then you should probably know that I like stories that have the people of Storybrooke remembering. Anyway thanks again and I'll try and update tomorrow. So next time, Thomas meets Charming again and Ella will explain why the Evil Queen cut Snow's hair. Until next time. Later.