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Izaya POV

"Mmm…" I groaned, the sun's shining rays flooding through my bedroom window. I lazily rolled over on the huge mattress, seeing locks of golden hair meshed into the pillow next to me. Giggling softly, I nuzzled against the former bartender's back.

"Wakey-wakey, Shizu-chan~" I purred, "It's time to get up."

All I got was a soft moan, "No…"

I rolled my eyes, wrapping an arm around him, "C'mon, seriously, we gotta get up."

"…Why?" he mumbled, "Too early…"

"It's almost nine~" I laughed, "Normally, we'd be up earlier than that, ne?"

"Exactly," he stated, rolling over to face me with sleepy eyes, "That's why we should make this last as long as we can."

"Hmph," I raised an eyebrow, "Lately, you've been sleeping like an old bear."

"Mm…shut up…" he said, slowly drifting back to sleep, but I gave his blonde bangs a good yank, "Ow! Hey!"

"Shh…" I shushed him with a slightly worried look, "Sorry, but you know you can't yell like that."

"How am I supposed to do that with you pulling my hair?" he sat up reluctantly, rubbing his head, "Damn flea…"

I smirked, sitting up as well, and ran the tips of my fingers around his neck and down his shoulder for comfort.

"Oh, stop that," I chided, "Anyways, we have to get up, and that is that."

He groaned again, but gradually, he made himself get out of the bed. I smiled in approval, stretching my arms out and propping myself on the floor.

"Looks nice out there, doesn't it?" I remarked, glancing out of the window as he opened the curtains, "Wanna go somewhere today?"

The blonde yawned, "Maybe…but you know it always depends on what the 'boss' wants to do…"

I chuckled lightly, "Well, of course he's a boss – he takes up after me~"

"Pfft…please." Shizu-chan scoffed, "You're not that dominant, at least, not anymore."

I sighed with a small smile, "Heh…yeah, maybe…"

Shizu-chan stared at me for a few seconds, then smiled back. However, we both perked when we heard a familiar noise coming from the once-guest room.

I giggled, "Told you it was time to wake up."

"Oh, shut it already," he huffed at first, then grinned, "Alright, Mr. Informant, you go."

I shrugged playfully, stepping out of the bedroom door, "Fine – no problem~"

Practically skipping down the upstairs hall, I made my way to the room from which the noise came. As I neared closer, the noise continued to get louder and louder.

"Okay, okay!" I called, rushing over to the far end of the room, "I'm here, Hiroshi~!"

I leaned over and gently touched the dark, short strands of soft hair on the small child's head. He squirmed in his crib, continuing to make loud whimpers as he kicked his legs in discomfort.

"Shh, shh…Hiro-chan..." I cooed, stroking the infant's soft cheek before lifting him up, "There, there…I wouldn't want to be left by myself in that thing either~"

Yes, this was my kid now. My actual kid.

His full name is Orihara Hiroshi, and with tremendous amounts of help from Shinra and Celty, I was able to adopt him. Of course, it took an immeasurably long time before I even allowed myself to think about starting over again with the idea of having a child again, and besides, at that point, I was only concerned about growing a little myself with Shizu-chan. As promised, he never left my side, always staying near me and helping me with whatever I needed.

I wouldn't say that we're in a full-on relationship, but as time progressed, it was slowly becoming more than just friends.

When I confronted Shizu-chan about the possibility of me having another baby, he was very hesitant. He was mainly worried that I would get hurt all over again, so we divulged this to the underground doctor and his headless wife. We gave it a bit more time, but the both of them agreed to handle most of the arrangements and paperwork to avoid any more unneeded stress.

During that period, it was absolutely nerve-wracking with every phone call I got from them since there was no guarantee that I would get a newborn baby, however, soon I got an excited call from Shinra that it might've been a success.

When they finally introduced me to Hiroshi, I could barely breathe.

His brown eyes and jet-black hair stuck to me immediately, and at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to make him mine. I held him closely for dear life, kissing him over and over again as I shed happy tears.

It was the most heartfelt moment that I've ever had in my life, and it felt even better because Shizu-chan was with me the whole way.

Going back to the small boy, he stared at me with huge innocent orbs, and soon, his scrunched face turned into a lovable giggle. His chubby hands happily pulled at my own raven locks, making me wince.

"Okay, okay, ow, ow, ow…" I trailed off, putting the baby over my shoulder and walking to the living room, "Owie! That's hurts, Hiro-chan!"

Said child only laughed harder as I gently put him down on the couch. I glanced over at Shizu-chan, who was cooking something in the kitchen.

"Is that one of those things you always make?" I asked, straining to remove the infant's grip from my hair, "What's it called again?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow, "An omelet? As much as I cook them, you should know what it is by now, idiot…"

I groaned, "Well, sorry – my mind is going numb from this child trying to pull my skull out of my head – little help, please Shizu-chan?"

The former bartender shook his head before turning off the stove and walking over to our spot in the spacious room. Crouching down, he carefully grasped the baby's arm.

"Hiroshi," he said, looking at the child playfully as he wiggled his little arm loose, "C'mon, let go of Mommy's hair."

Wincing again from the added pressure, I broke in, "He might do it if you ask nicer~"

"Oh, please," Shizu-chan scoffed, finally making him release my hair, "See? I didn't have to ask anything."

At that moment, Hiroshi began to whine, waving his hand desperately to try and grab the black strands again. When he realized it was inevitable, his chubby face turned red, and he began to cry.

"Yeah~" I smirked towards the blonde, "Now look what you did…"

Transforming my smirk into a sweet smile, I picked Hiroshi up and rubbed his back.

"Oh, no, no, Hiro-chan…" I cooed, kissing the little tip of his ear, "It's okay – Shizu-chan can't help but be a brute sometimes~"

The brute himself suppressed a growl and held his hands out.

"Shut up and give him here."

A little reluctant, I obliged, and Shizu-chan tried bouncing the crying baby a bit on his hip to calm him.

"Hiroshi-kun, if you stop crying…" Shizu-chan started, using one hand to reach into his pocket and taking out a bill, "I'll give you ¥5000~"

I stared at him in disbelief, "…As much as I try to get past it, you're freakin' clueless."

"What?!" he yelled over the child's wails.

"What the hell is a seven month old gonna do with ¥5000?" I reasoned, "A-And besides, that's only ¥1000!"

"Well, it's not like he can count yet!"

I glared at him, snatching the baby back and kissing his forehead, "It's alright, honey – I hate cheapskates, too…"

"Oh for God's sake…" the blonde groaned, dashing over to my desk to find a teal pacifier. After retrieving it, he wiggled it in front of Hiroshi's face, and the infant wasted no time in grabbing it and popping it in his mouth.

Sighing in relief at the silence, I cuddled the boy against my cheek.

"Poor thing…" I mumbled, moving towards the kitchen table and sitting down with him resting in my lap, "He's a little grabber, ne?"

Shizu-chan shrugged, "Well, he's been doing that for a while now – it's only gonna get tougher as he grows."

"Hmm," was all I said as I ruffled Hiroshi's hair. Shizu-chan put a plate in front of me then went back to the microwave to take out a baby bottle filled with milk.

"So…" I cleared my throat, extending my hand to get the bottle from Shizu-chan, "What's today's agenda?"

"You don't have to work today?" he asked, sitting down and starting on his own food.

I took the pacifier out of Hiroshi's mouth, making him grunt in annoyance, but he became content once again when I replaced it with the formula. After confirming he was happy as he sucked on the rubber top, I finally responded.

"Sort of. I was supposed dig some dirt on a few people today, but for the most part, that's something I can do overnight. What about you?"

"Tom said something about a few night jobs later on, but that's all."

I nodded, "I see…what do you wanna do?"

The blonde seemed to think it over, tapping his silverware as he processed it all.

Then, he smiled.

"…It's just a thought, but…"

"Mm? But what?"

Slowly, he stood up again, pacing over to my spot at the table. Giving him a confused expression, he suddenly caught my lips in a soft kiss. Nearly melting, I kissed him back passionately, and when we both released, his chocolate eyes gleamed.

"I was thinking that…we could ask Shinra and Celty to babysit while we have the day off," he whispered, "How does that sound?"

I stared at him for a while before answering with a sweet smile of my own.


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